The Soul Uses The Body


Q:  Why is the body important in connecting to our true selves?


Akashic Records: The body is of the utmost importance to the soul.  It is the creation of the housing that bonds and carries the soul in a solid state. The body is implemented in a way that carries the knowledge and wisdom of the universe through the soul's presence. We want you to understand how important the body is to the soul and to our consciousness that lies within you. When you recognize that the abuse and malfeasance of the physical body can affect the presence of the human being upon this earthly plane, you'll begin to see how important it is to understand the nutritional value and the physical presence of the human body.  This isn't something that humans normally think of, so we're bringing it to your attention.


When you recognize that the vibration within the physical body resonates with the physical structure of who "we" are, you'll begin to understand how this all meshes. When you take a bite of something that is not nutritious, begin to recognize how that vibration lowers the connection frequency of who we all are.


Lisa:  To recap… when our physical bodies aren't resonating on that higher vibration, we don't sync with the universal vibration. We are vibrating at a lower level, which brings us down.  What the Records are saying is that it disconnects the human body from the soul.


Akashic Records:  We want you to understand the resonances between vibrations. Really high vibrations and low vibrations don't mesh together.  


Lisa:  So if we're not taking care of our bodies physically, then we're not resonating at that higher vibration, and our bodies aren't syncing up with the vibration of the soul's congruency to all that is. 


Akashic Records:  We want you to recognize that if the physical body vibrates at a lower consistency, it will not sync up with the soul's knowledge and wisdom.


Lisa:  Things like smoking, eating too many candy bars and potato chips, drinking too much alcohol, or taking too many drugs are things that can take you out of that high vibration and disconnect you from that vibration in the universe. The more in sync your physical body is with the vibration of your soul, the more intuitive you become because you have an entire system vibrating in that same resonance.


Akashic Records:  These words are in sync and in congruency with what we want you to know so you can physically be present in this place and at the vibration needed for you to carry on and carryforward in your mission in this particular lifetime, which is vibrating at the highest level that's humanly possible.


Understanding processed foods and the lack of education, knowledge, and wisdom of what is of the highest frequency for you to ingest and supplement would benefit you to learn. The purer and higher vibrational foods and nutrients will connect you to the universe in the way we want you to understand. This is what this specific discussion is about.


When you recognize that if the body fails, that particular area or disconnect of the human body will disconnect from the soul and the heart's wisdom. We want you to be aware and recognize when the failings occur within the physical body so that you can understand the dynamics of the true congruency within all beings.


Lisa:  The Akashic Records are showing me a light body. Our body must follow us when we talk about becoming enlightened or a spiritually connected being. So all the shedding and everything that vibrates within us vibrates in a resonance consistent with everything.


Suppose we're constantly filling our bodies with toxins, like sugar. In that case, it lowers that frequency, and our bodies become more susceptible to diseases,muscular failures, broken bones, deteriorating teeth, loss of vision, and all things that cause our bodies to break down. Those breakdowns will be of a lower vibration because they're weak spots.


Akashic Records:  When you begin to recognize how important it is to reverse the malfeasance to the physical body, you'll start to recognize how important it is to be and stay as healthy as possible. Exercise is not mandatory. But what is mandatory is the supplementation of what you eat to keep the existence of healthy cellular activity so the body can stay strong and resonate at the level that we wish for it to do.


Lisa:  They're showing me that we don't have to lift a lot of weights or jog five miles a day. If you want to, that's great, but that won't raise your vibration. What's more important in raising your frequency is the nutritional value. We're supposed to eat healthy. It's literally the vibration you put into your system that creates those healthy cells. It's more about understanding the cellular activity in the body rather than the physical activity.


Akashic Records:  When you begin to understand the resonance between the soul's knowledge, wisdom, and vibration, connecting to the cellular activity and connection within the physical body, you'll begin to recognize when they mesh as one you will walk on air.


Lisa: They're showing me people levitating, and the Akashic Records are saying the body will become light as air.  

Akashic Records:  Recognize that resonance is of the utmost importance in raising the physical vibration of who you are as a human so that you will take better care of yourself.


Q:  What purpose does the body serve spiritually?


Akashic Records:  It is the temple. When you recognize the temple is the holy place that holds all valuable objects,you'll begin to understand how important the human body is to the knowledge and wisdom of the soul. The body serves as the temple to the soul's knowledge and wisdom. If the body begins to collapse or malfunction, you'll start to recognize that the soul within the body begins to collapse.


Lisa:  I'm seeing a body that's starting to collapse, and the soul has to shift and move around to stay within the body before it starts to distort.


