Understanding Causes Of Frustration


Q:  How Do I Understand What Causes Frustration?

Frustration occurs when the mind conflicts with the heart.  The mind tells you one thing, and the heart tells you another.  This causes confusion in knowing what steps to take.  When you begin to recognize the mind is judging a situation or explaining to you how something should be unfolding or occurring, then you recognize you are placing a judgment on what the situation is.  


Lisa says, “Something extremely simple to get frustrated about is somebody else’s behavior. When we get frustrated because of someone else’s behavior, it’s because we have a thought or an idea of how that person should be acting or reacting.  Whatever it may be, we judge the situation or the individual because we have certain expectations of how we feel it should be unfolding. That is completely living in your mind and what is being created in your head.”  


The Akashic Records begin speaking again… Once you begin recognizing you are judging a person or a situation for their behavior, you will realize the mind is in control. You can turn that around and go from the mind to the heart and recognize the heart is opening and seeing the individual for who they truly are (meaning the person you are judging). Once you start recognizing your heart is analyzing the situation, you will soon see there is more patience or tolerance to be had because you will begin understanding the situation and the reaction differently than the way your mind interprets what is unfolding. 


Lisa says, “What I’m understanding is our minds have an expectation of what should unfold. And because our head has that expectation, it’s analyzing the situation and expecting a specific reaction.”


The Records step back in… When you begin to realize your heart has all the answers and the answer is not in your head, you will begin to recognize your heart is analyzing the situation, and there is much more patience to be had when the heart is analyzing what is being said. The heart is more accepting and understanding of the other individual’s actions or reactions. Thus, that creates a more solemn response than what our minds would create. This is what we want you to know at this time. The heart is present at all times if you choose to listen.