How Energy Affects All Things


Akashic Records: We want you to know that energy is a very important factor in who you are. You are vibrational beings. All that's in existence has a vibration. When you begin to recognize the vibrational theory that lies behind all things, whether animate or inanimate objects, you'll start to see that all have the existence of the vibrational method. Understand that your vibration is a frequency to another that can flow evenly.  If it is of an unmatched value, you'll begin to recognize how it becomes chaotic. 


Lisa:  The Akashic Records are showing me people in a room vibrating at the same frequency, and things are feeling and running smoothly because everyone's vibrating at that same level. If everything vibrates at that same rate, it's cohesive. But if something's vibrating fast and it runs into something vibrating slowly, it has to figure out how to work together, or it collides, causing chaos.


Akashic Records: What we want you to understand is the vision and the purpose that we have for all individuals that create a vibrational frequency,which is to understand the effects on another, and another's effects on you.


Please read our words clearly and carefully so you can understand the importance of gaining the true value of your frequency. When you can see that the universe has a specific vibrational rate that constantly and consistently embeds or penetrates the human body, you can recognize how this can become inclusive of who you are. We want you to understand how important it is for you to be in an environment or surroundings that are conducive to the outcome you wish to have.


If you allow yourself to be free from the notion that you are only an individual who is a solid mass or a physical muscular being, then you'll begin to understand that that is a falsity. We want you to know that the body is electronic, and everything that flows and moves through the body is at a vibrational rate; this is the currency you exist within. How do you affect others with the currency or frequency you emit? Have you thought that this particular notion can affect others in the same way it affects you? If you vibrate at a lower, denser frequency, you will emit that lower, denser frequency to others. However, if you live within that higher frequency that we exist in, then that's the frequency you would emit to others and how others affect you in the same way. If you continue to believe that your mind is the only controlling power within the human body, then you will fail at this notion.


If you understand that the mind can be set free and you can allow the body to function and flow as needed, then you'll begin to recognize how the body can heal and manifest the instances, things, wants, and desires that are necessary for you. Once again, realize that the mind is the blockage.


Q:  How does energy affect human beings?


Akashic Records:  Listen carefully and hear our words. How do you want to be affected by others? And how do you want others to be affected by you? This is the true question. 


Lisa: If you were in a lower vibration of hate, anger, or other negative thoughts, how would it affect you? What we believe strongly affects our energy. The negative thoughts, hate, anger, and anxiousness are always of a lower vibration. If we constantly surround ourselves with people who have those actions, thoughts, or behaviors,then the energy that's coming from that is going to be coming towards us.


I'm seeing the Peanuts character Pigpen. In the cartoon, Pigpen has a dust trail around him, leaving a trail of dust particles around him. It's the same with our energy. We have energy flowing off of us that leaves little energetic patterns behind. When somebody walks into it, they can also be affected by that. 


Akashic Records:  Understanding who you are and how you're made is of the utmost importance to understand that energetic vibration lying within so that you can affect others positively rather than negatively. We're going to help you and assist you in understanding the vibrational gain and depletion that rules your life in a way that you can handle and manage more efficiently. 


Q:  What is the energy that transfers from one to another?


Akashic Records:  It's a vibrational frequency that lies within each and every one of you. Recognize that even a cell has a vibration and that every individual living upon the earth has a cellular vibration existing within the human body. You'll begin to recognize that a healthy and vibrant individual has a more lively energy to them.


Lisa:  We can feel that "picked-up or "upbeat" energy within that person, even on their cellular health level.


Akashic Records:  But if you recognize that a person of an unhealthy nature has more depleted energy, you'll also begin to understand how this affects you. You'll see that an individual has a lower, more depressive energy than others that may be of a higher vibration.


Lisa:  Many years ago, I used to do therapy on horses. I used an electro Acuscope, which emits an electrical current into the cells. Whenever there's a damaged cell,the cell loses its negative and positive polarity. A chronic injury typically has a more negative than a positive cell, which becomes stagnant and doesn't move. 

Suppose you have an area that was chronically injured years ago, never healed, and continues to ache. In that case, it's not getting the cellular activity needed to heal and has a lower vibration. This is also what causes illness.


In our physical nature, if we damage cells within our body or they're not functioning like they're supposed to, then our body's going to have a harder time healing, be more depleted, and cause disease and chronic illnesses because the cells aren't moving around in our body in the energetic, vibrational, magnetic way they should. 


