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Explore your past, present, and future with a private Akashic Records reading. Book now with Lisa Wetsel. Discover the truth, release negative beliefs, and embrace your journey.  Need help resolving a troubling issue or relationship from the past or present? Perhaps you're looking to gain an understanding of why certain things have occurred in your life. Or maybe you're seeking guidance in learning your life's purpose and how to move forward. In a private session, discover how truths about past or present events, thoughts, or beliefs can set you free to become the purity of all that is.  

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What are the Akashic Records...
also known as the Akashic Field or the Akasha Field?

It is the constant and enduring memory of the universe, which holds the record of all that ever happened on earth and in the cosmos.

Learn About the Akashic records

Private sessions

What tips do you need in order to get the most out of your session? Is there anything you should prepare for? What questions should you ask? Should the questions be asked in a certain way? Asking thoughtful questions and engaging in dialogue with the Masters of the Akashic Record can not only shift your beliefs and understandings, it can also create life changing events for you. In the Frequently Asked Questions section below, guidance has been provided to help you understand how a private session can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do the Masters of the Akashic Records want you to know?
(The following answer was channeled to Lisa by the Record Masters)

The types of questions can be many as they pertain to you. You have the ability to find out what is the truth that lies within you and your own being. As you move forward in the days to come, all of you will find there is more and more information that is being provided to you as individuals in order to tap into the truth of the universe and what your true light is. In the past, we have experienced a falsehood that lies within you, meaning you humans, and this truth is being revealed. Humans are beginning to recognize there are beliefs and thoughts, once held true, that are now becoming uncomfortable.

What can be asked is simply what are these truths? What are these things I am questioning? What can be revealed to you are the true meanings of events that have taken place within your life, in this lifetime, or many other lifetimes. As the truth is revealed to you, you begin to understand more of what this current life is in existence for and why you are here. Why is your soul existing upon the earth at this time? This is what we want you to know. We want you to know there are many falsehoods that lie within you. As you search for the truth, you can ask these questions about the falsehoods that have been taught to you. We want you to know the questions involved in the Akashic Records' memories are all the things that have ever existed within your being. It is the soul that resides within you that brings their existence to you. As you tap into the questions we provide for you, you get the history of that soul residing within you. How does your soul affect your daily life? That is a simple question! Just ask! You can ask the questions of your being, meaning anything that is related to you. It can be physical, mental, emotional, or specific events, such as:

What was the purpose of these events?
What was the truth behind these events?
Why did the event occur?
What was the result of the event that happened or transpired?

You are available to have the knowledge of the universe placed upon you in any way you choose. You simply just ask, and we will provide.

How to book a session

To book your session, click on the "Book Now" button above to view the calendar and choose from the list of available days and times. Once decided, you'll schedule your session on the site. After we receive payment, we'll send your confirmation, which includes the day, time and Zoom call link. All appointments are booked in central standard time.

Information about your session

Are sessions conducted in person?
Sessions take place via Zoom, and all appointments are booked in Central Standard Time.

Are sessions videotaped?
All sessions are videotaped through Zoom. Within 48 hours of your session completion, you will be provided with your mp4 file via email. NOTE: All video sessions will be sent through Google Drive.

Cost and Payment of Session

What is the price and length of a session?
A one-hour session is $150, and a half-hour session is $80.
You can choose which session is more appropriate for you by determining how many questions you have.

How do I pay for a session?
After you select your day and time, you'll be asked for payment via Credit Card. The session will not be officially scheduled until payment is received.

Can the session be extended after it's started?
It is often the case the Masters of the Akashic Records answer many of your questions with one answer. Sometimes, it is also the case that additional topics or questions arise after the session has begun. You are free to ask or discuss all you wish with the Masters of the Akashic Records during your session. Should you discover during your session you require additional time, after your session ends you are welcome to return to the website and book another session. This is done in consideration of other clients who may have booked a time slot following your session.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?
Payment is required at the time you schedule your session or event. All payments for sessions or events are final and non-refundable. If the session or event is postponed or re-scheduled by, the client's payment will be applied to a new date and time.

How to prepare for a session

After booking your session, it helps to spend a little time preparing your questions, being clear with yourself about what it is you want to know and what you feel is most important in your life.

Your questions are the bridge which brings through the wisdom that will serve your life most significantly at this time. It is the integrity of your intention behind the question that sets the tone for the quality of the answers you receive. The question you ask may just be the tip of the iceberg. Draw your questions from what you feel is important in your life. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones know every level of your being, and the answers they provide are what you can take in and bring to your consciousness. As you grow and expand your perceptions, the answer may have a different meaning to you. The Akashic Records will never give you more than you can handle.

Your answers will be more comprehensive if you ask your questions in several different ways to obtain a broader perspective of information and insight. This will reveal new expanded answer to the original question. The questions that come from your heartfelt focus are the ones that receive the most authentic answers. You are continually supported by all the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records who exist in the Akashic or Akasha Field. They are an integral part of each other.

Suggested ideas for questions

The following is a list of questions that can assist you in creating dialogue with the Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records to help you receive the answers or clarity you are seeking:

▪ Is there another question I should be asking or that would be better for me to ask?
▪ Is there a different or easier way to look at this subject?
▪ Do I need more information?
▪ Is there something I'm not seeing?
▪ What is limiting my view of this subject?
▪ Am I being influenced by something outside of myself that colors how I see or relate to this subject?
▪ What is it that I am not willing to look at or deal with?
▪ How is my ego, mind or emotions blocking me from seeing clearly?
▪ Am I holding an expectation of what the truth is in this area or subject? What is it?
▪ Is fear blocking me from going deeper in this area or subject?
▪ What is my primary issue and how is it blocking my clarity in this area?
▪ Is denial playing a role in this? If so, how?
▪ What may I know now?
▪ What is blocking me?
▪ How can I handle (fill in the blank) with greater grace or ease?
▪ Is there something or someone I have given my power to in the past that is having an adverse effect on how I   see or relate to the subject?

What areas of my life can I ask about?
You can ask about any area you'd like. Here are a few suggestions:

▪ Past, current and/or future life circumstances
▪ Interaction with friends and family
▪ Repeating patterns and behaviors
▪ Recurring dreams
▪ Spiritual and life growth

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