What Are Dreams


Q:  What are dreams?

AR:  Dreams are the manifestations of thoughts and ideas that collide together as one individual emotion or event in the picture of the mind. We want you to gain an understanding of when there are thoughts, ideas, and imagination that hold a pocket within the mind.  


Lisa says… What I’m seeing are “word bubbles” that you see in cartoons. There’s a little square within that bubble that may be something you’re daydreaming of, and then later, you have that dream. Then there’s another little square, and there’s an image of something you want or fantasize about, which can either be material or just a desire.  Then there’s another little block that may have an event that happened to you that you repeatedly think about. When all these little blocks come together, they begin to create a story or a twisted scenario that collides together and explodes. I’m seeing it all come together and explode into a powder of fuchsia, green, yellow, and blue colors. This is what co-creates your mind’s image that comes to you when you’re sleeping. 


AR:  Humans are interesting creatures as they dream in color in imaginative ways, which others do not. I’m seeing animals don’t dream the same way we do.


We want you to understand that humans have the ability to transfer from one place or locale to another while they’re dreaming. People that travel at night when they’re sleeping are instigated by the dream state. When you’re in the dream state, your body can leave itself and go above and beyond what the world has to hold.


As you see yourself in this image of a greater consciousness, you begin to recognize there is a part of you that has shifted and left the human body. This can only happen in the dream state when you get to the REM rhythm. That creates the consciousness to allow itself to be set free from the human body where it can travel above and beyond what is known physically upon the earth. When we talk about dreams, we have many different dimensions of understanding of how they are created and what they can produce.


We want you to know at this time that the creation of dreams is caused by the thoughts in your mind’s imagination. When you begin to coincide within the dreams, some individuals have the ability to travel beyond what is on the earthly realm. There is another status of this dream state where the human can receive information and coincide with the resonance of the universe. That is basically when answers are given and when dreams are prepared to give humans the ability to move forward in their life in a way they haven’t been able to see before.


Lisa says… What I understand is that in this third scenario, because the human mind is basically shut off, it’s not formulating answers. And because it’s not formulating answers, it’s more open to receiving information. The Akashic Records say, “It’s because it’s not talking back, and it’s only hearing. That’s the point when your angels can talk to you, and you begin to recognize the stories you’re being told are of truths unknown to you at that time.”  Lisa continues… Basically, you’re receiving information. You have a dream that is information being provided to you, and because your mind is not involved, you can understand and recognize these are messages.


And we use dreams to deliver messages because the human is more likely to hear better or listen more when we’re speaking to them in their dreams than when they’re on the conscious earth.  Lisa says... In our everyday life, we’re so in our heads that we can’t hear.  


AR:  We want you to recognize there are many different dream states, but the ones we're focusing on today are these three: the three that are created in the mind, the ability to astral travel when you’re in that specific state, and when you’re ready to receive information.


Dreams are tricky ones. When we talk about what they can do and provide, we want you to recognize that many different altered states can occur when you’re sleeping. But we want you to know there is never a time we’ll cause you harm while you’re sleeping.


AR:  When you begin to sleep, in our mind, you can begin to recognize that you’re safe, and held with loving arms. This is where we are today, and this is what we want you to know.


Q: If we don’t remember the dream, are we still being given or receiving messages? 


AR:  You're always receiving messages, and whether you recognize them or not is insignificant. The consciousness of the human mind holds on to much more than what you are aware of, and we want you to know this has been created on purpose.


There are many different things and events you don’t always need to remember.  And even though it’s embedded in the mind without you being able to recall it, it’s always there.  Lisa says… They’re laughing and saying, “You know what we’re talking about!”


Q: What are nonsensical dreams? What do they mean? How do they affect us?


AR:  You don’t need to recognize or analyze all messages being sent. The heart recognizes what’s going on. Messages are sent from the universe into your mind, the mind translates them to the heart, and the heart holds onto them. When there’s a deja’ vu moment, or when something happens, and you remember it, you may not remember the dream, but it was embedded within you. It’s usually remembered in the heart, and the heart triggers the recognition when it happens later. It always holds on to it. And when the time is right, the heart will help to analyze a situation and recognize the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem.


Lisa says… What I’m understanding is you may be sleeping and having a dream, and you’re being given information. You’re being given answers for a solution to a specific problem, but that problem may not have occurred yet, so you don’t know this is something that’s going to happen. But those answers are embedded within your memory. They’re going directly to the heart. When the situation occurs or unfolds, the heart triggers that memory or those messages to the brain, and the brain knows how to carry out the answers. 


Q: How do dreams guide us?


AR:  They are embedded within you and recalled when needed.


Lisa says… We may not recognize when an answer from a dream is occurring. We may just think we thought up the solution.  But it may be an answer from a dream embedded within the memory, and it’s coming to fruition so it can play forward.