About Lisa Wetsel

My journey to the Akashic Records started in 1996 when my heart for helping others led me to massage therapy, and ignited a passion for teaching and learning. It was then that I began studying the Akashic Records and discovered my ability to channel direct information from the Masters.

Today I’m an Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, and a Level IV certified Akashic Records Consultant who’s been channeling the truth of the Records for more than two decades. Over all that time my intention has never changed: Every day I want to live from my heart, live with integrity, and live in truth.

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Remember that what you see in the mirror is not who you really are. You are so much more than your appearance, the thoughts in your head, and what society has created you to be. You are your heart. You have a soul, and a purpose, and a connection to everything that is. You can live in the pure truth that the Akashic Records provide, and I’m here to help.

What the Akashic Records Can Do

Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Why did this happen?” or “Why did I have to go through that?”

The Akashic Records can bring clarity about life events and their purpose from a spiritual perspective. This understanding can help us release negative feelings like resentment, anger, betrayal, hatred, and jealousy. As these are released, we become lighter in spirit and can live in greater peace and harmony with ourselves and one another. We can begin to strive toward truth, rather than the falsehoods our minds create. The Records want to reveal the truth that lies beyond these falsehoods, beliefs, and customs.

Frequently Asked Questions
About the Akashic Records, the Akashic Fields, or the Akasha Field

What Information Does the Akashic Records Provide?

The relative history of your soul will be revealed to you.  Asking questions you have about your life situations in the present time or past history will reveal answers to you that bring better understanding of your life and history.   These answers will give you guidance into the future events of your life and a universal understanding of your past.  In a group setting, answers will be given to you as you witness information being provided to yourself, others, and the group.  In a private setting, you will receive guidance and answers to your specific questions that relate to your life and soul.  As you see your life from your eternal history, you will gain perspective and understanding of your current life events and past history.  Greater understanding brings greater peace.  With love and sincerity this information is provided to individuals and groups to encourage growth and happiness.

What are the Akashic Records, the Akashic Field or the Akasha Field?

In Ervin Laszlo’s book, “Science and the Akashic Field:  An Integral Theory of Everything” he writes, “The Akashic field is the constant and enduring memory of the universe.  It holds the record of all that ever happened on Earth and in the cosmos and related it to all that is yet to happen. The Akashic field theory is a discovery that at the roots of reality there is an interconnecting, information-conserving and information conveying cosmic field.  For thousands of years, mystics and seers, sages and philosophers maintained that there is such a field; in the East they called it the Akashic Field.  But the majority of Western scientists considered it a myth.  Today at the new horizons opened by the latest scientific discoveries, this field is being rediscovered.  The effects of the Akashic Field are not limited to the physical world: The Akashic Field informs all living things - the entire web of life.  It also informs our consciousness.”

What the Akashic Records Are, as Channeled from the Masters of the Akashic Records, through Lisa

The Akashic Records are a field of energy providing guidance and assistance to all who exist.  As you move forward in this realm of life, you have the ability to connect and attach to all of the universe.  As humans realize their connection is much deeper than just on the surface of relationships, they will soon begin to realize there is much more that exists. As we move forward, we will give you answers to the questions you ask.  When you ask what the Akashic Records are, we are the holding tank for All That Is.  We provide the information, and inform All That Is.  When an individual asks what the Akashic Records are, we simply assist them with an understanding that all knowledge is stored in a base that controls all sources of information.  As information is provided, it typically comes from the source of our banks.  You ask what these banks are?  They are the cellular memories stored in an existence of a plane that no longer exists upon the earth.

Every thought, opinion, emotion, and incident travels up towards the sky. It is similar to molecules gravitating upwards. There are billions and billions of these so-called molecules traveling up, and in each one of these molecules, is a memory, thought, experience, or an existence. As humans provide the information to be stored, we provide the place for the information to be stored. What we are saying is the Akashic field provides the storage space and humans provide the information. When we discuss what the Akashic Records hold, we discuss us.  We are the holders of the information. And as we freely provide information, you have the ability to gain the information at will. What we give you and how you interpret it, is up to you.

All that exists within the universe is stored in this field of consciousness. This is what we provide for you and for all. As we exist upon the earth, we exist upon the stars. We exist within all planes of existence and all planes of creation. We are on many dimensions and realms of possibilities and realities. This is us and we are always here.  We are constantly providing information as well as constantly receiving information. You will see we are the reality, and we exist within all. There are memories, quotations and livelihoods that have been based on the information we provide to individuals. When humans see one another, they simply see an individual, and not how we are constantly connected to the earth, and all planes, dimensions, and realms that exist. We are providing this information for humans to understand there is much more than what their eyes can see, and it goes beyond what their mind can comprehend or experience. Humans will never know and will never understand truly all that is.  It is simply the case that the experience is much more paramount or important than what you can understand as a simple human. What we want you to understand is you provide information and we store information for you. As information is needed among anyone or anything, it is provided to whomever or to whatever is in need. We are the providers of all records and information which has been provided to us.  In turn, we provide it to you and to all. It does not matter if it is a plant, butterfly, rabbit, human, mountain, sky or cloud, it is whatever information is needed for anything or anyone that exists. This information field is there to provide, and this is what we are, to you and to others.

