Heart Space


Welcome to Mystical Lodge Radio and our podcast entitled, "Heart Space," where we delve into the depths of the heart and explore its profound significance in our lives. In today's episode, we will embark on a journey to understand the heart space as the center of our consciousness.

Hosted by Lisa Wetsel and Thomas the Mystic, we approach the heart not merely as an organ but as a wellspring of love, compassion, and forgiveness. However, its essence extends far beyond these qualities; it encompasses the very core of our being. The heart space represents our true nature, where our existence finds its abode. It serves as the well of our creativity and intuition, acting as a bridge between our seemingly separate minds and the Divine. This connection intertwines universal and unconditional love with our heart center, forging a profound relationship. This sacred space is not only the seedbed of our emotions and compassion, but it is also the origin of love in its purest form. It is, fundamentally, who we are—our authentic selves. By quieting the noise of the mind, you will discover a serene, peaceful island within—a place brimming with joy and happiness. This tranquil haven patiently awaits your return, inviting you to dwell there permanently. That place is none other than the heart center—the abode where you are meant to reside always.