How Do We Retrieve The Information The Soul Knows - Part 1


Q: What information does the soul know?

Lisa: They're laughing and saying everything! It’s everything it takes to exist upon the earth and far beyond.

Akashic Records: When you understand the soul's knowledge is interconnected with the guidance we provide, plus the consciousness of all that exists, you'll begin to recognize that the soul obtains much knowledge and wisdom. We want you to know the knowledge has much wisdom and mastery, but it lacks experience, and this is why the human body houses the soul. It is for the soul to gain the experience of human existence and how to manipulate and control behaviors to become the enlightened being you strive for as a human. We want you to understand that the goals and steps of the soul’s endeavors are to become enlightened, which is the point of its knowledge to control the human, to allow the shedding of what no longer needs to exist.

Lisa: The soul serves as a form of a teacher or guide.  The teacher has the knowledge and wisdom, but it requires students to teach the basics of writing.  If a student doesn’t understand or know how to do it, then the teacher has to guide their hand and show the student so they understand the flow.  Your soul is like a teacher.  The human body and mind is the student.  The soul has the knowledge and understands what it's trying to accomplish, but it requires the human to be the student so it can achieve what it's meant to do.

Akashic Records:  At this time, it's hard for the human mind to comprehend the aspect of themselves in obtaining this knowledge and wisdom from within.

If you go back through time in history, there was a beginning time when individuals knew they had a soul and guidance within them. Over the centuries and millennia, the mind began taking control to drown out the soul's voice.  When humans return to the point of knowing and understanding that the soul exists within their human body, they will gain the understanding of how to flow freely and gain all the riches.

Lisa:  Humans still have to have the mind. This is how we function. We have to eat, walk, talk, and communicate. We have to do all of these things that require the mind. But, because the mind has taken over, it’s put a shadow over the soul, so the soul isn’t getting its signals out through the body and into the mind because the mind is blocking the signals.

Akashic Records:  We want you to know the soul's wisdom is always within you. You have the wisdom. The challenge is to clear the mind in a way you can truly hear what the soul has to say. When you go back to the beginning of time when caveman existed, they relied more on their instincts and their intuition. When an animal came from the woods, the human listened and could hear more clearly, and could feel the animals vibration.

Lisa:  The more you can get out of your head and allow the senses to come in, the more we stand within the truth of who we are.  And at that point, you recognize the soul is the one speaking and not necessarily the mind.

Akashic Records:  As humans have grown, they have become more materialistic, which is a mind process.  The mind has taken over to squelch the soul’s knowledge and wisdom. If you go back to the story of Buddha, Buddha was not the first enlightened being to walk upon the earth as there were many before him. The term Buddha is specifically the form or the language created to describe the enlightened being.  The enlightened being is simply the human body that no longer exists within the mind's control.  It can stay truly within the soul's knowledge and wisdom as it was intended to.  The term Buddha is the existence of what humans began as, and what they were at the beginning of time.  It was the Buddha like state. It was a state and a time where a human could go within and truly be at peace, knowing that the connectedness to the stars and the universe was simply within. What transpired from the beginning of humans to now is the clouding of the human mind and their existence.

Lisa:  So when cavemen existed, they were completely in tune with the soul's knowledge, wisdom, and the connectedness to the universe and all that is.  As time went on, humans began trading and owning things. This caused the mind to become more involved and take over human behavior.  At that time, humans became like they are today and didn’t understand “going within”.  The mind had blocked the ability and the connection of going within.  

Prior to Siddhartha Gautama becoming Buddha, he began searching for something and decided to figure out how to find what was missing in his life.  His soul guided him back to that point of the truest existence. Because he found it and understood turning inward, he shared it with the masses who were just like us today. They didn’t understand that connection.  

Akashic Records:  But it wasn't a revelation, and it wasn't something that never happened before. It had been forgotten. At that point, it was reignited to become more familiar with what the soul knows. We want you to recognize the difference in the state of consciousness today as it was then.

Akashic Records: Lets return to the question of the information the soul knows. The soul knows everything. However, the human is not always privy to everything the soul knows. What you're asking at this particular time is how you get to the knowledge or to the root core of who you are through the soul? This is what we want to explain.

When you understand that your soul has the knowledge and wisdom you need to move forward in the light we are providing, you'll begin to understand how important it is for the mind to recognize there is a true connection between it and the soul.

Most human beings don't truly understand this concept. Once you begin to understand there’s a concept that allows the mind to be set free of blockages that have been created due to life experiences on the human realm, you’ll begin to understand how this all ties in together. We've explained many times that the heart, soul, and mind are intertwined. There is a connection to radiate or relay messages like a telegraph machine. When you send a signal with a telegraph machine, there's an end point or destination. When you understand that the mind is the ending or destination point for the signal the soul sends, then you'll recognize how harmful and hurtful it is to human nature when the mind takes over the action and does not allow the souls signal to go to the brain.

Through this process of retrieving the information from the soul's knowledge, you'll begin to recognize that the first thing that is a must is to allow the mind to be set free from the conscious thoughts that have been embedded upon them.

So when we talk about the soul's knowledge, we talk about the soul's knowledge and how a human should function and live their everyday life, and how to move forward in a way that is more peaceful than what the mind creates. We want you to understand that the soul has the knowledge and wisdom that can create peace within every human being.

When humans understand the connectedness they have with all that is far beyond what their eyes can see, they will understand the biggest detriment to the human mind is the power and control it can create.  We call this the ego. When the ego takes control and allows the mind to think it is much grander than what the universe provides, it only causes harm.

When you truly look within yourself, you'll begin to recognize there are boundaries and limits that you allow the soul to speak to. When you understand that the mind is in control of your thoughts and behavior patterns, you'll begin to know what you can let go of and how it can shift.

We want you to understand that this is mandatory at this time. If you have not recognized that there has been an awakening that is happening upon this earth, you might be finding yourself in more chaos than what you have been in before. Recognize that individuals’ human bodies are faltering and withering away, and that their soul's existence is leaving the earth's consciousness in order to move forward into the future.

We're wanting you to see that mass destruction has been happening for millennia, and we need you to understand that the humans who created the destruction are now beginning to end and recognize there will be no more. We are asking and demanding that each individual reading this help and assist us in this human growth.

When the human growth begins to connect with the soul's existence, the human will find there is a more peaceful place to reside upon this earth. Our plan and mission is for all humans to shift the level of vibration and existence they stand in, to be more connected and united with the consciousness existing far beyond them.

What we're saying to you at this time is to allow your mind's thoughts and grievances to be set aside and truly stand for one moment in the peaceful consciousness created within you. When you can trust yourself as a human to live in this space at this time, you'll begin to see it is much easier than fighting the resistance of not being in this place.

Lisa:  When you live in your head and in your stories, and you want to knock heads and argue with somebody to prove your point, it creates an unpleasant atmosphere.  When you feel the need to be heard, prove your point, or let another know their way is wrong and your way is the right way, it’s all coming from the mind. The Akashic Records are trying to shake us up in the sense that when we can let that belief system go, then we become “one and whole”. The universe is trying to create that “one and whole”, and more people than less people. As more of us begin to understand this concept, more will follow the wave. It's like a wave of water starting at the Pacific Ocean and coming across the United States. This big wave is coming across California, New Mexico, Idaho, and is moving across the United States and wiping everything off and submerging it in the water.

Akashic Records:  This is a good thing and it’s what we want.  We want the past to be erased and to stand in the present. This is what you need to understand, and this is where we are coming from.