Akashic Records:  We also want you to understand that the physical body is a component that will grab or pull energy to you.


Lisa:  The Akashic Records are saying humans are like magnets.


Akashic Records: If you begin to understand that you are all susceptible to another's form of energy, you'll also start to recognize how you pull that energy into your body and how damaging it can be if you're not careful.


Lisa:  They're showing me a rose that's alive. So let's say you pick up a rose, and it's vibrant, living, and fresh, and you can feel it. Just holding it in your hand makes you feel content because it has that vibration of life. By the way, roses have the highest vibration of any plant. Think about the vibration within a living plant. You have a living flower in one hand and pick up a dead rose in the other. Think about how different that feels. So, if you understand that the living healthy being (the rose) will be more likely to send that vibration of that higher caliber than something that is dying, then you'll recognize how important it is to clean out all the dead plants.


I'm hearing the Akashic Records say that this is why your environment is so important. If you have things that aren't alive and vibrant in your space, the energy around you will be more submissive, meaning the energy could hold you down a little bit.


Akashic Records:  Once again, we want you to fully understand why creating a healthy environment is so important. If you absorb the positive energy you surround yourself with, you will be healthier and happier. How important is this to you?


Lisa:  When you're in a space with bright colors and items you resonate with, it makes you feel better. If you walk into a dark room that has negative pictures on the wall or something creating anxiousness, it will start slowing your vibration down. Recognize how important it is to surround yourself with things of a higher vibration that you can feel the difference in. This also creates a happier, healthier atmosphere. Positive energy creates the ability for the body to heal on its own because those cells are absorbing that vibration that's being emitted around us. Remember that we are like magnets, pulling energy in, so we need to ensure that everything surrounding us makes us feel good and not depressive.


Akashic Records:  We want you to know this is just the beginning and is a small topic of all that is. Just know that each and every one of you is a magnet. You are all magnets on a different level of understanding. We want you to know how to discern what is good for you and what is not. 


Q:  How does energy from another person affect us?


Akashic Records:  The energy from the people surrounding you is of the utmost importance. 


When you speak, an energetic vibration comes out with every word used and is affected and absorbed by the human being spoken to. When we talk about how important words are, if you are talking to an individual who is of a loving, kind nature, you'll recognize that their vibration rises in a way you can't explain.


Lisa:  We think it's psychological, but it's not just psychological because they hear the words. It's the vibration of the words that they're absorbing. Because they hear those words, those vibrations go through the ears and penetrate the body. When you listen to words that are mean, hateful,degrading, and demeaning, how does it make you feel? To me, it makes me feel small and contract. If somebody's yelling at me, insulting me, saying I'm dumb,then what do I do? I start contracting. 


Akashic Records: What we're saying to you is that it's not only the mind that is of the utmost importance or value in what they're saying. It is also the vibration that's being created. Because those words are of a lower vibration, they penetrate the cellular activity in the human body and cause the body to retract.


Lisa:  Our bodies are vibrations, and everything in us is pulsing within us. If I'm speaking to someone in a loving, kind, caring manner, it raises the vibration of the cells in their body, helping make them healthier because their body is vibrating in a more vivacious way. It's going to pick up the energy in the cells.


If I'm saying to another, you're stupid, dumb, and worthless, then it's automatically making the cells vibrate at a lower rate. If the cells are vibrating at a lower rate, then it can cause depression, anxiety,and other physical ailments, in addition to how it's affecting the mind. So, it not only affects your thoughts and beliefs, it's also literally affecting your physical body. 


Q: What is environmental energy?


Akashic Records:  Environmental energy is anything seen, heard, or felt outside of the body.


Lisa:  I'm seeing a TV blaring. Maybe it's a show about love or relationships gone wrong and the lies that were told, or a show about murder mysteries. You can feel it in your body when viewing more unpleasant shows. For lack of a better term, you can feel your body getting thicker or heavier. If you're watching something light and airy that makes you laugh and brings you joy, then your body sits up straighter. You can feel your body come back to life. 


Akashic Records:  Begin to recognize that it's also the situation with the air you breathe. Is the air you breathe toxic and of a lower vibrational mode? It is the same as it is with a healthy body. If the air around you is of a light nature, you will breathe in that light vibration that helps your body stay light. If you're in an area that is depressive or has heavier energy, then you'll see that you're breathing in that energy the same way as you would breathe in life, and it can cause that depressive state.


