Stepping Out of Your Mind to Hear Your Soul


Q:  Is there a process to step out of our minds or “get out of our head” so we can hear our souls speak to us?


Akashic Records: Allow yourself to be free from the mind’s thoughts. When you recognize how the words chitter-chatter at you, you’ll begin to know the words you can let go of. When you find words are no longer beneficial in a way that serves you, realize it’s time to no longer hear them and own or honor them. And as you set them free, you’ll know that the fewer thoughts you have, the more connected you can become. When you allow yourself to be set free, you’ll begin to understand that the mind quiets down and allows the messages from the soul or the universe to speak to you openly and clearly.  When you recognize the different techniques for doing this, you’ll find it easy and become more successful in quieting your mind.


Lisa: They’re saying that meditation is a process you can do. Meditation falls under a lot of categories. People typically think meditation is sitting quietly, saying “Om,” and clearing your mind. But it can also simply be getting quiet and listening to the wind blow. You quiet the mind’s thoughts. So however and whatever helps you get to that place, recognize that you can get to the point of meditation simply by quieting the mind. That’s called meditation. You can do it when you’re walking. You can clear your mind just by counting or watching your footsteps, and that’s also a form of meditation.


I'm seeing someone floating in water and silencing their mind by simply letting their body completely relax. That way, their mind's not thinking about sitting up straight, acting a certain way, or feeling a certain way. It's like setting themselves free. 


Akashic Records:  Many different techniques can be created within one individual. As they find what fits them, they recognize that the practice allows them to hold onto the truth of who they are and be set free of the untruths.


So begin to recognize that the mind creates the truths, "not truths," or "untruths." We are the words that you can simply hear and gain guidance in by moving forward in what we say to you. When you find that our words give you comfort, help you, and give you relaxation to move forward down your path, you'll recognize the truth and synchronicity of the universe and how it creates all. When you truly understand how to quiet your mind, learn to listen, and not doubt what's being said, you'll begin to understand how beneficial this practice can be. There are many steps that an individual must go through in learning how to quiet their mind as the simplicity of the human continually connects to the mind. The mind can tell stories, and humans cannot deviate from what the mind says.  


Become more conscious of what it feels like when you have a mind process. If you're truly in tune with your body, you can recognize a difference between the mind's chitter-chatter and when there is nothing. When you allow yourself to be in a state of nothingness, you'll hear our words more clearly and recognize a different sensation and a different feeling when you receive our messages.


We want all of you to understand that true communication is occurring in each and every one of you.  This is one way you can learn the process of listening to the words we speak.

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