Which Beliefs Are Holding You Back


We want you to know that the discussion about beliefs and belief systems is paramount at this time. When you begin to gain an understanding of who you are and how beliefs have held you in a box or prevented you from moving forward into the dreams you may have, you’ll begin to understand why it’s important to grasp what a belief or a belief system is, which keeps you confined so you can’t move forward in the direction you wish to go.


What is the definition of a belief?

Akashic Records: A belief is a system or an understanding that has been ingrained within you once upon a time.  When you begin gaining the understanding that a belief is a system or a component that has been trained within you for you to act a certain way, to think a certain way, or to go in a certain direction, you'll begin to understand how outside forces forced this belief system on you.


It can be due to society, individuals, or events that have happened, and this is what we want you to know today.  Beliefs can be in many shapes, forms, and understandings.  A belief system can be what you eat, how you dress, or how you perceive situations.  It can be who you become in your mind's eye, not the truth of who you are.


Many different beliefs create the consciousness of the human.  We want you to understand that any belief that has not been embedded upon you or within you from the heavens, from who we are, and from the truth of your purest existence, then that belief system is not the truth of who you are.


Lisa says… In terms of who you are and who you want to become, we’re all going to be at different degrees of understanding or desire.  How far do you want to go on this spiritual journey?  How deep do you want to get into this?  With the information provided, if you want to go all the way and get to the point of being truly spiritual and not living in the human confinements of what has been created around us, then you need to recognize who you are as a spiritual being and not as a human component.


Akashic Records:  We want you to understand the human belief system was created upon the first breath that you took upon the earth. When you begin to recognize that as you came into this earth, you were completely spiritual in the understanding that the only knowledge you had when you were born was the understanding of universal consciousness and unconditional love.  This is what we created for you, and this is all the wisdom you had at that time.  Recognize that the soul's knowledge was still residing within you, but your human mind was not conscious of what that wisdom was and is.

Lisa says… When we were born, our mind could only conceive of or understand the purest essence of love and that purest spiritual form. The soul was embedded in the human body that chose you. 

The knowledge and the wisdom that resided in the soul was in you at that time of birth. However, the body hadn’t recognized what that truth was at that point. The only thing we really knew when we were born as that human was that spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and love. We also came in with the soul’s knowledge but weren’t aware of it at that point.


Akashic Records:  When you begin to gain the understanding that the first breath you took upon the earth was guided by us, as the natural state of being is our purest form, then you begin to gain the understanding of how you moved forward in your life path creating the beliefs that have held you back. Recognize there have been many beliefs put upon you that you felt were the truth, so you began living and guiding your life in those components.


Lisa says… They’re showing me a crying baby. When we cried as infants, we were already being formed because something was stuck in our mouths to stop us from crying. We were already being formed to accommodate human needs. For example, my mother didn’t want me to cry anymore, so she stuck a pacifier in my mouth. Then we began to learn the habit of sticking something in our mouth should appease us. Then it started becoming a brain conditioning that would keep us happy. These are patterns that repeat over and over and over again.


Akashic Records:  So when we talk about the definition of a belief system, we want you to recognize that from infancy, individuals around you forced you to conform to societal beliefs or the way they would be happy with you and your behavior.


What is the meaning of “holding you back”? 

When we talk about holding you back, we want you to understand we are referring to your spiritual growth. When you begin understanding that you are the truest, purest nature of God in the creation, you’ll start recognizing that society holds you back in away of staying in the confinements of what society has created you to be and not the truest, purest essence of who you are. This is what we want you to understand at this time. 


Lisa says… Who are we meant to be as spiritual beings? We are meant to be the purest form of love. We are meant to live in peace. We are meant to have compassion. We are meant to have and to be caring, loving, and non-judgmental. But how humans treat each other puts them into boxes that limit the truth of who we are. It stifles us. As you recognize the conformities others have put you in, you’ll realize you’ve limited your growth and spiritual nature. That’s how it holds us back. It holds us back from showing and being the truest, purest essence of who we are.


What is the advantage of letting go of a belief that holds you back?

Lisa says… They’re saying, “Freedom.”


Akashic Records: The freedom to be yourself, who you truly are, and who you’re meant to be. When you begin recognizing how others have treated you or the way you’ve treated others due to belief systems created within you, you’ll begin understanding how those beliefs have limited you and held you back from revealing your truest, purest happiness you could possibly exist within. 


We want you to know that if you choose to let go of confining belief systems, you’ll begin seeing the advantage of releasing them, as it will create the freedom for you to find peace. What we want you to do and to understand is belief systems are long-held untruths embedded within your body. We want you to look at and evaluate them in order to move forward so you can have peace in your life and live without judgment or the fear of judgment.


Who do you want to become? Look at yourself and understand whether you want to be that conformed human being or do you want to set yourself free to the point of recognizing you can live in the truth of who you really are and who you’re meant to be. It’s a decision and a choice that’s up to you.


When you can let that belief system go and truly stand in that purest essence, you will recognize you can breathe easier. You’ll find that your physical body will start to expand instead of contract and that you’re relaxed and living in the truth of who you are in peace.


When we talk about the transition to the Fifth Dimension and that you have the opportunity to move into this place of nirvana, we’re talking about what’s shifting within you.  It’s not the physical scenery but rather what’s shifting in humans. It’s that sense of peace. It’s knowing you are truly connected to everything, that your mind isn’t confined, and that you don’t have belief systems holding you back and making you feel tight and constricted. It’s being able to live in your purest, truest form. That’s what the Fifth Dimension is about. Nirvana is everything within you.


Why would we want to let go of a belief?

Akashic Records: To breathe easier. It’s just to be able to breathe and not feel so constricted and tight.