Lisa:  I've had many experiences that have taken me to different places. As I drove through, some areas were more depressive. And then, five miles down the road, I'd drive into an area with lighter energy. It's palpable. You can feel it. You can drive into areas where there may be a lot of conflict,and you can feel the difference in the energy. Anywhere you go, you're surrounded by external influences. This is another reason you need to be very aware and focused on where you're going.


I also wanted to discuss this topic with those sensitive to energy, like empaths. My entire life, I've been an empath. When you're in a relationship with somebody, whether it's a friendship, a partner,or whoever it may be, you are absorbing their energy. That energy is exchanged back and forth. For me, I would end up taking on the other person's energy and become them. I would lose myself and not even know who I was because I had turned into this other person. I would take on all their energy in friendships and relationships; typically, that's when we're the most vulnerable because we're very open.


If you love and care about this person, your heart will be wide open. But when we do that, even if it's a friend, we take in all their "stuff" too. So, if you're spending a lot of time with somebody who has depression or anxiety, you could take on that energy for yourself. I found after doing that, I started having anxiety, feeling depressed, and took on their actions.


It's so important to find you. You need to know who you are when nobody else is around so that you can tell when energy is coming in and you're picking up somebody else's "stuff". Taking on other's energy is a false identity for you and is not the truth of who you are. 


Akashic Records:  When you begin to recognize that the false identity is no longer you, you need to release yourself from that energy so you can be truly 100% who you are meant to be. You'll begin to understand that the energy you absorb from others causes a mask or a false belief of who you are, and you'll no longer see the truth. It is of the utmost importance for you to know the truth of who you are so you can allow yourself to walk away from or step back from that energy that is no longer yours.


Lisa:  Recognize how important relationships are and that they aren't just about the physical person but also about the exchange of energy. How often have we stayed in relationships because our mind tells us this person gives us security, or there's fear in leaving when everything within you says I can't be with this person because of the energy. Recognize when the mind is ruling you versus when the energy inside of you is saying this isn't healthy. It's not only mentally unhealthy but also physically unhealthy. Sometimes, we say, "It's going to kill us!" We say it passively, but it's the truth. Literally, it can kill us or debilitate us.  


The message I'm saying is that we need to be careful energetically about who and what we interact with and be aware of the energy we're giving off. This is also why we need to be our highest purest self. We talk about doing spiritual work and being the light. When we walk into a room, we allow our vibration within us to radiate outside of us.


How many times have the Akashic Records told us energy is contagious? It is contagious! Recognize what's going on within you and that if you're depressed, feeling self-doubt, or feeling “less than”, that energy is also spreading from you to others.


Q:  What is energy from another person?


Akashic Records:  The energy from another person is the vibrational rate in which the frequency is emitted, transferred, and embedded within the other, meaning it's what's transferring back and forth. It's simply of that magnetic nature. It is the same as recognizing an energetic pattern existing within all things. Energy is energy.


Q: What are the different types of energy that a person can emit? 


Akashic Records:  There's one energy.


Lisa:  My intention when I wrote that question was about energy on different levels. We're talking about frequencies and the way energy vibrates. When we emit energy, it's always energy coming from us, but is it of a higher or lower frequency? And that's what's important to know. 


Q: How is environmental energy or personal energy absorbed? 


Lisa:  The Records are laughing and saying, "The magnet!" It's the same thing we've been saying about being energetic magnets. Energy is being pulled towards us, and we absorb it regardless of what type of energy it is.    


Q: How does energy from something other than ourselves feel?


Lisa:  They're showing me an orange. A healthy orange is going to be a higher vibration. When you feel it, you can feel that higher vibration. It's going to be like the rose we talked about. It's going to feel good and healthy. I suggest you do this if you haven't already. The more you can clear your mind, pick something up, hold it, and feel the vibration in it, the more you'll be able to distinguish between things that feel good and things that feel bad.    


I'm seeing a grocery store. We walk around blindly, picking items up and throwing them in the cart. We're in our heads, thinking about the shopping list. But when you go to the produce department, and pick up, let's say, organic Bibb Lettuce, and you hold that lettuce compared to iceberg lettuce that has been contaminated with chemicals, you'll begin to recognize the difference in the vibrations. If you can hold it, feel it, and tell the difference in what you're surrounding yourself with, you'll become more in tune with your environment and how to work around it.


Q:  How can we differentiate between our own energy and the energy of another?


