How Is The New Energy Changing Our Body


How is the new energy changing our body?

Akashic Records:  Your bodies are changing in significant ways you don’t currently understand, as there’ve been ups and downs. As many have had aches, pains, exhaustion, and a lack of confidence, you’ll begin recognizing that what’s changing is on a cellular level. Individuals allowing the new energy to come in are raising their vibration in a way you can’t currently understand. It’s creating the connectivity to the heavens, and all that surrounds them. When they begin to recognize these changes are significant, they’ll start to realize that the physical body and structure are also changing and shifting. Some of you may have recognized your bones and joints ache, and there might be muscular discomfort, aches, pains, stiffness, and soreness.


Recognize these are growing pains, the same as what happened when you were a child.  Lisa says… The Records are reminding me of when we were children and we would get leg aches or body pains. We used to call them growing pains. They’re saying it’s the same thing.


Akashic Records:  When the cellular structure shifts and changes, it creates a higher vibration within the human body. As this occurs, the cellular structure isn’t only changing, but the physical structure is also changing. When you all begin recognizing that your body is shifting and changing, you’ll start understanding that you’ll have less illness, fewer physical traits of illness, and you’ll begin living longer in life. These shifts and changes will help the mind last longer as well.


Understand that your mind, body, heart, and everything else in you are changing. As that cellular change starts to occur, health is inflicted upon the body in a way you can’t understand. When you live longer and recognize you’re healthier for longer periods of time, you’ll realize that you’re a significant being.


You were chosen to have this shift and change and stay upon the planet for longer periods of time. If you recognize some are becoming frail and exiting sooner than expected, you’ll recognize those are not the ones chosen to stay. Allow those to transition with peace and hold no fault to yourself.


Lisa says… So what I’m seeing and understanding is that a lot of times when somebody passes, obviously we grieve for them, but we also understand it was meant to be, that their soul chose not to stay, or that it was a conscious decision within them not to accept the energy shift or the change that’s occurring. They may age more rapidly than those who accept the energy and shift, change, and grow with it.


Akashic Records:  What we want you to understand is as this shift and change occurs, you are becoming stronger, more invincible, and will live much longer and healthier lives than you have in the past.


Lisa says… What I understand is that as we are experiencing this new, higher vibration energy that’s coming in, it’s affecting the cellular structure and making the cells more vibrant. As the cells become more alive and more vibrant, it takes us back to a time when we were younger. The physical body is getting stronger and more disease resistant because of this higher frequency, allowing us to live longer and, they’re saying, “a more productive life.” So allow that energy to come in, and let’s all get healthy!