How the Akashic Records Were Formed, as Channeled from the Masters of the Akashic Records, through Lisa

The Akashic Records go back before the universe was even formed and were created in a similar way to the Big Bang Theory.  They were formed by an explosion that created a specific magnetic field, which holds memories that cannot be destroyed.  These memories will never fail, and they will never leave.  They will always be. The Big Bang Theory is part of the memory that the Akashic Records hold.

What we are talking about is the experience of galaxies that have existed on different planes and different realms of understanding.  We, the Akashic Record holders, go back throughout time as long and as far as we can remember.  We have always existed.  We have existed in a realm that is of no understanding to many of you. But what we know and what we want you to understand is it was formed specifically by the Creation.  The Creator of All That Is created the memory to hold on to, so it would never be forgotten or lost.  We hold the information of everything, and what we can do for you is provide the information of how all of this began: as the earth exist, as the stars have been put in place, and as the voices you hear in your head have become a part of you.  This knowledge began from the beginning of time, which is a time you will never comprehend, conceive of, or perceive of, as your information does not go back that far. This is how this was created.  It is a creation of the Creator and this is what we want you to know.

How Can the Akashic Records be Used to Benefit Your Life, as Channeled from the Masters of the Akashic Records, through Lisa

As you move forward in your life, you will recognize there are many falsities or misperceptions taking place within your mind.  As your mind creates scenarios of untruths, the actions follow. And as you follow those actions, you are misled down a path that is no longer good or true for you.

We would like you to know there is more to be offered than just the belief of the mind.  You can find the truth within your own being as your Akashic Records, or the Records as we call them, hold the truth to All That Is. As you ask questions relating to a life event, you will receive information in a way you do not understand at this time.

However, you soon will see the information provided was created for the experience to happen in your life and to help the cell growth (referring to your cells that hold the memories).  The cell within you holds the memory of what the actual truth is, and it does not have anything to do with the spiritual understanding.  It is just simply the truth.  The truth is what was created for you to experience, not the beliefs your mind created.

Memories are like molecules that constantly travel upwards to the Universe.  Within the cell’s memory, the truth of what happened, what the soul was supposed to experience, or what the human actually experienced goes into a memory bank and travels up into the Akashic Records Field and is held in that field.

When you become ready to have the truth revealed to you, you can tap into that specific memory and you will see the truth that lies within.  We want you to understand your interpretation or twisting of the truth is simply the mind’s reaction to an event.  We know the true spiritual meaning.  We also know the meaning of the event that took place, how it took place, and what was in it for your own growth for you to be able to move forward in a new way.

Because you are receiving and interpreting information from the common mind, we want you to know that by being able to tap into your specific memory and your specific knowledge, the truth can be revealed to you in a way you do not currently understand.  What we want revealed to you is the truth, and what actually is.

As you interpret your own consciousness that is connected to the Universe, you can tap into what is yours; what is your knowledge, what is your meaning, and what your purpose is, in order to recognize the events that have transpired, which will lead you down the path you are to go.  We want all humans to understand the Akashic Records hold all truths, and you can simply tap into the information of who you are as a human and who you are truly meant to be.  It is our plea to you to be able to gain an understanding that there is much more than what humans have created and existed in for thousands and thousands of years and centuries.  The truth is being revealed to you daily.  You are getting constant messages and bombardments of Universal Consciousness tapping at you to discover what the truth is.

We are giving you an example of someone knocking at the door, and you opening the door and saying, “Are you there, are you there?”  We want you to know what is here for you.  We want you to walk through this door. We are pounding the door down for you to understand there is so much more than what your mind perceives. We are creating the environment for the opening of doors, and this shift is occurring within the vibration of the universe.  The air is changing.  Vibration, resonance, what you are existing in, and everything changing upon the earth is helping raise your vibrational level and consciousness, to tap into what is held for you in the universe, what the truth is, and who you truly are. This is what we want for you.

Lisa is open, natural, and a joy to work with. She channels clearly with compassion and humility, allowing you to hear the messages directly from her collective source. My session was incredibly helpful, giving clarity and insight into my spirituality, relationships, and business. Stay open and allow Lisa to help you find the answers you're looking for!


