The Truth About Soulmates - Part 1


Q:  What is the soulmate?


Akashic Records:  The soulmate is a partner. It’s considered a connection that is soul on soul. When you understand what a partner is in a human relationship, it is the same existence from soul to soul.


When you recognize that a soulmate is an individual that has the same components and personality, and the same wants and desires as a human mate would want, then you’ll recognize that soulmates are the same thing.  Lisa says… I’m seeing two little lights. They’re balls of light holding hands, hand in hand, like you hold a friend’s hand.


The separation of soulmates happens long before you are born. You’ll realize how this partnership begins when you recognize that a soulmate is a part of an individual that’s been separated at the birth of the soul’s existence.


Lisa: I’m seeing a soul that comes together and then splits. So two souls become very similar. You’ll recognize that the soul has the same consistency. They’re showing me twins. It’s like being from the same soul but being separate. Each goes their separate way. So even though they have the same genetics, they may have different experiences. They would be different in the sense of their life experiences because they part ways and don’t live like mirrors. It’s not going to be identical.


Akashic Records:  When we talk about soulmates, just as a human would compare genetics from the same gene, soulmates are from the same consistency. We want you to understand that as the souls split at the beginning of time, they long to come back together. If they were in the same womb together, they would know how wonderful it feels and how comfortable it is when one resides against another.


When you understand how souls fit together because of the similarity in property, you’ll understand why soulmates fit together as a whole. Recognize differences between soulmates, and you’ll also understand how communication and connectedness are different or stronger. There’s a stronger bond between soulmates than among those that are not. 


Lisa:  I see a brother and sister who get along well. It’s that good relationship between family.  It’s the type of relationship you have with a sibling that has grown up with you from the beginning of time, knows all your ins and outs, and you have a relationship that you don’t have with others because other people don’t truly know you. But a sibling typically does.


We know there are different types of relationships with siblings, but this is the sibling that is a good relationship. A soulmate is that same comfortableness. It’s like having that family member or that sibling that knows everything about you, including the good, bad, and the ugly, and they are always there for you because it’s a heart connection. It’s a connection that really can’t be broken.


Akashic Records:  Soulmates are brought together because of their commonality. 


Lisa:  I'm seeing a vibration that helps soulmates gravitate toward each other. But know that you might have more than one soulmate. There may be different aspects of your soul that fit in different lifetimes. The soul can split throughout other lifetimes. At the beginning of time, when the soul is first created, it begins to split and creates two souls. As time progresses, each soul can split multiple times. In that consistency, you have particles of souls within more than one soul. The Akashic Records are saying you can have a hundred thousand soulmates because it can continue to split.


You’ll have that basic foundation of the soul. You have to go back to genetics. The original soul that split in half will be the strongest bond, and as you move through the centuries, it becomes less and less because it splits more and more times.


Akashic Records:  Again, we want you to understand that the soulmate is the consistency of one another within oneself.


Q: Is it like fractals, and each fractal is on a timeline?


Lisa:  No, this is more about multiplication. I’m seeing a big ball of dough that you cut in half and have two parts. You then make another ball and cut it in half. Now you have four parts. Take each one of those four parts and cut them again. Each time you cut the ball of dough, it’s multiplied. Soulmates are like the dough balls in this example. You have one original soul that split at the beginning of time, and they gradually fracture more and more.


Q: Whenever a new soul splits from the original soul, is the part that split off considered a new soul? 


Lisa:  The Akashic Records are saying, no, it’s not a new soul, but that it’s a part of a soul. They’re using the term “Adam and Eve” because it’s easy for humans to understand. So in the biblical version of Adam and Eve, they were the first two humans on earth. Those two are the beginning of the human race. And then they multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied. So the actual beginning of that group of split souls’ time was with Adam and Eve, not all the other souls that multiplied from Adam and Eve. So it’s not the beginning of the soul’s life cycle when it splits off. The important point is that when it starts splitting off, each soul still has the knowledge and growth of the original soul, so it’s not newly created. The memories and events of Adam and Eve are still within the parts or souls that keep separating.


Q: Was there only one original soul that split and created all humankind?


Lisa:  No, not all of us. The Akashic Records are saying because all of you started from different souls.


For example, let’s say that there were ten souls created at the same time. Those ten souls split off. This conversation about soulmates doesn’t mean there was only one original soul that split and created all mankind. There are multiple and different souls that split.


The Akashic Records are saying, “It’s just like a family.” Lisa continues… When we go back in our family’s genealogy and look at the beginning of our lineage, like who our great, great, great, great, great grandparents were, you see how the tree gets wider and wider. We call that our family tree. The beginning of my soul family may differ from the beginning of someone else’s soul family.


Q: When you talk about the souls continuing to split off, does it split when the human body dies?


Akashic Records:  Recognize that this is far beyond what we can explain to you. For the question, “Does the soul-split transition occur once the soul leaves the human body," our answer is no, that’s not what happens.


You need to understand that another earth world exists above you, in the consciousness of what the universe is. As souls come together, communicate with each other, and agree that it’s time to split so they can share their wisdom and knowledge with others, then they understand how to proceed in that fashion. What you perceive as a human is only in relation to how humans reproduce or split, and this isn’t so in the universal world.  


They’re laughing and saying, “The question is a good one, but we want you to understand that the life and death of the human, or the coming and going, has nothing to do with the split. 


Q: How many souls existed before the beginning of time?


