Find Your Intuition


Finding Your Intuition

This is a 4 part series of classes focusing on building your intuition. Only classes 1 and 2 will be posted on The classes will be guided and structured from the Akashic Records Masters. This series will focus on who the Akashic Record Masters and how they guide you. The topic is finding your intuition in a way you did not expect. You will learn how to listen to your guides and the guidance you are given. You will be provided guidelines, rules, and techniques to build your confidence and knowing. This is for everyone to know. The Akashic Records Masters want all of us to know how to listen to the universal guidance.

The subject matter will consist of the Akashic Records guiding us to understand what intuition is and how to use it.  In order to listen and understand your intuition, where does your heart lie? Is it in the truth of your mind or the truth of the universe? You must find yourself before you can find the truth in others. How do your beliefs alter the truth?  How do your guides come into play in this matter?   Find out why it is so important to let go of the past and behaviors that block interpreting the truth. This class will be the explanation of how to get started in becoming intuitive.

Class 1 - The description of what intuition is and what is needed to master it

Class 2 - Understanding and developing the techniques to become more intuitive

Class 3 - Finding peace within yourself to give clarification in the messages you receive

Class 4 - Practice and fine tuning

Class 1 of 4

When we talk about intuition, we talk about knowing of all. We talk about understanding the truth that lies within us. When we give guidance, we ask that you listen carefully. When you understand there is some form of communication that is transpiring within you, you will recognize that our words are being told to you. We give you this guidance in order to assist you on your path or the journey that is meant for you to take. The guidance is meant to be a road map into your future. When we feel you are straying off your path, we give you guidance to steer you back on course. If we feel you are making a choice or a decision that is going to cause dismay, we will give you guidance. When we speak to you, we ask that you listen intently. We are assisting your human body and mind to recognize that there is consistently advice or guidance being given to you. We want you to understand this because so many times people feel they are alone. They feel like they have no support, guidance, assistance, or love. We are here to tell you this is not true. We are always in your lives to give support, guidance, assistance, and love.

You ask why we want you to hear our voices. We want you to learn to listen so that you can assist us in a way we need you to. Not only is it to help your life flow more fluidly, but also to help us to accomplish the growth of the soul.  We created this class for you all to learn how to listen to our voice, feel our touch, taste our words, and see our visions.  We will speak to you, and you can hear us in many different ways.  If you don’t hear us, you will never know the support, guidance, assistance, and love we give you.  This is of the utmost importance to us.

Let's start with the basics. What is intuition?

Intuition is the knowing of events that will take place, the touch or feel of a specific vibration, guidance that is heard, and the ability to understand that there is more to a picture then what lays on the surface.   Intuition can be recognized by a feel, a touch, a vibration, a word, or a voice.

What is guidance?

What we want you to know is guidance comes in many forms. When we talk about guidance, we are talking about the words that we speak to you.

Where does intuition come from?

It comes from the vibration that lies within the human body. There's a connection to the universe that lies within each human being. It's similar to an antenna. The vibration resonates with the incoming message and sends signals throughout the body for the human to respond to. When we send messages to the human soul, the soul reverberates, understanding the human's need to complete a task. This is what we call guidance. When you ask where intuition comes from, we are explaining that it is a system that is built into the body to receive our messages.

Why is it important to understand and listen to intuition?

Intuition is given to an individual to help them stay on their path and give them guidance through difficult situations. When one learns to listen to the intuitive messages they are receiving and act upon them, they will find their life flows more easily. This is important for us because the soul has a mission to guide the human knowledge into a direction that will create growth and understanding of love and compassion. It is the purpose of all life to understand the truth that lies within each one of you. This is the understanding of universal consciousness and what we created you all to be, individuals with the understanding that you are all connected to one another, and the simplicity of love creates the utmost bond. When humans begin to understand how they can all work together and work in unison, they begin to understand the flow of the universe. The importance of this for us is to create harmony for all. When humans begin to gain the understanding that they are guided to this reckoning they will begin to understand how important it is to listen to our messages so that they stay on course.

