How Is Love Changing


Q:  How is love being affected or transformed?

Akashic Records:  Love is being created to a magnitude of unknowing.  As we, the Akashic Record Masters’ move forward into the future, we are providing love at a substantial rate or level that humans have never known before. We are creating an amount of love that has never been known. As you humans move forward into the days to come, you'll begin to recognize there is a heart or a feeling residing within you that has never been known before.

The level or magnitude of knowing what love is, is being created in a way that all humans can understand there’s much more than what they know currently.  As we allow these changes to occur, you as humans will allow yourselves to receive the information and the vibration.

Lisa:  What the Akashic Records are saying to me is it's the vibrational mechanics of what is occurring, and that we humans are allowing it to happen.  Every human being has a soul, and the soul has an agreement with the universe in accepting what’s transpiring and what’s being given to every single individual. So it's not the common mind that is either accepting, creating, or receiving this knowledge or vibration. It has to do with the soul residing within us.  It’s a direct connection between the soul and the creator.  And actually, the Records are saying it's plural. It’s “creators” and not “creator”. There’s not just one creator, but many creators accepting this agreement.

I'm seeing a construction site, and a building is being built.  Before the building actually starts, you have to have a plan. I see a group of individuals developing the plan, and a group of architects laying the plan out.  Then I see the construction developers implementing the plan, and workers who are actually doing the work to build the plan. Once the building is completed, it’s the human body.

Akashic Records:  This is what our explanation is of the helpers that are helping humans to achieve the goal that we have put forth.  And the goal we have put forth is that the unconditional love lying within each one of you will become known.  You will be able to develop the understanding and the agreement that there will be unconditional love residing within you and resides for others.

The level and the understanding of love, compassion, caring, giving, and heartfelt truths is all coming to the surface.  It has only been introduced in the days that have passed, but in the days forward, this will be monumental.

Lisa:  I’m seeing the building again and seeing final touches being done, like the windows being put in or the landscaping being completed around the building.

Akashic Records:  These are the final phases of evolution that will create a love that the human body, mind, and even spirit within you has never known before.  The soul recognizes this as this is where you were created. The creation of each individual soul was put into the position to know what the truth is and where the truth lies.  The love that soul has known in the past, is now being called forward into the present.

Lisa:  Now I'm seeing an auditorium with somebody on stage saying, “Are you all willing?”  Audience members, who are all the souls raising their hands and saying, “Yes, yes, we're ready! We're here!”  

Akashic Records:  Everyone’s souls have made the agreement to move forward, so this is what we're doing. The souls are moving forward in the light of creation like they have never done before. They're going home, but they're going home in a way that truly exists within your own body.

Lisa: Normally, when we're talking about a soul, the soul's home is the universe.  It's the creation and the conglomerate of all that is. That's home to each and every one of us, but it's also home to our soul.  Our human minds and bodies don't comprehend, grasp, or understand what that is.  What has been called forth is the soul spreading its knowledge into the body and creating that understanding of where they come from within the human mind, heart, and body.  Barriers are being broken down.  The barriers that conflict with the purest form of love are no more.  They're dissolving and going away.

Akashic Records.  What this creates is the mind’s ability to comprehend what is changing, what the universe is truly for, and what that understanding is.

Lisa:  I’m getting the understanding that not all souls are on this same journey.

Akashic Records:  Most of you will be transforming into the knowledge of the universe. However, there are some stubborn souls that have not been able to break the barriers, meaning some souls are not ready or willing to step back into their truth. They're wanting to live in an illusion, and because of this, they're not dissolving the barriers in the humans that they exist within.  This is creating the blockage in the mind so some individuals will not gain this understanding. We're painting a rosy picture for you that all individuals will transform into the purity of love in the utopia we have created for you. However, there will be those individuals that will reside as they are and maybe even regress more to their past, which is knowing less than what they've known before.

Lisa:  Some of this has to do with the soul residing within the individual, and some has to do with what's been created within the human mind. It goes back to the belief system they have.

Akashic Records:  When we talk about this transition and the love that's being created, shifted, and changed, it won't happen in all human beings, but will happen in the majority of human beings.  At this time, we want you to recognize that you are the human beings that will be transitioning.

Lisa:  The Akashic Records are saying if you're reading this information, you will be changing.

Akashic Records:  For those of you questioning those that won’t shift, don't allow yourself to do so. Recognize that you need to move forward in your own truth and don't allow others to hold you back. Lisa:  In other words, don't spend much time being concerned about children, parents, loved ones, or friends and where they are in their evolution.

Akashic Records:  At this point and at this time, you need to be dependent on your own self.

Lisa:  We need to be worried about us, our own growth, and where we are shifting and changing to and not worrying about our neighbors.

Akashic Records:  It’s more relevant and more important for you to be concerned about who you are so you can gain that peace and understanding that lies before you.