Akashic Records: The beginning of time was the existence of the soul that lies within this universe. What you are asking is far beyond what we can conceive of as we exist within the universal consciousness of this earthly plane, meaning this universe. We haven't stepped outside to gain a full headcount of all that exists within the universal consciousness, as in all galaxies.


We want you to know that at the beginning of time in this universe, three souls were created. The three souls were the consideration of what created the rest of the universe. As these souls grew and gained knowledge and wisdom, we called them the ancient masters. Those masters created the existence of everything that is upon and within the universal consciousness at this time.


The soul began from one being and then split and multiplied, and multiplied, and multiplied. There had to be a beginning of time, and that time you're referring to is within the timeframe of the masters creating all.


Lisa:  What I’m understanding and hearing them say is when this galaxy or this universe was created, there were three masters, and the masters said, “We’re going to create more life, or these balls of light, which were actually made from dust. It’s an energy form that was put together, and then those multiplied and multiplied and multiplied. More and more dust particles would come into the universe, and they would spin, and spin, and spin. It created a magnetic force that created this consciousness within each ball of light or ball of energy. This is what started the soul and the soul’s existence.


Akashic Records: What you call souls and what we call souls are the same consistency of human life on earth, but it’s the life that lives beyond what the eyes can see.


Q: What is the purpose of a soulmate? 


Akashic Records:  The purpose of a soulmate is to multiply consciousness that can exist within all living things. When you understand that the soul’s growth pattern comes from the multiplying of each and every soul, you’ll begin to recognize how many souls can become in existence with the same knowledge and patterns that co-create a family or a unit of knowledge and wisdom.


Lisa:  A soulmate is like creating a soul family. From the beginning of the first soul that splits off, it creates the soul family. And the soul family is basically the same understanding of what soulmates are. It’s the same thing as what we call “soulmates” because it has particles of each and every soul within this family.


Akashic Records:  We created these families to populate all that exists upon the Earth’s presence and far beyond. It’s to create the consciousness of the universe that can live within all species, whether it’s plant, animal, rock, stone, stars, or the vision of what you can see above you. 


We wanted to create an understanding that the soul’s existence lies within all that is. And as we did this, we recognized that the population must grow in a way with a “connectedness” to all. So what we did and what was created was the multiplying of the soul’s existence. Therefore, we conjured the plot of the soul’s split. As the soul split, the population and knowledge of the universe created within all increased.


Lisa:  I’m seeing the masters sitting up there in the universe saying, “A blade of grass needs to understand the connectedness of the universe. It needs to be a part of this. The flower needs to be a part of this. The human needs to understand what this is, so they must be a part of this. The rock needs to understand what all this is. It’s the tie of everything living, whether plants, animals, or rocks.


Anything that has a vibration in it is living. And anything that is living has to be connected to the universal consciousness. What the Akashic Records keep saying is we are all one. We’re all connected. For everything to be connected, everything that has a vibration has a soul. As souls multiply, they are thrown out into the universe to begin their journey and become embedded in whatever is living.


My brother’s soul is a blade of grass. My sister’s soul is a rock. My cousin’s soul is a dog. My other brother’s soul is a cat. My aunt’s soul is a human being. So the soul-split was created so everything with a vibration would have that connectedness to the universe. Everything that has a soul has a connectedness to one another and all that is. They’re laughing and saying this puts a different meaning in understanding that we are all one. We are all one because we came from our soul family.


Once again, understanding the term “we’re all connected” goes much deeper than just saying the words. It truly is gaining the understanding that our souls are connected expansively to so much in the universe which our minds can’t comprehend.


Akashic Records:  We want you to know the purpose of a soulmate is to create a bond and an understanding of how all is connected.


Q:  Why are soulmates important to humans?


Akashic Records:  For the connectedness of one another.  It’s so important for the soul’s family to understand the connectedness, as it helps the soul reside in each and every individual with the comfort of knowing they are not alone.  They have families surrounding them, and they are recognized. If you look at the soul in the same family unit concept, you’ll see that souls recognize each other as a familiar asset that helps them, and confidence is gained within each of them so they can move forward in a comfort zone.


When you know you’re not alone and have a support system around you or familiarity with one another, you recognize that fear is released.  There’s less anxiety and more comfort.  The soul works in the same way.  Souls like having each other around.  They like having the relationship.  It helps them understand they can talk and communicate with one another and shift and grow in the way they’re supposed to.  They’re not totally left alone, as if a child had no parents or support.


You recognize this because this is human nature. It is also the nature of all around you. As human nature creates family ties, bonds, or relationships, you’ll see that animals work in the same way. All are created to have relationships. When you begin understanding how relationships lie within each and every one of you, and you can connect on the soul level, you will have a better understanding of how family surrounds you constantly.


Whether you recognize it or not, you are all one. When you comprehend that you may have a tie or a bond to an irreplaceable animal, you’ll know how that animal can serve as family. When you truly look deeper within yourself, the soul’s connection to that animal makes this life more comfortable. It helps the animal as it helps you.


Your mind coordinates with the soul’s journey if you choose to let it. Many times an individual can walk into your life, and you feel truly comfortable within their presence without even knowing who they are. You’ll recognize that the souls are speaking to one another, and this is what you call a soulmate. We call it a “soul familiar.” Once again, it’s the family that is familiar. Recognize that the comfort the individual gives you is on the soul level because it is family.


Lisa:  When somebody walks in the room, and you feel something special or good about that person, and they make you feel comfortable, it’s not necessarily the mind tying in with that individual. If you think about it, isn’t it usually a feeling? It’s just something that feels right. Where do you think that feeling comes from? It’s coming from your soul and not your head.