Who guides humans?

We do. Who is "we"? We are the guides of the Akashic Records. The guides of the Akashic Records serve as guides to the souls that exist within all humans. When we speak of our knowledge, we speak of all that is. We are the recordkeepers of the souls, and we are also the record keepers of future events. This is significant for all humans to know because as we guide you, we are creating the future. Our hearts are with the souls that reside within all things. We are speaking of humans, animals, and vegetation. The souls that we serve are part of all that exists within the universe. This is everything that is inexistence. Our guidance is for the souls that we have specifically referred to. We ask that you all understand what we are saying so you can understand that there are many forms of guidance and guides. We are the ones speaking at this time, and we are giving the instructions for you to know so that you can move forward into the future with grace and ease. Allow us to help you and we will bring the future into the present moment. We have the records of all past events, current events, and what we would like to see unfold in the future.

Is the future already planned or are the Akashic Record guides planning the future?

We are planning the future.  We are giving you the guidance in order for you to see what will unfold if you are not changing in a direction that will guide you to difficulties. Our mission is to help establish peace and harmony upon the earth. This is our goal at this time. Our guides work with universal guides to create this peace.  

Who are or what are the other guides that assist the humans?

There are many. There are heavenly spirits, heavenly guides, guides of loved ones, spiritual guides, and guides of truth and resistance. There are guides of darkness and behavior that is not becoming to us and what we represent. These are called the dark ones. They do not have the best interest in those they guide. They will lead them into darkness and misbehavior which will result in disharmony with the universal consciousness. We guide the human away from these dark ones so they can live in peace and harmony. This creates the congruency of the universe. The existence of a guide can be perceived in many different ways, shapes, or forms. What we want you to know is that the guidance that you receive from us is of the highest vibration. It creates a resonance with the love of the universe. If a human goes in the direction of the dark ones, they will see that their peace is no more and the harmonic feeling of oneness will be gone. This is for you all to know at this time. As you grow and you advance in your knowledge, you'll begin to learn more about who we are and how we help you.

Why is it important to live by intuition?

Intuition gives the humans the ability to let the thoughts of the mind go and stand in the truth of what all is. The mind creates obstacles for the heart to go through if it doesn't listen clearly. What we want you to understand is that the heart knows all. It gets the vibration that is being received in order to gain the understanding of what the human is required to do. The mind creates blockages and misbeliefs and guides the human in the direction it wants to go, not the truth of what all situations could be. What we want you to understand is that the heart knows the most simplistic path to human happiness. When the heart is guided, and the human listens, the life of the human flows congruently with all that is. When the mind begins to control human behavior, it will be led astray. What we are saying is the mind creates obstacles for the human to endure and usually causes pain or discomfort. The mind will not always lead to the most happiness. It can lead to despair as well. We are explaining this to you so you understand how to move forward. When a person listens to the knowing that resides within, it creates the congruency of flow between the universe and the human existence as we are guiding you to happiness. The reason why listening to our guidance is so important is because we have a plan for you and for the existence of the earth. So, we are asking you to hear our words, trust our words, and trust our guidance and knowing that we have the best interest in all that is.

How is intuitiveness presented to humans?

What you want to know is how intuitiveness is received by humans. We want you to know that the truth that lies within the existence of everything exist within every human. All of the knowledge and understanding in which the human needs to know already lies within them. Our goal is to make sure the human understands what we are saying to them and bring this truth forward. When we begin to understand that the human needs guidance, we pick a way that is most receptive to that person. The ability for the human to understand where this knowledge is coming from is much less important to us than how the person is receiving it. For example, is it a tingle? Is it a feeling? Is it a touch on the skin? Is it a breath of air? Are there words being heard? Is the mouth speaking words that are unknown to the speaker? Are you seeing what is not there? What we want you to know is there are many forms of communication. The objective of this class specifically is to get the individual to understand how they receive messages. This is important as we wish for all of you to be guided and stay on the path that is the most beneficial. So, this is where we will focus. Starting today, you will all begin to gain an understanding of how your senses are the key to all of the answers. What we will focus on is what your individual gifts are and how to come forward in the way that you can be most beneficial.

