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What does an Akashic Records Consultant do?

An Akashic Records consultant accesses the constant and enduring memory of the universe, the Akashic Records, which hold the record of all that ever happened on earth and in the cosmos, to help people understand their connection to the universe. 

Learn About the Akashic Records

The History of every soul

The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the dawn of creation.

All that ever happened

The Akashic Records hold the memories of all that ever happened on  earth and in the cosmos.

All Living things

The Akashic Records inform all living things, the entire web of life, and all consciousness.

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Hello, I am Lisa Wetsel, Akashic Records Consultant

Just like you, I'm a human on a journey. A big part of my journey is helping fellow humans experience the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that comes from understanding your connection to the universe, to your soul's purpose and to the rest of humanity. It's my privilege to do this by channeling the truth of the Akashic Records.  

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Members Topic - How Is The Heart Connected To The Soul

Did you know the soul's connection to the heart is a telepathic method of communication with symbols and representations of vibration connecting the two? Why are they connected? What happens if the heart becomes impaired in some way? Can the soul still communicate with the heart? The Akashic Records explain the connection between the soul, the heart, and human beings and why it's necessary to break the barriers around the heart to hear, feel, and know the guidance you're given.

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Lisa is open, natural, and a joy to work with. She channels clearly with compassion and humility, allowing you to hear the messages directly from her collective source. My session was incredibly helpful, giving clarity and insight into my spirituality, relationships, and business. Stay open and allow Lisa to help you find the answers you're looking for!


Wow!  I've been on an amazing journey, and the last 2 1/2 years have been mind and heart-opening. I know energy exists throughout the universe that we can connect to.  I just had my first call with Lisa, and she is very connected to the universal energy.  The guidance and information coming through her were enlightening and beneficial.  I can't wait to have another session.


If you haven't had a session with Lisa yet, you are missing out! I cannot say enough about her, from her energy to the beautiful, loving, relevant, and spot-on messages. Even after doing lots of healing work, there's been something in my life holding me back. But the message Lisa shared with me during my session literally changed my life, and I feel amazing! I am grateful for Lisa and her work with the Akashic Records.


I want to thank Lisa for the amazing Akashic Records reading! Through the Records, she helped me understand what was blocking me, if I was on the right path, and why I'm here. The accuracy and understanding of the information she channeled left me no doubt she was receiving information from the Akashic Records. It was an incredible experience for me, and I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants answers from the Akashic Records.


Lisa is a powerful channel who receives information immediately. If you need help understanding the big, heavy stuff of your life, then Lisa is the perfect person to do that. She has a beautiful, wise, calm energy and is truly heart centered. I am so grateful for the huge, positive impact Lisa's work has had on my life. If you want to work with someone you can trust to get results, then I can't recommend Lisa highly enough.


Lisa is a beautiful and loving soul that exudes integrity and honor. She has been doing the Akashic Records work for more than 15 years and brings forth the depth and purity of the Records with clarity and honesty. Her passion for the Akashic Records is inspiring.


Lisa provides excellent service, and you can learn so much about what you need to work on to continue on your spiritual journey and clear the things that are holding you back.  Highly recommended!!


Having Lisa read my Akashic Records has been a great experience. She is very accurate with the information she receives, and I always feel like I received the answers I needed. I also feel like I have a lighter spirit and am re-energized. After one reading, I walked into a store and the teller told me I was glowing. I honestly felt like I was. I will continue to go to her when I feel like I need help and answers.


Lisa's work with the Akashic Records is profound and awe inspiring. She conveys information and answers to questions with clarity and compassion. Her work with the Records is heart-based and grounded in her own work with the Records. She is a blessing in my life.


Lisa is amazing.  Anytime I need advice and it seems a little too far out of my reach, she is somebody I can go to and ask questions.  She gives me straight-forward answers in a caring and loving way.  Through her work in the Akashic Records, she is always able to connect to whatever insights I may need at that time.  Her gifts and ethics are a blessing to both those who are already working in the psychic community and those who are new and searching.


When I was a child, my grandmother told me about the Akashic Records. As I grew older, I wanted to know more and was excited to find Lisa through a friend of mine. During my session, Lisa was very calming while she listened to my questions, and then responded with the answers given to her by the Record Masters. Later, as I listened to my recording, I was able to fully understand what the truth was around certain events in my life and why they had occurred. It brought me a sense of peace.