Living in Eternity


In this episode of Mystical Lodge Radio, hosts Thomas and Lisa delve into the profound concept of living in eternity and how it relates to raising one's spiritual vibration. They introduce their upcoming book, "The Way of the Heart: A Path to Ascension," which encapsulates the teachings to connect with the heart center, release mind-induced suffering, and share Universal Love unconditionally.

The discussion begins with a poignant reminder that the greater cosmic reality often eludes our limited human perspective. The hosts express a sense of sadness for those who miss the bigger picture of existence. The idea of viewing life as a rare blessing and opportunity is explored, emphasizing the importance of shifting perspectives to focus on positivity and coexistence.

Drawing insights from the Akashic Records, the hosts guide listeners on how to incorporate the practice of living consciously in the eternal now. This involves recognizing the soul's infinite nature and allowing shifts in consciousness. By opening up to the heart's desires and love, individuals can tap into a more profound level of existence.

The show emphasizes the importance of embracing humility and compassion when acknowledging one's place in eternity. It encourages listeners to overcome negativity, drama, and anger by connecting with their heart centers, leading to a transformative experience of life. The hosts urge everyone to recognize their role in the grand cosmic plan, approaching life with love and unconditional love as the ultimate purpose.

As the episode comes to a close, Thomas and Lisa extend an invitation to join them for the next episode of Mystical Lodge Radio, where they'll continue to explore enlightening topics to uplift and empower spiritual seekers.