Understanding Your Relationship With Your Soul


Akashic Records:  Your heart and soul are being put together as one.  When you begin to see your heart and soul as one, you’ll begin to recognize you can become friends with all.  


Lisa:  The Records are showing me your soul has the memory of the soul’s entire life… all the history of all the different lifetimes.


Akashic Records:  As you become friends with who you once were, you begin to understand that the soul residing within you is you.  You are it, and it is you.  When we speak of the knowledge and the relationship the soul has within you as a human being, we are giving you the understanding that you are one and one with all, meaning your body, soul, and humanness are all tied in as one.  You are not separate entities.  You are one whole entity.  The soul that resides within you is one with the universe. As you and your soul are one entity, the soul is connected with all and with everything in the universe and everything that is.  We want you to see the relevance and importance of understanding who and what your soul is to you.  You will begin to understand the connection between us, the Akashic Records, the ethers (meaning the universe and the knowledge contained within the universe), and that you, as a human being, coexist and reside together in unison to make it all flow.  It is important to understand the significance of this event.


When you begin realizing who you are and what you are existing for, you begin to comprehend the relevance of being a human being.  The truth that lies within you is much more than what you can understand as a human.  We are here to assist you in gaining a better understanding of the existence of each and every one of you.  Help us to help you.  


When you begin to see you are much more than just a simple human being, you will understand the universe is held within you as all.  We said this already and are saying it once again.  We want to be sure you hear these words. Allow yourself to become familiar with who and what lies within you.  It is much more relevant than the blood vessels and the cells that reside within humans' existence.  You are so much more than this.  Your body is the simple casket for what lies within you.


Lisa:  When the Akashic Records use the term casket, they're referring to what's surrounding the body and your body being within the casket.