Akashic Records:  The distortion of the soul creates the disconnect of the human body. If the human body doesn't stay whole and complete, there can be a disconnection of the soul.


Lisa:  I'm seeing a soul leaving the body. When the physical body starts dying, you recognize that different things in the body start shutting down, like the liver, kidneys, or pancreas. It's like a water balloon in a box.When you start changing the shape of the box, the water balloon has to begin shifting and changing as well. But it will explode if you start squeezing too much on one end of that water balloon. When the soul reaches the point of the body shutting down, it has to shift and change to stay in the body parts it can resonate with, and when it can no longer do that, that's when the soul leaves the body.


If we're not taking care of our physical bodies the way the soul needs it to be, to fit whole and complete within the body, then it starts getting uncomfortable and has to begin shifting and changing.  The shifting and changing is when the soul can start becoming distorted.  When it becomes distorted, all of the connections and messages can't be received as easily as if it were a nice round shape, and it begins disconnecting.  And when it begins disconnecting, the soul will leave the body.


Akashic Records:  The more a body starts shutting down, the less vibrant the human becomes. You'll begin seeing a darkness or a shifting in the eyes that becomes bleak, and this is the leaving of the soul. When you recognize that the true indication of the soul's spirit lies in the eyes, you'll see the brightness of the eyes is what the dictator of the soul's vibrancy is. As you look into a human being, you can see their discomfort through their eyes. When you see eyes that look uncomfortable,you'll see that the soul feels challenged, and there's some disconnect,disbelief, or disease within the soul's presence in that particular human being. 


We want you to recognize that the direct connection and the healthiness of the soul is affected by the healthiness of the physical body. When you truly can understand the correlation of the two, you'll begin to recognize how these coincide together.


Lisa:  The Records keep showing me when a person's body starts shutting down, and the soul begins disconnecting and leaving. If we don't take care of our bodies on the cellular level and it starts shutting down, we start disconnecting from that soul. That's why we're not as intuitive and begin feeling separate.  


When the Akashic Records were talking earlier about eating healthy and the body vibrating at a higher level, that's when everything is harmonious, and the soul is at its most vibrant state and is truly alive. And that's when you can see a human being with that vibrancy within their eyes. That's when you know they're congruent with all aspects of their body and who they truly are.


I can tell when I'm not feeling well because my eyes aren't as blue. I have very light blue eyes when I'm genuinely connected, and everything is right with the world. But when I'm starting to feel drained or not feeling as physically or emotionally healthy as I could, I see my eyes dim. So the Akashic Records are saying, pay attention to your eyes. Pay attention to the color, brightness, and light of your eyes.


Akashic Records:  The vibrancy lies within, and it shines brightly. The weakest component of the physical body is the eyes, meaning that there's a very thin layer that blocks the true essence of what radiates from your spirit, and that's why the eyes are so significant.


Q: What knowledge does the body carry?


Akashic Records:  All. All knowledge within the universal nature exists within the human body, and the human body is not always coherent in what knowledge and wisdom it obtains, and this is due to the blockages of the mind.When you begin to recognize that the physical body is the carrier of all knowledge and wisdom that lies within the soul, does that change your perspective of who you are? Can you see yourself in a different light than what you once did? What many humans believe is that they are flesh and bone only.They don't realize that the soul or the spirit that lies within them is actually alive. It is a living, breathing organism that separates one from another. It is the identity of one individual compared to the identity of another individual. When humans can truly see that the soul is of a substantial balance that lies within itself, meaning in each human being, you'll begin to recognize how alive you can be.


When you truly understand that the spiritual guidance that lies in each and everyone of you is what has created you to be who you are, can you shift and change your perspective from just the physical body and the simple mind? This is what we want you to ponder. Ponder this thought for just a moment and recognize that the mind is what controls the belief of who and what you are. Is it the simple notion that you are only of the physical nature, or can you truly expect yourself to be of that spiritual nature, too?


Lisa: They're laughing and saying, "We want you to be truthful!" 


So let's think about this. We tend to think of ourselves as humans, as just "meat and potatoes"! You know, the muscles, bones, arteries, and this big thing we call a mind in our heads! When we're living and dealing with everyday problems, we stay in our minds. We envision our body as just a physical thing carrying us from one place to another.


For example, I'm walking from my office to the front of the building I work in, or I'm walking from the house to the car, or strolling through a grocery store.When we stay in our heads, we only see ourselves as these physical creatures. But what if we started recognizing the correlation between the spiritual entity within us and the physical presence of who we are?


