What Is The Meaning Of Life


Question to the Akashic Records:  What is the meaning of life?


Life is a tricky one.  It has many questions and many answers.  As we see the future for you as humans, we begin to understand you feel lost in many different ways. Many of you understand that you are spiritual beings, but we want you to recognize that many of you do not know where the balance is between human nature and the consistency of the soul.  


We want you to recognize that the soul is a tricky one regarding the mind.  The mind tends to override what the soul is asking for or requesting. We want you to know that the meaning of your life is simply to follow the soul.  When the soul is in the existence of a human body, it is experiencing different trials and tribulations to grow into the individual it is created to be.  The soul’s ultimate journey is to become the enlightened one.  That is your term, not ours.  You as humans recognize this term is of the Almighty, meaning it is Buddha, Jesus, or whatever enlightened being you have created and named.  We want you to realize that each soul is on its own journey.  As a human being, you begin to recognize specific individuals have given you guidance down your path.  These individuals have been placed in front of you meaningfully to gain the growth your soul needs to move forward.


The so-called meaning of life is a question typically answered among humans.  But what we want you to see is the meaning of life lies within you. When you recognize the meaning of a human life is to simply serve the soul, you will begin to understand what the truth is of that term.  We are giving you the answer we see, not what you see.  We are your guidance.  You will begin to recognize there is much more than what the common mind can understand or comprehend.  As the guidance speaks directly to the soul, the soul speaks directly to you.  Your life as a human being is simply to house the soul’s growth.


Question to the Akashic Records:  Is the meaning of life the same for everyone?


The answer is no, it is not.  We want you to understand that you as a human have a different purpose or meaning to each soul.  As the souls collect influence, that influence corrects the mind.  As the soul is on its journey within the human being, the soul has specific duties it needs to do to become whole.  The soul begins to collect information.  


Lisa interjects and says… “It’s like a computer chip in a robot. As that computer chip gains information to make the robot more pliable, it teaches it new things to do. The robot must pick something up, so it must be programmed to learn how to do these tasks. Our soul is like a computer chip within our body. As we accomplish certain tasks, to become more pliable, the soul uploads more memory or more information to help us do the tasks we need to do, to supply the soul with the energy it needs to flow.”  


The Akashic Records begin again… The soul’s journey is a specific one. We need humans to cooperate with us for the soul to gain knowledge and information. The biggest hindrance is the mind. The mind creates the obstacles and the blocks for the soul to flow freely. 


When we gain the understanding of who you are as a human being, then at that time, the soul connects with the human mind and begins to understand how it operates. Once it begins to understand how it operates, it creates the path for you to flow on. It can be tricky because the mind can easily take you off that path. We want you to recognize that the meaning of life is much more complicated than a simple definition.


Lisa says… “What I keep hearing is “love." I know I’ve received the information that the whole meaning or purpose of life is unconditional love.”  


The Akashic Records reply and say… Yes, however, it is much more complicated than just that simple scenario.  The soul’s connection to the universe is unconditional love.  It is the purest form of love.  The love and the understanding that we are all connected is a great, monumental task for each individual human to obtain.


Lisa says… “They are laughing and saying, the souls are trying to beat this into you consistently! But sometimes, because of our minds, we have a hard time understanding what that is and understanding how to accomplish unconditional love.” 


The Akashic Records say… But we are here to guide you and have been here consistently for you. The soul’s growth is of monumental purpose. We always guide the human to flow down the path that assists the human soul in gaining whatever information is needed and provided. 


Lisa remarks… “They are laughing and saying, we told you this was a tricky one!”  The Akashic Records begin again and say… It is not an easy answer. But what is easy to say is the meaning of a human’s life is to house the soul and gain an understanding of what the soul needs to grow. And that is the true meaning.