How Is The Heart Connected To The Soul


Q:  How is the heart connected to the soul?


Akashic Records: The soul is connected to the heart as a telepathic method of communication.  When you understand no words are used, only symbols and a representation of vibrations connecting one another, you’ll know how the soul communicates to the heart.  There is a true connection residing between one and the other.  When you comprehend that, you will know how to listen to your heart more congruently with the signals it sends you.  The soul’s mission is to create the understanding within the heart’s relevance to guide the human in the direction it’s meant to be in. This is what we want you to know.


Q:  Why are they connected?

Akashic Records: They are connected so they can control one another.  We're saying the "control" controls the human body in the way the mind thinks and how it should move.   When the soul gives telepathic communication to the heart, it begins understanding who it's meant to be.  And when the heart understands who and what it's meant to be, it better understands how to control the human mind and body to go in the pathway or the motion meant to move it forward.  

Lisa:  What they're saying is the soul communicates with the heart telepathically.  It's a way of communicating where there are no words. It's a knowing that goes between the two and forms the connection as one.  We're talking about the heart understanding what the soul is saying and directing the heart into controlling human behavior.  That's how the heart starts communicating with the human brain and tries to guide it in the direction it should flow.  The problem is that sometimes the brain doesn't listen. But your job as a human is to become more acutely aware of what the heart is saying.  You know you're on the right track when you get signals from the heart, such as love, an uneasy feeling, or an extremely comfortable feeling. The heart tries to communicate the soul's messages to the human.  Your job is to allow the brain to receive those messages so they can communicate together.


Q:  Can the heart and soul work independently, or does one have to have the other to carry out its function?


Akashic Records:  No, they can't work independently.  They must work together in tandem.  


Lisa:  I'm seeing a skydiver. If you want to skydive but aren't trained, you go in tandem with somebody who knows how to skydive.  


Let's say it's me. The professional skydiver is on top, and I'm connected to the professional. The professional is the one controlling the entire situation. The Records are laughing and saying, "He's the one pulling the parachute strings!" As the passenger, I'm just holding on. The professional is the soul, and the heart is the passenger.


This is how they work in unison together, and there's no way around it. It's meant to be this way. All humans were created to connect with the soul, which is how it's done. They're laughing and saying, "It's the same way the heart was designed to pump the blood for the body to function in a specific way. This is part of that, and it's the intrinsic nature of all.


Q:  If the heart becomes physically impaired in any way, does that alter the communication between the soul and the heart?


Akashic Records:  Sometimes it does. When communication starts to falter, it’s due to an arhythmic malfunction lying within the heart. It’s the energetic pattern that flows through the heart. If a blockage occurs in that energetic pattern, it can’t function as it was meant to, and there may be disharmony between the soul and the heart. At this point, the soul resides in another area of the body and communicates differently than it originally did. It’s not that the soul has to leave or that it’s not serving its purpose anymore. It just may speak to the heart differently, but it always communicates to the heart.  


 Lisa:  My thought is we need to understand how important the heart is to us as human beings. When we truly understand how important it is to communicate with our own hearts, it explains why we need to break the barriers we have around our heart. It’s so important to develop that feeling, knowing, and mind communication with the heart so you know what path you’re supposed to take and when the soul is speaking to you.