Akashic Records:  If you begin to understand how intermingled these two are, can you truly accept yourself as only a physical human being, or does it change your mentality to the spirituality we have created you to be?


Lisa:  Does that change anybody's perspective? Has anybody truly thought about it?


I'll use myself as an example. My intuitiveness comes from something separate from my physical body.  So, when I hear the Akashic Records' words, it comes down through my head, and I hear myself interpreting the words.  If I didn't have many years of channeling experience, I might stop right at my head with it.  But through experience, I can take the channeled words and feel them throughout my entire body. I can feel my body becoming that light body.  And the more we can stay in that presence and hold on to that vibration and energy, the more we'll start to levitate because we're connecting with the truest essence of our body.


Going back to talking about the heavy, dense energy, we can now see it's the disconnect from the higher vibration.  Where in our body is that heavy density?  It's felt throughout our body because we've disconnected from that correlation between our physical and spiritual lightbodies.  Our minds have told us that we are separate from our soul and that the soul is just this little thing being held in our body.  It's not the entire body that spreads throughout.


So what if we shift our way of thinking and no longer look at the soul as this little round box that's just in our heart space?  What if we let our soul expand up to the sky, all the way down to the ground, out each arm, and through the front and backsides of our body?


What will happen if we start allowing our minds to be set free of viewing ourselves as just the container and not as the whole?  I invite you to think about that.


Lisa:  I think the whole thing is about understanding how to integrate our soul with the physical body and recognizing that our soul and physical container are one.


Q:  What happens to us spiritually when the body isn’t taken care of physically?


Akashic Records: You disconnect from the truest knowledge and wisdom of who you are.


When you understand that the physical body is directly connected to knowledge and wisdom,which we call spirituality, you begin to see how this can become separate because it no longer integrates together as one.


Lisa:  Again, I will go back to the example of dying discussed earlier. If the physical body is vibrating at a lower vibration, the soul begins pulling away or receding. The Akashic Records are showing me a gap between the vibration surrounding the soul as it starts to pull away. The Records say the energetic vibration spiritually is illuminated or given from the soul. That's the spiritual body. When the physical body isn't resonating at that level, the spiritual body begins to shrink or lessen due to the contraction of the soul. So, in that sense of spirituality, we become less insync because of the density of our bodies.


Q:  What happens to us spiritually when the body isn’t nourished properly?


Akashic Records:  We want you to understand that the vibrancy of the human body is directly correlated with what you ingest.


We continue to talk about this particular subject because there is so much malnutrition in human bodies spread across the earth. If you begin looking at the malnourished bodies, it leads directly to the malnourished soul. If the body is physically malnourished, the soul will be depleted, and the soul can't connect with the mind.  


When you begin to recognize that malnutrition is directly related to the physical violence and harm of others, you'll understand that the actions of other malnourished individuals are more prominent in the physical nature of abusive behavior, ill-nature, and unhappiness. When you know this is a direct correlation to the vibration of the human body, you'll understand how nutrition is so important.


Lisa:  Driving through a city, you can feel lower and higher vibrations. If you go to an area with a lower vibration, you'll likely see people are more unhappy.   


Akashic Records:  Go to a flower garden and watch individuals walking around and breathing in the nutrients from the air, such as flowers giving off high vibrations through scent. It's a form of nutrients that brings bliss to individuals. 


Lisa:  Now they're showing me gunpowder. Bullets have gunpowder. If you sniff the gunpowder, you'll dislike the scent,and your whole body sinks. But if you go to a flower garden and smell roses, does it not naturally make you smile?


Akashic Records:  Recognize the correlation between what we're assisting you with, and there's a direct frequency that goes from the environment you breathe into the existence of the physical body and the health and well-being of who that individual is.


Lisa:  If you have lots of flowers and plants, and every time you see them, it makes you smile, your vibration is going to be a little bit happier than if you walked outside and saw dead plants or dried-up bushes that withered away, which would bring your vibration down again.


Akashic Records:  What we're saying to you is there's a direct correlation in everything you do. Begin to understand how physically meaningful it is to surround yourself with love and the establishment of all that is. You'll recognize how this correlation can help you grow and succeed in your physical well-being, just like your mental well-being.


Q:  What self-care is the most important factor in staying physically, mentally, and spiritually connected?


Akashic Records:  Pamper yourself. When we talk about pampering, we’re talking literally about stress relief. You can take a slow walk and wander around in the bliss and beauty of what is. Recognize that self-care is literally decompressing and walking away from what once was.


