How Do We Retrieve The Information The Soul Knows - Part 2


Q: What type of information can the soul share?

Akashic Records: The soul can share the guidance needed to be given to the human being so they can walk their path in the truest essence of love and consciousness.

We want you to know that when we give guidance to the soul, the soul creates the opportunity for the human to receive what's being given. Understand that the consciousness that lies within the soul, which lies within Us, can be given or dictated to the human mind if it chooses to listen. The soul can create the utmost consciousness within the human being if it's received. When we talk about the human mind and the human body being connected to all that is, it is the acceptance of the information that we're asking for.

Q: Does the soul want us to know what it knows?

Akashic Records: Yes. Absolutely. We want you to understand and know that the soul and heart are connected as one and are the center point of the human. If you can truly learn to exist within that space and recognize that your heart space is where you need to live, there will be rejoicing.

Q: How can the soul share information with us?

Akashic Records: The soul is continually talking. It is like a chatter box that can't be heard. When you understand how the soul communicates with the mind through the heart space, you can recognize that the heart is the first indicator.  When you hear or recognize a shift in the heart space, and you can truly open your mind to listen to what the signal is that's being given from the heart to the mind, you'll understand how this information is provided. You'll also begin to recognize that the mind will begin to get information that it doesn't coherently understand.

Lisa:  It’s like receiving intuitive messages.  For example, you're listening to somebody talk about a problem, and then suddenly, answers come out of your mouth that you have no control over. You ask yourself, “Where in the world did that come from?”  It's typically the soul speaking to the heart and the heart speaking to the mind so it can repeat the words needed for the other to exist in that truest space. These messages or “knowing” just come to us. It's a way or an action that we do without question.  We don’t know why we do it, but we feel like we need to follow what’s being said or given to us.

Akashic Records:  Once again, as the soul’s message and the signal is relayed to the human mind, there are also the guides we have spoken of before that nudge and encourage the human to walk in the direction most needed at that time.

Lisa:  We receive so many different signals, but the first signal is the heart feeling. When you can become in tune with your heart space, then you can recognize when it's speaking to you and when it's not. It will begin to flow because you don't question it anymore. You just allow the things to unfold, and your mind's not trying to analyze what's being said. It just is. It just happens.

Q: Can we retrieve information the soul knows?

Akashic Records: You can receive all the information you're willing to accept. How adventurous are you and where do you want to go? When you begin to recognize that once again, the mind is the boundary of the infinite knowledge a human can obtain, you'll begin to understand there is a fear of too much knowledge and the human stops it from flowing.

Lisa:  We’re only willing to receive a limited amount of information. We humans get scared and that's where the blockage is. If you're willing to open up and are ready to receive and hear this, then the information will be provided.

Akashic Records:  We will guide you along your path as long as you're willing to follow. Whatever information needs to be provided for you to gain an understanding of who you are and how you need to proceed in this lifetime is always given. You just have to choose to listen. If you want to go beyond that boundary and become the Buddha that we speak of, then you have to allow yourself to be free of the notions of the human realm and begin to gain the understanding that you can move forward in a different light.

Lisa:  So are you willing? How far do you want to go? Are you really, truly willing to do it?  If you start hitting the brakes, then the information is going to start slowing down.

As we ramp up to shed this stuff, we receive more information and we find we're not fitting in with the crowd like we used to. That can push us to hit the brakes a little bit. If you're willing to accept what's being given and to be a little bit different, like a fish out of water, the opportunity will be provided for you if you choose to take it. Typically, what holds us back is the fear and the stories that our mind creates.

I’ve had moments where I wonder if I really want to be different than others. Is this something that's going to be comfortable for me? If I want to stay like everybody else and stay in the same stories and the same way of thinking because I want to be like them, then that's all I'm going to get.

But if I'm willing to go a little bit further because I find it important for me and my growth, then things will start to open, shift, and change and it be handed to you on a silver platter. You just have to be willing and able to receive it because it can be scary.

Q: What are the steps to retrieve the soul’s knowledge?

Akashic Records: Recognize who you can become and understand that the process is an easy one. However, it is somewhat challenging as well. We want you to understand there needs to be a set destination created within the mind and the knowledge of who you want to become. If you set limits to where you want to go, you will only get so far.

Lisa: Let’s say you plan a trip, starting in California.  You say, well I'm only going to go to Texas even though I could go all the way to Florida, but I'm only stopping in Texas. In this example, I can go from California to Texas or from California as far as Florida. But I set my sights on Texas, so I'm going to stop in Texas and that’s as far as I’m going.

Akashic Records:  Recognize that where you choose to limit yourself is up to you. If you open the door to all the possibilities, then you'll begin to see how things will begin to shift and change around you. When you allow yourself to be set free of what the past once was and to be open to all future possibilities, you'll begin understanding where you're going and how your path can be altered.

When you truly recognize that you are a spiritual being and that your life can be content and of a peaceful nature, you will know this is the destination that We all want you all to go. All of us are here, residing within you and above you so you can understand how to receive our words and move forward in the lightest of light.

