The Truth About Soulmates - Part 2


Q:  Why are soulmates important to the soul's growth?


Akashic Records:  The soul’s growth is paramount for the advancement of all life. When you begin to understand the soul’s knowledge and wisdom are what create the patterns of growth, shifts, and changes of what is occurring around you, you’ll see that as souls can connect to one another, they can work in harmony together to create a given result that is needed.


Lisa:  Let’s say I wake up one day and decide to have a party. I have to figure out how, so I tell my friends I’m having a party and need help pulling it all together. We divide the different responsibilities among us.  One person buys plates and utensils. Another takes care of the food. Somebody else handles the location, and another handles lights and music. Together, all these different people are creating an outcome. It’s the same thing on the soul level. You think about certain events that have to happen in your life to create growth. Souls have to coordinate with one another. They have to work as a team to make certain events happen. A soul has to have one person act or react a certain way so it will affect this person's life so the soul can get the growth it needs. You work in tandem as a team.


Akashic Records:  Humans can comprehend and understand it in the same way. Humans work together to have an accomplishment and to create a certain outcome in the same way that souls work together. When you understand the importance of the soul's connection to one another is paramount in purpose, you'll know the soul's connection is creating the human consciousness to grow in a way we see fit.


When you look at the earth's existence, you'll recognize that humans cannot exist upon the earth by itself. It has to have water, trees, life, and everything created around it to add survival to what it is. The soul is the same component. If you look at a soul as a human being, the soul has the existence of what would be in the same existence of water, food, nutrients, and air.  


Lisa:  So there's all of those components, but they’re in a different form than what and how we see it on earth. The soul serves the same as human beings on earth, but they serve in the universe. Recognize that nothing is independent. Everything works together. We are all relying on one another. Nothing can exist with just one thing: with just a human or just an animal, or just a plant. It has components that have to come in to help it all exist. They’re laughing and saying, this is the term, “We are all one!” 


Q:  We’re all one, and our souls learn from each other to expand their knowledge. Is this why we may be drawn to particular people in our lifetime, even if it’s only for a short while? Is this our soul learning lessons and growing?


Lisa:  Absolutely!


Q:  Do we all have soulmates?


Akashic Records:  Yes. You have numerous soulmates. As we speak to you, you recognize that the description we have given you will show you that you have multiple soulmates. Soulmates will come and go. You’ll realize there is a specific feeling or knowing within one individual. You’ll also know when it’s time to allow a new mate, new partner, or a new experience to come into your life, and you’ll begin to see and recognize how these souls come and go and shift and change so your soul can grow in a way that is of great magnitude to your life.


Lisa:  We’re taught and trained that a soulmate is usually the romantic partner.  And our belief system is there’s only one soulmate.  We wonder, “Am I ever going to meet my soulmate? Will I meet them in my lifetime, and will it be that ideal relationship?"  I think we’re missing that our soulmates walk around us all day because we look at things from that "romantic partner" belief system.


It might be a good idea not to put yourself and the soulmate into that specific description that we read about: “I’ll be so lucky if I meet my soulmate.”  Start looking at the people around you.  Who are the people that make you feel the most comfortable?  Who do you feel at home with?  Who are the ones that upset your apple cart?  Who are the ones that really knock you on your tail-end the most?  Maybe those are the ones that are truly part of you, and they’re assisting you in your growth, which is really an honor and a privilege.  Why do we have to put it in a category of a romantic relationship? Who came up with that idea?  Maybe it’s time to be a little bit more open.


Q:   What if we changed the wording to "soul partner" instead of "romantic relationship"? Specifically, what word do we use when speaking of a romantic partner?


Lisa:  The Akashic Records are laughing and saying, “Why can’t it just be a partner?” You can call them a soulmate or whatever you want to. It’s up to you!  


Akashic Records:  The soulmate can fall into many different categories, but you’re looking for the specific partner that fits the description you’re asking for. We’re saying to you that you can call them a soul because it is that familiarity. It’s that family feeling. It’s the comfort that somebody gives you. It’s all of the descriptions you would want in a romantic partner. The term soulmate still fits but recognize the soulmate doesn’t have to fall under that specific category.  


Lisa:  It can fall under a category of a friend that gives you comfort. It could be your closest friend of 20 or 30 years, who always comforts you and makes your heart feel warm. You know you can rely and depend on them, and they always precisely know the right things to say. Why can’t that be a soulmate? The point is you can put a title on anything that you want it to be. You can put that title on any description you want. So a soulmate can be a best friend or a romantic partner. The soulmate can be the guy or that girl that ran into your car down the street. Stereotypically, we read about the soulmate being a romantic partner. But the universe is saying to us it’s not just that.


