Beyond Labels and Control


In the podcast episode titled "Beyond Labels and Control" from Mystical Lodge Radio, hosts Thomas the Mystic and Lisa Wetsel explore the concept of embracing true power by letting go of control and shedding labels. They discuss the significance of aligning choices and actions with one's inner guidance, delving into the idea of free will and independent experience. The hosts highlight the distinction between the mind's constructs and the guidance offered by the Akashic Records, emphasizing that deviating from one's authentic path can lead to turmoil.

The episode delves into the impact of judgments on connecting with one's true nature, advocating for recognizing and overcoming these barriers. The hosts discuss healthy comparisons that can lead to growth while discouraging harmful comparisons that hinder individuality. They encourage listeners to question and deconstruct limiting beliefs that have been ingrained over time.

Furthermore, the episode addresses promoting equality and interconnectedness, highlighting the importance of recognizing one's unique essence and fostering self-awareness. The hosts stress that genuine change starts with embracing simplicity, living in truth, and allowing others to find their own paths. The episode concludes with a reminder of our innate essence of love and light, encouraging listeners to embark on the transformative journey of the heart.


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