Wow!  I've been on an amazing journey, and the last 2 1/2 years have been mind and heart-opening. I know energy exists throughout the universe that we can connect to.  I just had my first call with Lisa, and she is very connected to the universal energy.  The guidance and information coming through her were enlightening and beneficial.  I can't wait to have another session.


If you haven't had a session with Lisa yet, you are missing out! I cannot say enough about her, from her energy to the beautiful, loving, relevant, and spot-on messages. Even after doing lots of healing work, there's been something in my life holding me back. But the message Lisa shared with me during my session literally changed my life, and I feel amazing! I am grateful for Lisa and her work with the Akashic Records.


I want to thank Lisa for the amazing Akashic Records reading! Through the Records, she helped me understand what was blocking me, if I was on the right path, and why I'm here. The accuracy and understanding of the information she channeled left me no doubt she was receiving information from the Akashic Records. It was an incredible experience for me, and I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants answers from the Akashic Records.


Lisa is a powerful channel who receives information immediately. If you need help understanding the big, heavy stuff of your life, then Lisa is the perfect person to do that. She has a beautiful, wise, calm energy and is truly heart centered. I am so grateful for the huge, positive impact Lisa's work has had on my life. If you want to work with someone you can trust to get results, then I can't recommend Lisa highly enough.


Lisa is a beautiful and loving soul that exudes integrity and honor. She has been doing the Akashic Records work for more than 15 years and brings forth the depth and purity of the Records with clarity and honesty. Her passion for the Akashic Records is inspiring.


Lisa provides excellent service, and you can learn so much about what you need to work on to continue on your spiritual journey and clear the things that are holding you back.  Highly recommended!!


Having Lisa read my Akashic Records has been a great experience. She is very accurate with the information she receives, and I always feel like I received the answers I needed. I also feel like I have a lighter spirit and am re-energized. After one reading, I walked into a store and the teller told me I was glowing. I honestly felt like I was. I will continue to go to her when I feel like I need help and answers.


Lisa's work with the Akashic Records is profound and awe inspiring. She conveys information and answers to questions with clarity and compassion. Her work with the Records is heart-based and grounded in her own work with the Records. She is a blessing in my life.


Lisa is amazing.  Anytime I need advice and it seems a little too far out of my reach, she is somebody I can go to and ask questions.  She gives me straight-forward answers in a caring and loving way.  Through her work in the Akashic Records, she is always able to connect to whatever insights I may need at that time.  Her gifts and ethics are a blessing to both those who are already working in the psychic community and those who are new and searching.


When I was a child, my grandmother told me about the Akashic Records. As I grew older, I wanted to know more and was excited to find Lisa through a friend of mine. During my session, Lisa was very calming while she listened to my questions, and then responded with the answers given to her by the Record Masters. Later, as I listened to my recording, I was able to fully understand what the truth was around certain events in my life and why they had occurred. It brought me a sense of peace.


My Logo… How It All Began


The story of my logo began many years ago when I had a vision.  Shortly after I became a licensed Massage Therapist, I participated in a Shamanic journey where I traveled to the invisible world that lies beyond our existing reality. As I traveled, I found myself standing over my massage table with a beautiful, powerful bear, who in turn was standing over me.  I immediately knew he was there to guide me when I helped my clients physically and emotionally heal their bodies.  Later, while reflecting on my vision, I recalled the bear is often associated with Shamanic traditions and symbolizes healing and stepping into the role of the healer.

At the center of my logo, the BEAR represents the physical healing that helps us become whole and complete with one another and the universe.


Several years later while deep in meditation, I had another vision where I saw myself turn into an eagle. I flew over mountains and trees, looking through the eye of the eagle I had become. I heard the message, “You must see with the eyes of the Eagle. See all that is.” From the vision, I understood the importance of opening my eyes and seeing with the vision of an Eagle − to see the big picture, to see everything.  The understanding was to open my mind and release beliefs and thoughts that are not in balance with all of life and existence.

Emotional healing
comes when we can let go of thoughts and emotions that block the truth and clear vision that serves us.  The FEATHER at the bottom of my logo represents the Eagle, the one whose vision sees all and allows us to release what does not assist our growth.


As I began using the Akashic Records, I became more familiar with Universal Consciousness, spirituality, and the ones who guide us; and I knew I had found my space that created the truth of who I am − the place I call home.  The knowing filled me and I became connected to the consciousness that is far beyond what we can comprehend or fully understand.  When I see the sky, I envision the consciousness of the universe, represented by the sliver of the moon.  This consciousness exists far beyond our grasp and understanding.

The MOON represents spiritual healing, which becomes a part of us as we move forward in our growth and understanding of who we are.

My logo’s meaning, together as a whole, represents the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth and the healing we seek to become whole and complete.  The symbolism represents the essence of who I am and reflects my life’s journey.  It is all of us.