Q:  Is it meant for all soulmates to be partners?


Akashic Records: No, not necessarily. Again, recognize that the soulmates are the ones that can come and go and help or hinder your life in a way that is needed. Begin to see that when the family unit is there to support you or destroy you, it is always for your growth. The ultimate understanding of the soulmate is the comfort of knowing who is who and what is what. When you begin recognizing a connection of the deep, heartfelt knowing, you will once again begin seeing who the soulmate is and who is not.


Q:  Do you have part of your soul family with you in every life?


Lisa:  Yes.  They're spread out everywhere.


Akashic Records:  You have a soul family unit residing with you in this lifetime to support you, just as the same familiar family exists as your parents, brother, sisters, cousins, and other family members.

Q:  Would a mother type of soul energy within your soul family have a stronger energetic draw towards you?  


Akashic Records:  No. It would simply be what’s needed at that time. There are feminine and masculine energies needed within every human being. If you need more of a mother figure within your life to give you guidance and support, then that would become apparent. But if childlike energy were required to make you more playful or energetic, that energy would come to you.


Lisa:  You may have somebody around you that serves as that older, wiser support system that would fall under that mother role. But if you needed to play and have fun, somebody might come into your life who may be a bit more energetic and wants to be crazy and have fun. I’m seeing someone swinging on a swing. It just depends on what’s needed for you at that time.  


Q:  What if you desire a romantic soulmate partner?


Akashic Records: Recognize that as the soul's journey is meant for you, it is also meant for the other.


We want you to understand that the souls that connect at the time of connection are meant and purposeful. Recognize whether the mind rules the heart or the heart rules the mind.  Recognize what the difference is.  When you see a longing within the mind's structure, creating the wants and the desires, the universe may not coordinate with that desire, as it may not be time for you to fit into that mode.  When you understand that the universe plays a role in the synchronistic aspects of everyone's life, you'll begin to know that the partner needed in the relationship that you wish for is ready, and you are ready as well; the synchronicity of life will bring one another together.  This may be a soulmate, and it may not.  It may be an experience or a life you must live in order to grow.  So understand that all romantic relationships may not be of the soulmate nature but will always be for the evolvement of one another.


Lisa:  The thing about romantic relationships is we are conditioned to believe that the only perfect relationship we can have is with our soulmate, but that’s not true!  Why can’t it just be some little soul that says, “Hey, I want to be with that soul.” The souls jump into the relationship and have a connection they’ve never had! It can be a relationship that’s just meant to be.


 Final Words from the Akashic Records…

When you recognize that the mind has trouble comprehending all that is on a “soulular” level, know that it can be complicated to truly understand all that is. The universe works mysteriously to the human mind, as it doesn’t understand all the components put together for the soul survival and the needed growth.


Understand that the soul has a specific mission to grow and graduate into what it must become, and the human mind cannot conceive of those stages or that development.  But we, the Akashic Records, understand it is needed. As humans can learn to forgive what has been given to them in the form of thoughts they hold onto, to create the stories and misbeliefs of the truth, you'll soon begin to recognize how the soul's appearance will become more paramount in human life.


At this time, our mission is to help each of you understand there is much more than the mind can conceive of. The mind is a simplistic tool or vessel created for humans to perform everyday functions.  We want you to understand that the mind has created traps and misbeliefs of what truly is.  When humans can genuinely let go of what the past was, live in the present, and begin to recognize how important and valuable this specific time is, every breath taken and every connection made between one another becomes the greatest gift.


When you see you are all on a journey and taking the road meant for you, you'll understand how others do the same.  We give an assignment to every one of you to assist you and help you walk down the path meant for you.  The assignment may be intended for you to let go of the mind's thoughts and truly stand within the space of us and the universal knowledge and wisdom within each of you.


Lisa:  In our journey together, the Akashic Records are urging us more and more to get out of our heads and let go of belief systems that have been taught and embedded within us. Letting those things go allows us to connect with that heart and soul space to understand we are all one. There’s no division between me living in a house on Earth and what’s beyond the stars I can see.  I’m connected to everything out there as much as it’s connected to me.  We can develop this relationship with our soul.  We can understand the stories we’ve told ourselves.  We can know that I am one, and one is me, and each person out there may have a part of my soul in them.  We may all be connected to the soul family.