Universal Consciousness


In this episode of Mystical Lodge Radio, hosts Thomas the Mystic and Lisa Wetsel delve into the profound concept of Universal Consciousness, exploring how it is intricately tied to the heart center and its transformative effects on human lives. The hosts begin by discussing their recent class on the Way of the Heart, inviting listeners to join them in their journey of spiritual growth and raising vibrations.

The conversation unfolds into an exploration of Universal Consciousness, which they define as the ultimate reality underlying all existence. The heart center is revealed as the key to accessing this consciousness, as it holds the source of all knowledge and unity. Lisa and Thomas emphasize that while the mind often erects barriers, tapping into the heart center allows individuals to connect with the Universal Consciousness, transcending limitations.

The hosts highlight the interconnectedness of all things, underscoring how negativity affects not only our immediate environment but also reverberates throughout the universe. The discussion then shifts to the concept of the eternal now, a timeless and unchanging present moment that exists beyond linear time. Universal Consciousness is portrayed as the eternal essence of the soul, a guiding force through lifetimes.

The hosts also address the challenges of teaching Universal Consciousness, pointing to the close-mindedness of the mind as a primary obstacle. They conclude by urging listeners to recognize the significance of the Universal Love within themselves and others, offering messages of interconnectedness and love.

As the episode comes to a close, the hosts express their gratitude for the audience's participation and encourage them to continue exploring the depths of Universal Consciousness in their spiritual journeys.


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