Lisa:  This is really important. I'm going to use me as an example. I am this person who walks around blindly, trusting everything's going to be okay. And no matter who I'm with or what's happening, I'm there. I don't realize what I've put myself into until it's too late. It's important to be able to start clearing this stuff out. When you recognize that you're having emotions, thoughts, or feelings that aren't normal for you, you need to pay attention.


An interesting thing happened to me at my office recently. The front of my personal office has a door and a glass wall I can see out of into the larger office. I was in my little office space with the door shut as I worked. Towards the end of the day, I was getting ready to leave, and all of a sudden, I had a strong wave of grief come through me that made me want to cry. I thought, "What is this?" And as I began to tear up, I realized this wasn't me. Whatever this is, it's not me. And as soon as I said, "This isn't me," I felt it dissipate and vanish. Nobody was in the office, so I don't know where it came from or what it was.


The important point is that all of a sudden, I felt this weird emotion that I knew wasn't mine and needed to get rid of it. If I had held on to it, then I would have walked out of the office with that feeling of grief and sorrow that didn't even belong to me. So, recognizing emotions like rage, having certain feelings, saying something you wouldn't normally say,or acting in unusual ways can indicate that something's not right and is likely not coming from you. You could even have physical pains or changes in your body that are not normal for you.


So when I'm talking about being in tune with your body, I really do mean it's important for you to be in tune with your body! Your body will tell you so much if you can learn to listen to it. If you can feel what your usual energy feels like as it shifts and changes through your body, it will help prevent a lot of future chaos.


Q: What are the symptoms of energy absorption? 


Akashic Records:  When energy is absorbed, you'll begin to recognize that the frequency that lies within the body will either be lifted or be depleted, and you'll see how the vibration is affecting you in different ways. We want you to understand that the energy absorption that the human body has the ability to do can be dangerous, or it can be of a healthy nature. It will depend on what you surround yourself with and how you choose to move forward in your life. We ask you to recognize that the more you stand in the truth and the purity of who you are, the more powerful you can become in giving love and spreading the notion that love is the answer, which is the truth.


If you recognize that you are no longer of need or of service to others, then you'll find yourself feeling "less than" and that you have the ability to absorb the negative vibrations that surround you. We want you to understand that every individual present today has the ability to work through the emotions, thoughts, and dreams of who they wish to be and who they can become.


Have any of you ever thought or had the notion that you could be a specific human being who could repel all negative energy and only stand in the purest light of the heavens? This is the question that we have for you. If you believe this is who you are as a human being, you'll see how you can repel the negative energy we have mentioned. If you understand that your thoughts create notions of what can be attracted to you, then you'll begin to recognize how you can dissipate or attract this energy.


Lisa:  Our thoughts are so important in how we look at ourselves. If we see ourselves as whole, complete, loved, nurtured, and who we really are, then we will be that higher vibration. Like attracts like, and you'll pull in that positive energy. If we're constantly thinking we're "less than" or we have fear, then we're living and existing in the lower vibration that's going to keep attracting that lower vibration to us.


As we stand more in that higher vibration and the truth of who we are, that lower, darker energy will start dissipating, directly reflecting the mind. You'll begin recognizing that the mind and the human body act in synchronicity with one another.


If you think you aren't good enough, your body will start lowering your vibration. People who feel negative or "less than" about themselves tend to be sick more often than people who are happy and loving life. It makes sense that our belief systems directly relate to how our bodies react to them. And it will also affect that energy and the things we attract. I will attract what resonates with me if I'm at a higher vibration. If I'm of that lower vibration, I will also attract that lower vibration. This is why it's essential to understand how to shift your energy to that higher level and frequency so we can all live longer.


Akashic Records:  Our desire for all humans is to stand in the truth of who you are and no longer in the energy that is the truth of another. We want you to be you and to recognize when you are not living your truthful life. This is of the utmost importance, especially at this time when all of you are going through shifts and recognizing what can possibly be.


Understand that the power you have is much greater and far beyond what the human mind can conceive of. If you have an energetic pattern existing within your physical body, once your mind comprehends that, you'll recognize that that energy can be set free by simply understanding how to let it go. That is the willingness and the honesty within your own being to say you no longer want that energy. At that point, we will assist you and help you gain an understanding of how to let that go.


Lisa:  So the Akashic Records are saying that if you don't know how to release the energy, ask. Ask, "How can I release this energy pattern? I know it's not mine, so I'm asking for help." The Akashic Records say you can also ask Archangel Michael for help, but recognize that all you have to do is simply ask for help, and it will come.