How Do We Recognize When Fear Is Affecting Our Life


Q:  How do we recognize when fear is affecting our life?

AR:  You begin seeing an anxiousness or a hesitancy in your choices and decisions.  When you perceive fear occurring within you, you’ll have a bodily reaction, such as your heart or chest tightening up.  There’ll be physical and emotional changes occurring within you when you recognize there’s fear abound.  When you see these signs happening, what is the situation triggering these results? Is something physical going on around you, or something mental going on within you?


We want you to recognize there’s fear and anxiety of the things occurring to you in a mental state.  When the mental state fears a situation or an obstacle, it creates a bodily response. This is what we’re asking you to recognize.  


There are different types of fear.  When you’re talking about fear from a situation, such as someone saying something to you or being afraid of someone’s response, that’s one form of fear. The second form of fear is life-threatening fear, which isn’t involved in this conversation.  We are simply talking about events that one individual can create or an event transpiring between one and another.  


For example, fear of driving can be a scenario where something happened to you in the past, causing a memory that creates a fear of being hurt, impediments, or entrapment where someone’s blocking you in.  A lot is going on with these thoughts or emotions when we talk about this.  We are referring to an individual beginning to recognize situations occurring in their life that cause some form of hesitancy, trepidation, or fear of moving forward.  This is what we want you to recognize assigns of fear.  


Q: How do we accumulate so much fear?  

AR:  Accumulation of fear comes from past events. Recognize that one event builds on another and another, causing an accumulation of fear.  It may not be just one specific incident, but it can be many that build upon each other.


Lisa says, “I’m seeing a mushroom cloud, like a nuclear bomb blowing up.”  


The Akashic Records continue…  When we see this event causing so much fear in a person that they can hardly function, it’s time the individual examines where the fear is coming from.  As individuals live life’s circumstances, and they find certain things trigger fear, those are incidents or situations that need to be analyzed.  We want you to be able to go back to find what that original cause of fear was. Where did it start?  Where did it come from, and how did it happen?  As you begin to analyze the fear surrounding you, you’ll start chipping away at what’s not as relevant as the core situation. It’s like a block of ice.  There’s an ice pick chipping away at the surface fear.


You need to recognize that fear is deeply embedded within the being, meaning the body, and it is each individual’s sense of growth causing the understanding of how to chip away at that fear.  


Q:  How do we overcome fear to progress down our spiritual path?

AR:  Fear is the biggest cause of hindrance to spiritual growth.  If an individual lives in fear, they’ll never open up enough to be able to look down the path laid before them.

As you walk down your path, you’re so busy looking for obstacles or things that will jump out and get you, like the boogeyman, that you can’t see the way is clear, and you can walk easily and fluidly down the path if you choose to do so.  If you’re ducking and diving as you walk and are looking behind all the trees and anything else you can possibly look at to find something to take you off your path, then fear has won.  We don’t want this to happen.  

All individuals have some form of fear.  We want you to recognize the fear that hinders your growth.  When we look at the different forms of fear, what are your fears?  What are you doing or looking at to see your boogeyman, and how is it affecting your life? Is it preventing you from going down your path?  


Lisa says…  It can be something as simple as getting a new job.  Let’s say you’re in a job you’ve been in for 20 years, and you’ve progressed and done well.  You’ve put so much time in and developed relationships, and a new opportunity comes along that might be ideal for you and would truly be the happiness you’ve been looking for.  And it’s on your path for your growth.  If you’re afraid to leave the situation you’re in because you have friendships or relationships or you’ve invested so much time in this company, and if you look at making the change where the creation is taking you, for you to grow spiritually, you have just chosen fear over your path.  If you’re afraid to leave your situation or move in a different direction to help you grow, that fear just deterred you from your path. This is what we want you to recognize.

The Akashic Records continue…  When is a decision being made based in fear, when it comes from the ego, or when it comes from the head?  That’s the true answer.  When you’re looking at a situation and trying to analyze what to do, go directly to your heart.  Stand in your heart and let it give you the answer.  If your head says, “I’m afraid to make a change.  I’m afraid where this will lead.  I’m afraid of what the outcome will be”, then fear won.  This is what we’re asking you to do and what to recognize.


Q:  How will we know when we’ve overcome fear?

Lisa says…  They’re laughing and saying, “You don’t have it anymore!”


AR: When decisions come up, you recognize you can truly stand in your heart and feel this is the right decision to make or this is the wrong decision to make. This isn’t where I’m supposed to go, or this is where I’m supposed to go. And it doesn’t come into the mind. The mind is not jumping in and saying, “I don’t want to leave my friends. I don’t want to leave this investment. I’m afraid of where my future is going to take me. What if I make a mistake?” 


When you let go of all of those “what ifs,” you begin to recognize you’re truly standing in your heart, and fear is no longer guiding you. That’s when you know you’ve overcome fear.