Why Were Different Species Of Animals Created


Q:  Why were different species of animals created?

AR:  To allow harmony to flow.  We want you to understand that every animal within existence upon this earth serves as a specific purpose.


You don't understand what you don't know.  We want you to understand there should never be a question in what exists and why. There is harmony within all.  When there's an imbalance created, there is disharmony that's created. For example, if there's not enough predators to keep a certain species down, then it becomes overpopulated.  If there's not enough of a particular species to help the predators feed, they'll starve to death, and that creates the imbalance.  


What we want you to understand is there's presently an imbalance or disharmony residing upon the earth at this moment.  We are creating the understanding for all humans to gain a better knowledge of what has transpired.  We want you to know that the harmony or the imbalance upon the earth is created by the imbalance of the air you breathe, and the carbons and footprints produced by greed and disharmony between human sand what they want to create.  Lisa says… “I’m seeing concrete.”


AR: When they destroy the earth by creating what they feel is necessary, as in an environment that is city-like, or buildings, this is creating disharmony with what the universe created.


Lisa says… “Basically, they're saying that vegetation is monumental.


AR:  It's extremely important in creating the balance of what all is. The flow of water is paramount to oxygen. Water creates a form of oxygen, and the air we breathe, plant life, and all the animals. Animals sustain what nature has created in order to flow fluently and congruently.  


This is what we want you all to know. Humans have destroyed the earth and they are continuing to do so. We want you to know we are rectifying the situation as quickly as we possibly can. This is creating earthquakes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms to the magnitude that is disruptive. It’s incongruent with what we have originally created for bringing balance back to the earth by eliminating the population of humans residing upon this earth.  


We are extinguishing the population to a point where it can be healthy and sustainable for future events.  All that has been created has been purposeful on our end. We created the disharmony between one and another so they would fight themselves to death, literally.


Gaining the understanding that your existence upon this earth at this time as a survivor of what we have created, means you have significant purpose and are allowing this change to happen. When you understand that nature is more important than human greed, money, or the existence of all buildings, you'll begin to know you’re a player in our world. This is what we want you to know. 


There's an evolution occurring that will transform the earth in a way that you don’t know or won't ever understand because it's never happened before. This is the first time.


Lisa says… “What I'm seeing are waters rising.”  The Akashic Records continue…  What we're saying about the water rising is that it's going to change the habitat that all animals live in and will create new species and extinguish old ones so that the cycle of life can continue to grow. You need to understand that humans are the harm. Humans are the harm that created this unruly event that is transpiring at this time. 


When you gain the understanding of who you are as a human being, you will see that the heart, the love, and the compassion residing within you must have the knowledge of what's being created around you. When there is a natural disharmony among all that live upon the earth, the earth will become disharmonious, meaning that it won't stay in harmony anymore.  This is what we want you to understand.


Where's your heart?  Where's your understanding? When and where are you going to gain the knowledge you need in order to move forward in the peace and harmony of all that's been created?  We recognize this is hard and difficult for many to understand, but we need the earth to change. And what we need for you to understand as humans is that you need to take the steps, because you are taking a toll upon what has been created for you to live upon.  This nature is your nature.


When you begin to recognize you can live in harmony with all, you'll start to understand how the earth will begin to become one with all.  Lisa says… “What I'm seeing are a bunch of squiggly lines that are straightening out and becoming one.  


AR:  When humans understand they are one with all, they'll begin to gain the understanding of how to live in harmony with what they have created, what we have created, and with all that has been made.


This is our call to all of you as humans to find the truth lying within you and gain the understanding of how you can all live in balance with everything existing upon the earth. If this doesn't resolve or reside quickly, it will create more chaos because we don't have a choice. In order to create the harmony we must have for universal consciousness and all that exist far beyond what the eyes can see, we have to create the chaos in order to get this repaired.


Lisa says… So what I'm understanding very clearly is they're trying very, very, hard to help humans, and for every individual to gain the understanding of who they are and what they've been created to exist in. They also want all of us to understand the connection we have with everything inexistence… all water, all plants, and all animals, and to understand that balance, because if we don't understand it, then we're going to continue to destroy it.


If we can gain the understanding of who we are as human beings, then we can create the harmony that will allow this to unfold in the way it's supposed to. We will be able to continue existing upon the earth in the way that is harmonious. If we don't start changing, then more chaos is going to be created and there's going to be more deaths of humans, of animals, and livestock will die. Everything that is created to live in harmony will become out of balance. There's going to be more of one type of animal than another, creating the imbalance, and this is what we need. We must have the cycle of life. If we don't start changing the way we see things and changing the way we see ourselves, this isn't going to be remedied and it's going to get a whole lot worse.


AR:  We hope you all hear our message as we are pleading and begging you to listen carefully. As we need you, you need us, and this is our message today.