How Can We Make Our Lives More Meaningful


Q:  How can we make our lives more meaningful?

Akashic Records: Find your heart and clear your mind. As you understand the balance within you, you'll recognize that meaningful purposes become more and more present in your life. If your mind is cluttered with obstacles, you cannot see the truth of who you truly are. As you begin understanding that you can shed thoughts that are no longer true, you'll start decluttering your mind's capacity. When the mind's capacity is no longer cluttered with untruths, the heart's resilience begins coming forward, and when the heart moves forward, it guides the human into actions not always known in the mind.

Recognize these actions from your heart are guiding you to be a “do-gooder.”  You’ll then see how your thoughts and perceptions change, making your life more meaningful. When you know the meaning of the purpose of daily events that you are participating in, you will realize how meaningful your life is becoming.

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