How Do We Manifest What We Want


Q: How do we manifest what we want? 

AR:  You wish for it! Get the information clear in your mind. When you begin to recognize what you can see for the future, you can see how things begin falling into place. Vision is paramount. When you begin to see where you can go and what you can do, you begin to create the reality of your life. When you break the barriers or the obstacles of what prevented events from happening in the past, you'll begin recognizing the ease of how simply a wish can be.


Recognize that your heart can grow by leaps and bounds when you can see the end projection of what can possibly be, and this event will create the universal change in what is needed for you to accomplish the desires and wants you wish to have. 


Q: Do we always get what we want?

AR:  Not always. You begin to recognize the mindset is of extreme importance when you begin seeing what you can and cannot have. When you realize what you can have, it is important you begin to follow through with the process as we lay out the steps.


Lisa says... I’m seeing a brick road, and you are stepping on every brick to get to the end.


AR:  We have created these obstacles for you to overcome the doubt in your mind. When you recognize the obstacles in place are only illusions, you can begin seeing what is important and what is not. And when you start to recognize what is unimportant, you will see your path become clearer. As your path becomes clearer, the easier your journey becomes.


Lisa says…. So instead of stepping on every single brick in the walkway, I’m now seeing you walk in a straight line, more down the center of the path. They’re saying, “You don’t have to zig and zag anymore!” 


AR:  Once you begin to recognize you are capable of achieving anything you wish for, the magic happens. And when we talk about magic, it is the point that it is always there and has always been there, but you have not seen it clearly.  Your definition of magic and our definition of magic are two very different things. When you hear the word magic, you assume things magically appear. But this isn’t the truth. The truth is it has always been there, but you have not been able to see it clearly. 


We lift the blinders from the eyes so you can begin seeing more clearly the path you wish to take. And at this point, the path becomes much more known and understood, so the evolution of time, elements, and all instances needing to be put in place, can easily be put in place.


Lisa says… My understanding is a lot of times, what we begin thinking we want or want to manifest is actually an image of something we’ve already begun to process.  They’re laughing and saying, “We drop a simple drop of vision into the mind’s eye so it can see it more clearly. We do not just make this stuff up!”


Lisa says… They keep showing me a boat, like a yacht, and it’s not like we just came up with, “I want a yacht!” They’re saying, “We trick you into thinking it is your mind creating this image, but we are behind many, many of those visions.” Lisa continues… The universe puts these visions in our minds, and then it becomes a want, a drive, or something we want to work towards. The Akashic Records are laughing and saying, “We work in mysterious ways!”


AR:  Once you can see clearly what you want, how you want to live your life, or see the image of a relationship you want, whatever it maybe...when you begin to grasp onto that want and truly feel it and own it, that’s when it can easily be manifested because the universe already has it lined up for you. It was just waiting on you to call it in. At that point, you begin to recognize you’re calling these in. You’re starting to see these things fall in place. You say, “How interesting that this happened, and that happened, and what a coincidence, and how did that happen?” We call it “synchronistic”!


There’s more to it than just what’s in front of us. There are gifts being given. When you begin to recognize these events can fall in place easily for you, at that point, it becomes the mind’s game to make sure you follow those rules. Basically, you need to follow all these steps to get to where you’re going. If you think you don’t have to take any steps, or you don’t have to believe in what you want to manifest, or if you sit back casually and see all the signs that you need to do this or take that step, but you choose to ignore these and don’t follow through, then they won’t manifest.


Lisa says… They always use school as an example. I’m seeing going from the second or third grade when you’ve learned how to do multiplication tables, and then you have todo division. If you don’t participate, you will never learn it. You must take action. The teacher can show you every step you need to do, to do division. But if you sit back and choose not to partake in the instructions or the education, you’re never going to learn, and you won’t get to the next step. The Akashic Records are saying, “Fractions. You will never get to fractions.” Lisa continues… You have to follow through with what you need to do to get to the end result.


AR:  You cannot just dream a dream and allow it to fizzle out. You have to maintain it. You have to nurture it. You have to want it. You have to agree to it. You have to agree to the terms it takes to get to that point. This is what we want you to know. You may have some things appear more simply than others, but you will always have to participate in the process. It is up to you.


Q: Why don’t we get what we want? 

AR:  Because you do not want it. You do not want it in the right way that is needed in order for the transition to transpire.


Lisa says… What they’re meaning is, again, if you’re just passive about something and you don’t take the steps, or you don’t do what is intuitively guided for you, or you don’t follow through with whatever’s being placed in front of you, you don’t want it bad enough.  


AR:  You don’t want it in a way that you’re passionate about. And when you begin to recognize a passive wanting and something you are passionate about, you will begin to recognize they are two very different feelings and emotions. When you become passionate about your life and how you want to live it, you will start to recognize that all things manifest.