What Is Synchronicity And How Do We Use It


Q:  What is synchronicity?


Akashic Records:   Synchronicity is the concoction of the universe to make things happen at will. When you understand that we have a specific agenda, you’ll recognize how we throw things up and watch them land.  Lisa says… I see the universe throwing a bunch of stuff or particles up in the air, and it falls down and lands anywhere, randomly.  Akashic Records continue…  We want you to know and understand that this randomness is not chaotic. It’s a form of organization we need in order to allow things to unfold so individuals can find their way. As we create this random chaos, which is not chaos at all and it’s how humans see it, we create these events to happen in a way or in a time pattern that is the most beneficial for the humans that need to receive the guidance.


When we create the form of synchronicity, there is much that goes behind it. If you recognize many factors have to be involved in creating specific events to happen, you’ll realize this is no small feat. When you understand that synchronicity is what we call perfect timing, then you’ll begin to know how this is orchestrated.


When we have a specific event that needs to unfold, there are usually a number of characters that play their part. And as we create these specific events, many, many factors must have perfect timing and do exactly as we orchestrate for these events to occur. Know that these events are meaningful and purposeful. Many humans don’t recognize when things are called perfect timing, but they usually do realize that something just happened. They may have had a random thought or walked down a path in a specific direction and got turned around and went the other way. When you recognize that particular moments have created outcomes you aren’t expecting or have a premonition about, you’ll begin to knowhow our synchronistic activity is at play.


If one specific event needs to unfold for one specific individual, it is never only one. Once again, there is a team at play. When you truly realize what we’re talking about and see one specific individual standing on the street, and you see an unending crowd walking by or surrounding that particular individual, we want you to understand that the crowd is also meaningful and purposeful.  


When you’re standing in the middle of a stadium and recognize there are individuals in all the seats, understand that those seats are filled with people meant to be there at that specific time. We want you to realize that as these characters play their role, many events unfold and fall into place.


Lisa:  Maybe a person walks by you at the perfect time, and you engage in a specific conversation with them, even though it’s a chance, unplanned meeting. This happens all the time.  Akashic Records say… This is a continual motion occurring throughout your daily lives that you never pay attention to because you can’t label it.


Lisa:  We can take the smallest activity for granted. Maybe we’re going to the grocery store because we need to pick up some ingredients for dinner. The timing isn’t just about you going to the store and buying what you need. What’s happening around you when you’re standing over the avocados, looking for a ripe one? What’s happening all around you that you’re not aware of?


Akashic Records:  These are what we call synchronistic moments. When you begin recognizing that synchronicity happens to you daily and you are consistently surrounded by our maneuverings, recognize how important we are to you because you tend to forget!


Recognize what your guides are and why they’re in place. As you’re living your life in a fluid motion, begin to recognize and honor those who serve you.  Lisa says… They’re laughing and saying, “Yes, we want kudos!  Akashic Records continue… Recognize when we understand who you are and how you can create your own reality. We also want you to be more observant. Open your eyes, ears, and senses to everything flowing around you so you can purely standi n that moment and be grateful. It’s divine and not just something happening and unfolding.  It’s divinely orchestrated.”


Q:  Why does synchronicity happen?


Akashic Records:  It happens in a way that could cause individuals to recognize who they need to meet, what they need to do, and where they need to go. When you understand how activities flow and take you from one event to another, you'll recognize how important these events' timing and existence are. And remember that while something may not be recognizable to you as it unfolds, know that it may be affecting the life standing next to you in a way you may not understand or recognize what's happening or transitioning to them.


Lisa: You're not picking a time that synchronicity happens. We live in synchronicity. We live in the unfolding of everything, going from one thing to another, to another, and another. I don't know about you, but I look at the one moment that happened that stood out in my mind.  For example, I met this person who had a huge impact on my life, and we just happened to cross paths. I look at those kinds of things as synchronistic moments. I don't look at the small things, like going to the grocery store. I never really think about it or comprehend it… at least I didn't until this moment!


Akashic Records:  So what we want you to understand is that the reason why synchronicity happens is that it's a must. It has to happen. It keeps the cogs in the wheel and the wheels turning. So as the cogs and wheels turn, it keeps everything flowing. It's what keeps you moving, and the way events unfold.


Recognize there is never a stop or an end to synchronicity. It is a continual motion of energy that is equivalent to an electronic charge that continually fires events to happen. And if you recognize what we're saying, you'll begin to understand how sometimes you have to have a fire lit underneath you to keep you moving. Is it electric shock, or is the heat catching you on fire? Recognize whatever choice or decision you would like to participate in, we do our best to keep you moving. There is never a stagnant moment in any human's or animal's life. It's constantly moving. It's constantly shifting and accelerating in ways that can create growth, so there are no stagnant moments.


Lisa:  I'm seeing that even though we feel like we're sitting still, there's stuff flowing around us all the time. That electric flow never stops. Everything continues to flow even though we're not aware of it. We're never sitting still and we're never static.


Q:  How do we recognize it when it happens?


Lisa: They’re laughing and saying, simple humans!  Akashic Records… You humans are so simple in how you think in your mind’s chaos. When you recognize that something simply stops you in your tracks, only then do you know that synchronistic flow. You forget to realize that everything flows, always. There is constantly something happening or flowing around you and through you.