Lisa:  It can be something as simple as a stressful or unpleasant workday. Step away from that day by taking a hot bath with lavender. Certain aromas stimulate that relaxation response but also help us feel happy and joyful. Citrus aromas like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, or bergamot give you more energy. If I smell an orange or bergamot, it makes me smile and lifts my spirits. It helps me vibrate at a higher rate.


We know roses are the highest vibrational flower. If I surround myself with roses or put rose hand lotion on, I can get that aroma that helps me raise my vibration.


Akashic Records:  We want you to recognize that working out is not always the best. Begin to recognize the abuse you put on your mind at the thought of competing, and that thought of competing will begin to lower your vibration in a way that is more detrimental than it is positive.


Lisa:  I'm a believer in exercise. I think we all need to exercise and keep our muscles strong. But exercise doesn't necessarily raise the vibration. When I'm working out and my trainer says do 20 more reps, that's what the Akashic Records are referring to as "the thought of competing".


Maybe you have a certain amount of reps you have to do, and it's physically exhausting, becomes a chore, and doesn't bring you pleasure in the brain. It releases endorphins, but that's not the same thing as that pure stress relief we're asking for and it doesn't naturally raise your vibration.


Akashic Records: We want you to understand when there's any form of self-abuse, meaning anything that can cause injuries, overstress, or anxiety in your head, it is not beneficial. But if you begin recognizing that you can gain pleasure from a very simple activity, this will raise the vibration. Anything of an unpleasant nature is not a technique that will raise your vibration as it does more harm to your vibration than good.


Lisa:  If walking outside on a spring day or looking at a beautiful sky makes you happy, it raises your vibration. 


If you plan on working out, lifting a bunch of weights, and overexerting yourself,you should have a follow-up plan that reverses the overexertion so you can raise your vibration again.


Akashic Records:  We want you to be in the most peaceful mode and of a happy nature. Whenever humans find peace and gratification in who and what they are, they will find their vibration at its highest. When you begin to self-determine what you need and don't need, pay attention to what you eat and surround yourself with.


Is it the beauty in nature, or is it the cold, hard walls of concrete? What brings the most pleasure to you? This is what we want you to understand. The most beneficial event that can happen in your life at this time is joy, laughter,and the place of peace. We want you to know this raises the vibration so you can exist congruently with who and what we are, which is of the utmost importance.


Lisa:  What I'm hearing now brings tears to my eyes. The Akashic Records especially want all of you to stay healthy. And the reason why all of you have to stay healthy is because you have a message.


Akashic Records: What we want you to know and give you as your message is life. We want you all to understand that your life is precious. It's meaningful, and it is of purpose. The message that you will begin sharing with others is that of love, kindness, and compassion, and that's why you're here. You won't recognize the truth of who you are if you're not vibrating at the resonance where we exist. You will fail to hear our messages and receive the guidance we are giving you. So allow yourself the freedom to be complete and whole as one mind, body, and spirit. Recognize the meaning and theconnection of those three words as the dual triangle that creates all as one.


Recognize how whole you are. You are not to be taken for granted and not to allow yourself to feel that you are meaningless or less purposeful than another. When you understand the soul's relationship to your physical body, recognize what that is. You are all one.


Lisa:  When we talk about "we're all one," we are talking about all of us being one with the universe and one with one another. But do you recognize your physical body and your soul as one? It's important to digest the understanding that the cells within us are interacting with the energy that comes from the soul.  


We are all one. The Record Masters are showing me little tentacles that embed and embrace your physical body as one. We're not just the container, and that little soul is separate. It's all connected. But we need to begin understanding and believing that. And when you start to recognize who you truly are, all will change.


Q:  What is the most important thing we can do for our bodies to keep our soul on its journey?


Akashic Records: Love it.


Lisa:  How many of us really love our bodies? How many of us can find flaws? How many of us say, "Oh, my ankle hurts. I hate you ankle! Stop hurting and causing me pain." How many of us wish we were thinner, prettier, or our hair was different?


How many of us really, truly love our bodies? And not only love the physical part of our bodies that we see in the mirror but also understand how sacred this body is. Can we truly recognize that this physical body is the instrument that was supposed to be here on earth? This is a sacred instrument. So, it's not just the soul and the physical body. 


I used to see the physical body as a suitcase. When you open the suitcase, it's hollow. When you put the soul inside, it's just the container or carrier of that soul. You then close the suitcase, and that little soul is rolling around in that big space. But what if we changed it to nurturing and caring for the soul by placing a big soft pillow in the suitcase so it sits comfortably, then light can start intermingling through the padding and the pillowing, and it all becomes one big whole. So not only is it just a suitcase, it's a container of light that is light. We fail to see that this is what the physical body is.