What Do We Need To Know About Romantic Relationships


Q: What do we need to know about romantic relationships?

AR:  Romantic relationships involve the heart, and when you begin recognizing the ins and outs of a heartfelt, romantic relationship, you will see the heart is a complicated vessel.  When we talk about romantic relationships and associations with the heart, you will begin recognizing complicated feelings can be involved. And when you start seeing there is a chemical reaction occurring within the human being that has a feeling towards another, you begin recognizing this is what we call romance. In having feelings for one another, you will see the difference between a friendship and a romance.  If you choose to have a romance with another individual, you need to make sure there is a heartfelt chemical reaction taking place with that individual.  


Lisa says they're laughing and saying, “Because we don't want you to get connected with the wrong person!"


Q: How do we create the ideal relationship?

AR:  You find and live from your heart.  When you begin recognizing there are two hearts felt as one, you'll begin to see there is a relationship to be had.  The truth of existence is dependent upon one another replicating the true heart feeling of love.  As you start understanding love was created to start the romance in order to populate the earth, you'll begin seeing there is much more to this than just a simple act of love. The reproduction and the reproducing of humans is dependent upon the heart.  It has to do with creating family and community, understanding how we're all tied together, and how we all work together as one.  There is much more than just that chemical reaction that must transpire in a true romantic relationship.

We want you to understand and feel the concept of how a relationship must grow together as one and must not be separate.  By recognizing different personalities and traits in each individual, you begin to understand how important it is to communicate, understand, love one another, and help you both grow together to become stronger as one, making one individual coincide with another.  Even though you are two individuals, you come together and work as one.  However, you still need to be separate to complete your daily tasks and the individual processes of who you truly are.

We want you to be independent but understand how to communicate and continue in a relationship that will grow and not wither and die. We have created relationships to last a lifetime. It is up to the simple human to maintain these relationships and continue growing, loving, and nurturing each other and not walk away in abandon.


Lisa steps in to clarify… What they're saying is, when you're in a relationship, if you don't nurture it and grow together, it will wilt and die. I'm seeing a plant beginning to wilt that eventually dies.  


AR:  It takes the nourishment of two to blossom and grow to the extent it makes a tree. 


Lisa says… What I’m seeing is it starting as a seedling and growing in that relationship until it becomes a tree.  


AR:  When it is understood you are all one, you’ll begin to understand that romantic relationships can truly be all they are intended to be.


Q: Does everyone have a soulmate?

AR:  Soulmates are tricky ones.  There are many soulmates and many different dimensions in which soulmates exist. You are asking if there is only one soulmate upon the earth for you as an individual, and this is not true. You all have several individuals beginning to connect or become one with one another.

Souls are coming together in a way they have never done before. It is a uniting and a unifying of separate souls coming together to grow and help manifest the love upon the earth. This is a new task you have not yet endured, but you will create more and more connections like you have never done before.


Q: Is a soulmate the perfect relationship?

AR: No. You need to recognize the soul is not always the perfect union. It can replicate what and who you are so that it becomes the perfect mirror where you may repel each other instead of attracting each other. We are creating the understanding to have more unions of souls to create the needed growth. It is to release barriers that have been blocking the understanding of what the universe has to offer.  Begin recognizing the soulmate, the soul twin, or the identical body that's looking face to face can cause growth in each individual as the mirrored objects.


Lisa says…I see what looks like two faces looking at each other, and when an action of one is done, it's reflected on the other. It's almost like they do identical things.  


AR:  When you begin to recognize this is either a good thing or a bad thing, that mirror image will begin to look at themselves as the reflection, which causes growth, shifting, and changing.  Not all soulmates are compatible in a way that increases that love connection.  But all soulmates are compatible in a way that will force growth.


Q: Does this soulmate have to be a romantic relationship?

AR: And the answer again is no.  

A Final Thought from the Akashic Records

We want all to know that your hearts are growing, and the soul connection residing within you is growing and calling out for a new level of existence.  When you begin recognizing that the shift and the change in the subconscious growth occurring in every individual calls for help, they call in their soul. When their soul is combined as one, meaning the soul in this individual and the soul in that individual, the souls are calling to themselves, and they are calling to pull that part of them together. It creates a more united pattern for an understanding of universal growth. We want this to happen. When you begin to recognize you could possibly have your soulmate in front of you, then honor and cherish that as it is the soul's calling.


Lisa says… I see two souls who each have a phone, and they’re saying, “Hey man, I need some help!  Would you come find me?  They are finding each other so we can all evolve and grow to a larger level of understanding.