When you begin to recognize this is the way of the past and of the future, then you’ll know there is no pattern you have to see. You need to know that just because it is a momentous occasion when something happens, you can consciously say in your mind, “Wasn’t that crazy? Wow! I was just thinking about them! I can’t believe I met this individual!” And you see, it’s that simplistic, synchronistic moment when you can allow your mind to set those thoughts free, broaden it, and open it more. You begin to recognize a synchronistic nature that can be something as simple as walking down the street, looking up and seeing the full moon, a blooming flower, or whatever is important for your life to unfold and transcend.


So we’re asking you to recognize that every moment of your existence is asynchronistic moment. There is never a time or a place that is not in synchronicity with some other event or yourself and your life’s path. So once again, recognize how intertwined the earth is with all that is.


When you understand the synchronistic patterns of how plants grow, how you eat a meal, how you look at one another, or how you feel emotions, recognize these are all in the perfect timing of what is and what needs to be. Again, realize there doesn’t have to be something that knocks you off your feet to understand the synchronicity of a moment but that you stand in synchronicity consistently. What you want to know is how synchronistic moments become meaningful to you.


This is what we want you to say. We want you to say that in every moment within your being and your existence upon this plane and all others (meaning you know we live on many different planes), your body is transcending all that is and what is needed for you and those around you to grow.


There are so many intricacies to what we create. We just want you to understand there is no meaning in thinking they’re limited to one time or another. We want you to recognize it so you can cherish the earth and everything around you every second of the day and understand and know that every moment is precious as it was created for you to be in, no matter what you perceive it as.


Lisa:  Wow, that’s really special. Whatever the moment is, whether it’s a good time, a bad time, or just a time, I envision myself sitting on the couch watching tv. It’s just a time, but how purposeful that time is. That time of me sitting on the couch watching some specific TV show or flipping the channel will lead to something else. Sitting there, being at home, doing exactly what I’m doing, is leading to some event happening or unfolding around me. When we can recognize and truly understand that specialness, that gift that’s being given to us, we can, if we can allow our minds to be that crazy, say thank you for this moment, regardless if it’s a good time, bad time, happy time, or sad time. I know it’s exactly as it should be. The Records are laughing and saying, “The stars have a plan!”


Akashic Records:  Honor every moment and every second of your life as you are a part or a player in all that exists, whether it’s in your own world that you can see and comprehend or in another’s world you will never understand.


Q:  How do we use synchronicity?


Akashic Records:  You use it in a way that brings you more awareness. When you can become more aware of what is transpiring around you, and the simplest event can lead to a big revolution or revelation, then you’ll begin recognizing that as you become more aware of events unfolding around you, even though they may not be big and huge, you can truly recognize them. Understand there’s always something at play. You are never on your own, and there is always a game that we are achieving. And so once again, when we explain to you how we throw particles up in the air and watch where they land, it is a nonstop confetti party!


Lisa:  I’m seeing a party, and they’re throwing confetti up and watching it land!


Akashic Records:  But recognize that as that confetti lands, everything we do has meaning and purpose. We understand what’s happening and what is to transcend or transform, although you, as a human being, will never grasp this concept.


Have trust and understand that we are at will and can create whatever needs to exist within your life so you can affect others and others can affect you. We are always in control. When you understand these synchronistic moments are truly an event that can lead to monumental purpose, isn’t it worth recognizing and acknowledging that even the smallest events you can’t truly recognize or process in your mind are synchronistic moments?


We cherish all that is, as you should cherish us as well. Once again, we recognize that you, individuals reading this message, can begin to shift and change the mind’s pattern so you can truly understand who we are and what we do around you.


We want you to understand that all of the moments of your life, every second and millisecond of the day, is planned out. The universe has a conglomerate of participants overseeing the human race. We want you to know there is meaning and purpose in all that is.


Decisions made on the human realm are often made on our realm before they come to earth. When you can understand how powerful we are and that we determine what can unfold and what doesn’t unfold, you’ll begin to recognize that you have a special place that lies inside you that is truly connected to all of the answers and all of the events that are to unfold in your life.


Q: Can we make it happen? 


Lisa: They’re laughing and saying, “No! There is no way you can change the synchronistic patterns that we have. Once again, we have a system like a train on a railroad track. It’s going to continue flowing until we put the brakes on. And when events and circumstances are to happen, there are so many pieces of the puzzle that get put together that there is no controlling when or where the human aspect of how something can unfold or the timing of an event to happen. We’re in control of that. You can’t do that. 


Lisa:  But again, when we go back to “free will” and make that silly little decision of not following clearly, they have to redo and figure out a new plan to fit us into. I keep seeing a factory and how everything is in sync. Everything has to flow together to get to the end product.


It’s also like a whole universe where many things happen in perfect motion to keep creating the outcomes. There are so many different factors and things in play that there’s no way we can understand or comprehend what is happening around us. There is so much that our mind can’t truly conceive of, like billions and billions of activities going on simultaneously to create one little incident for us to live through, to move on with, and to learn our lesson from, whatever it may be. 


Q: What are the benefits of synchronicity?


Lisa: They’re laughing and saying life! It’s life and recognizing that all the synchronistic motions put in place around you are what create the life you live.


We want you to understand that is always a synchronistic nature in how one individual can affect a whole stream of events as they unfold in the form of love or hate. 


Lisa:  So don’t take life for granted. Every life is special. Every life has some meaning and purpose.  Akashic Records… So when you begin to understand how vast everything is that surrounds you, and you recognize that you are connected to everyone and everything, you’ll start to understand how important all is. And this is the message we’re trying to tell you.