The Buddha state, or the state you call enlightenment, is not far off the path. It is an attainable goal if you choose to do so.  What you'll have to recognize is that you, the environment, and the people around you will begin to change. You must recognize that the leaders of the pack are always the first to arrive and the last ones to leave.

If you understand who you are and what you can become, and there is no fear or ego-based driven destination, meaning something’s holding you back, then you'll begin to know all your answers can come true. The gifts you've been given, the creativity, the talents, the knowledge, and the wisdom that lies deep within you will come to the surface in a ready amount. You'll understand how much easier life will flow, and how what you call “income” will flow to you in a way you can't currently understand. When you set limits on who you are, you cannot achieve what you can become. Recognize once again the story from California to Texas, where you can actually achieve the destination from California to Florida. We want you to understand that you have the potential to be that whole picture, from California to Florida. This is who we want you to become. But when fear comes in and there’s a need to coexist with others in a specific way, at that point recognize that you will only make it to Texas.

Lisa:  My journey with this topic began a long time ago. I had an idea of who I wanted to become but didn't know what the possibility was.

I had heard about Buddha, the Buddha state, and the enlightened being, but didn’t really understand or comprehend what that meant. It's a story you read about a guy sitting under a tree, who's able to get out of his mind, and then he’s at peace.

So that’s the story, but is it actually a reality? Is this really something that is attainable or is it just a story?  What we have to recognize is that it is attainable and possible to still exist as exactly who we are. This is what our souls want us to know.  And our souls also want us to recognize that we can get to that place if we choose to do so. But if your mind is blocking something because you're afraid of changing, or of getting that far, you will never get that far.

Akashic Records: Let's pretend you're a child in grade school and your desire is only to get to the sixth grade. If you didn't have somebody pushing you, would you go further? No, the sixth grade would be where you would stop. So where are you going to put your sights? How are you going to get any further than where you are if you can't see there is a destination further than what you can conceive of? Or is it the point of wanting to stay exactly in that space or exactly who you are?

Lisa:  I've been finding that the death of a loved one created a huge opening for me. Because there were memories that I was holding onto which caused stories, beliefs and blockages, I was able to release them. I don't think I could have let go of or even recognized the blockages until my loved one passed away.  But because there’s been a shift,  I now feel my heart differently.  Whenever I get quiet, everything goes to my heart center now. I can feel my chest. And the more I let go of past incidents and memories, the more my heart opens and the stronger the energy is. I can feel the energy in my heart becoming stronger and stronger.  

I’ve developed the habit of focusing on the light within me and the connection to my soul. I visualize love and light coming from me.  I focus on my heart space, and I envision my soul there. I can see the light going up from my heart to the sky, and I can see the light going down to the earth. I see the light going to my front, my back, to my left, and to my right.  I see that divine white light within me, filling up inside me and then radiating from me.  I couldn't do this in the past because I had blockages around my heart. Those blockages were preventing that light. Because I’m more in tune with my body, I’ve discovered that when a belief system comes up, or I have outside energy affecting me, like someone else's energy or emotions that I'm taking on, the first thing it does is block my heart.  The second that something happens, the white light turns black, and I can't feel my heart. I recognize it more because I am in tune with my body and can feel these shifts and changes. To remove the blockages, I go to someone to assist me in getting rid of them.

The point is, the more you focus on your heart and the more you recognize that you can let things go, you'll become more aware. You can feel that energy in that space. And when something's off, you're going to recognize that something doesn't feel right and you need to deal with it. How you deal with it is up to you.

Akashic Records:  What we want you to understand is that this is a process. And as you go through your process, you'll begin to recognize that the most important factor is the mind's chaos it creates when it is unwilling to cooperate with the coordination of the heart and the soul's connection.

Lisa:  So, watch your mind. Watch how it plays games and how it creates the environment that is within you, because that environment is going to carry you forward.

Final thoughts from Lisa…

Lisa:  Spend some time by yourself. Set a goal for yourself. Determine who you want to become. You are here for a reason. You can shift and change the consciousness of the world. But it starts with you, me, and all of us. How far are you willing to go when you make that decision for yourself?

The universe is going to work with you. You are going to start hearing your soul speak to you. You're going to start feeling it and you're going to recognize that it's within you. Right now, you may have the concept, but how many of you have truly connected with your soul? Develop a relationship with your soul.

It is of the utmost importance that you recognize and are conscious that you have a light within you. Become more aware in your mind so you can process the knowing of the soul existing within yourself. Recognize that your light is here to guide you and that you are just a human vessel.

When you can start communicating and being connected with that heart and soul space, you'll begin to recognize that things are going to start opening up for you as well.

Recognize if you have a boundary.  What are you willing to do to move forward? This is what is going to set your destination. And you can do a little bit at a time. You can say, okay, today I'm only going to do this much. I'm going to practice today without judging anyone. And I'm going to let that belief system go. By doing a little bit at a time, you can accomplish what you desire to do. You will realize you’ve done this, so now I'm ready for the next thing. What do I want to accomplish now? Where do I want to go from here? And then you can proceed into what you can handle and how you can handle it.