Embracing Heart-Centered Living


Thomas the Mystic and co-host Lisa Wetsel discuss the concept of heart-centered living and how it can raise one's spiritual vibration and make one a more powerful lightworker. They emphasize the importance of connecting with the heart and learning to interpret the feelings and sensations of the body as a way to receive messages from the heart. The hosts also explore the role of the Akashic Records in providing guidance through bodily sensations and discuss ways to strengthen the heart connection, such as grounding, tuning into the etheric body, and tapping into the power of universal love for healing past traumas. The Akashic Records highlight the significance of recognizing our interconnectedness and understanding the purpose of life as serving the soul and channeling universal love. The hosts encourage listeners to be patient and dedicated in their journey from a mind-centered to a heart-centered way of living. The episode concludes with a message of love and a reminder of the universe's unconditional love for all beings.