What Is The Difference Between Free Will And Conscious Choice


Q: What is the difference between free will and conscious choice?

AR: Conscious choice is the guidance that's being given to you in order for you to follow your path.  When you are given information to go in a specific direction, you simply follow the information.  When you recognize that your mind is making the decisions and you're following the pattern of your mind in your thoughts, you can then begin to recognize you are living in that moment of free will.

We want you to know that all humans have the ability to choose which direction they follow.  When you begin recognizing that you're living fully and completely in the mind's eye and not relating to the universe's consciousness, you'll see you're living fully and completely in your free will as a human being.

We want you to know that when you begin to recognize there is an inkling, a nudge, a touch, or a gentle guidance that's giving you answers, and you are free, you are following the will of the universe.  This is the guidance we provide you daily, and when you choose to listen, you can follow freely with no encumbrances of the mind.

Q: Are situations created by the Universe?

AR:  Specifically. Yes. We want you to know there are specific situations and scenarios created for each individual in order for them to follow their guidance. 


When we recognize that a human is following freely, we continue to set the stories, the scenarios, or the situations up in order for the human to gain the understanding that they are following the steps to get to the end result.


Lisa says… What they're showing me is a cobblestone path. There's a creek and as I walk through the creek, I'm jumping from rock to rock to rock to rock, to get to the City of Oz!  


The Akashic Records continue… Each rock is a specific scenario or a story that the universe has set up, and as you follow your will freely, you begin to recognize your one situation is one stone.  When you work through that stone, you jump to the next stone. That stone is another scenario or another story. And as you work through that one, you jump to the next stone. That next stone is another situation or another story. And as you go down your path, you begin to recognize you're following freely, and you are residing in the existence of happiness and peace.


As you begin to recognize the stories are relevant to you in your life, you will start to see they have been set up systematically so you can follow and get to the end result we wish for you.


Q: What happens when we don't follow the guidance for that situation?

AR: The person standing on the rock starts to teeter and falls into the water. They lose their balance and become unknown to us.


When you fall off the rock and into the ocean, you begin to drown. As you start to drown, you struggle to find the freedom of water. For instance, when you’re underwater, you begin to flail, doing whatever you can to get to the surface. At this point, you’re completely in your mind because your mind is triggering fight or flight, and you’re just trying to survive, but your head’s telling you you’re drowning. Your head’s telling you you’re dying and need to get out of the situation. But it’s mind related. If you begin to recognize you can take a deep breath within and find calmness in a place of peace residing within you, you no longer flail. You’ll realize you can calmly swim to the surface, get to the top, and breathe, and you’re no longer fighting. When you see you have fallen off your path, you will know that life’s circumstances are much more difficult than the way we have laid them out for you. This is what we want you to understand. When you choose not to listen to our guidance, or you don’t go down the path we have laid before you, you will see struggles, chaos, conflict, and pain.

Q: The phrase “unknown to us” was used.  Are we to infer that once humans go into their minds, that’s an unknown place for the Akashic Records?

Lisa says… Yes, it’s an unknown place for the Akashic Records because they’re not there. They’re not in your mind, so it becomes a place unknown to them.  What they know, are familiar with, and are connected to is what’s in your heart space in your chest.  It’s where the heart and soul reside.  That’s their place of familiarity, and that’s what they know.