What Is The Difference Between Religion And Spirituality


Q:  What is the difference between religion and spirituality?


AR: Religion is the word of learning through a book and a process, whereas spirituality is the direct connection with the universe in what you feel and what you know as your own truth.


Lisa says… Let's dig in a little bit deeper.  What is it we need to know about spirituality?


AR:  You need to begin to understand that spirituality is the true spiritual connection you have with the universe. It is what resides within you.


When you recognize that you truly know yourself and are genuinely friends with you and your existence, you'll begin to see you have a direct connection with the universal consciousness. When you see universal consciousness is within all, and all answers reside within you and the universe, you'll begin to understand what spirituality is and that you are a spiritual being. This is the creation of all that is. You are all, and all is you. When you can recognize who you are as a connection with the universe and that you simply are one, you begin to acknowledge your truth is you, and you are that spirituality.


Lisa says… I think they just repeated that! They said it a couple of times, so they’re going to make sure you know what it is!


AR:  We want you to know that as a spiritual being, you are always a spiritual being, regardless of your beliefs.  You can believe you are something other than that, but the truth is, you are not. When you begin to recognize there are religions promoting the understanding of rules and propaganda that were created by humans, you begin to see that true spiritual connection is lacking within the words of a book.


Recognize what your truth is, and you'll see the simple aspects and the simplicity of an object containing words.  When those words are applied to the specific life, those are guidelines, boundaries, and what limits you in the truth of your existence.   We want you to recognize that religion is more of a guidance or a protection of what is truly contained within the universe and all its existence.  When you begin to understand that you and all human beings are in the same atmosphere and in the same congruency with one another, you'll start recognizing that the spiritual connection lying within you is an unknown, mystical belief.  It's the proper insurance that one is connected to another.  When you look at specific books and their teachings, very rarely does one or another connect you with all that is.  They tend to separate and divide instead of bring together and unite.  We want you to recognize that this is not what we want and is not truly how we feel.  We see that we are all one and that we are all our own guidance, and there is no other truth but who you are.  When you recognize that verses and phrases are not always the truth, you'll begin to understand who you are and where you truly come from.  That is God, but it's God and the creation of everything.  And as God has created everything, he has created everything as equal.


Lisa says… When they're talking about creating everything as equals, I'm seeing the importance of a river, or the vegetation on a mountain, or a desert plain, and of all individuals and all animals.  They all serve a purpose.


AR:  Everything in existence on this earth was created to live together in harmony.   When you recognize that is the truth, you’ll begin to see that anything creating the illusion of anything other than that is not the truth. When you understand what the truth is and what it is not, you’ll begin to know the spiritual truth within you is rising to the surface. And this is what we want you to know.