We will start with a simple illusion. As you begin to recognize that your brain interprets the messages, you'll begin to understand how they can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. When we speak to you and we say our words, we want you to know that the initial reaction will come from your heart, not your mind. When your mind begins to understand what is being said, it can create the illusion of untruth. It will create answers to your questions by analyzing and discerning what the matter is in a way that it recognizes. It's based on past beliefs, experiences, truth, knowledge, and wisdom.  What we are about to do is create the environment so that you can understand what you are made of and what you're capable of doing. An energetic shift will occur at this time, and you'll begin to recognize that you feel a little more at peace than what you have in the past. This is to create a level of comfort so there will be no misleading of what the truth is. We want you to take a deep breath and hold onto it. Let it go slowly. As you begin to recognize this will be required to do several times, you'll begin to recognize your mind is slowing down, and your body is relaxing. This is what we want at this moment. When you begin to recognize you are becoming whole as a human being, you'll begin to understand the messages that we are speaking.  Allow us to help you through this process and we will speak to you in a way that you'll begin to understand.

Step one to this process is to realize how much your mind plays in the role of interpreting our messages. It is a significant disadvantage when one allows the mind to hear our words and misalign the meaning of them. When you begin to understand how your belief system interprets information, you begin to recognize how the truth can be altered. It is extremely significant and understanding that the belief system must stay out of what is being said. There should be no interpretation from what the mind perceives. When you begin to hear our words, you'll find that there is a different feeling within the heart space that will help you recognize when it is not your mind that is speaking. It is of significant value when you begin to see that your mind is not involved. You'll begin to recognize how much more information is provided. The trick to getting the mind out of the interpretation is letting go of your belief system. And this is where we must begin. You must understand that your belief system dictates your behavior when you can recognize that the fewer confinements you put around yourself and the more open to all possibilities and information, things begin to flow more freely. The mind serves as the blockage from the connection to the heart and soul. The mind is what blocks the communication. When the mind can be set free, communication will flow freely. This is the beginning step, setting the mind free.

Let's start by playing a game. If we place an apple in front of you when you look at it, what is your immediate reaction? Is it hard, red, soft to touch, and cold?  What happens when you visualize an apple? If you truly sit and simply observe the apple, is the interpretation different? Think about this. The answer is yes. Do you smell the apple? Can you taste the apple? Does your body feel the nutrients in the apple? Your response? The reason why we were asking you this is because this is the first step in determining how you receive information.

How does one know what their intuitive ability is?

The intuitive ability is given to each individual when they are born. They are born as what we call “sensitives”.  When humans are born, they have not developed the skills to protect themselves from the outside world. These skills are developed as humans grow and not necessarily to their benefit. As a human learns to desensitize themselves to their senses, they become hard as stone. A human's ability is the one last trait that will continue to be used when all else is shut down. For example, the soft spot in a hard rock. It's the one spot that information can continue to travel in and out of. This is your sense that is the strongest of all. What is your strongest sense? Is it smell? Is it hearing? Is it touch? What is it that you find is the most sensitive in your body? This is the answer that we want you to focus on. Recognize that intuitiveness can be more than just one form of message. But one may be the strongest of all.

How do humans develop their intuition?

Intuition is developed by practice. You must recognize that the more sensitive you are to your senses, the more intuitive you can become when you recognize that you can develop a life without the mind's control. You will begin to recognize how easy it is to develop the ability of intuition. The key is letting go of the control the mind has on thoughts, beliefs, and actions. When an individual begins to understand how the mind can control information being received, they will begin to understand how the mind can block the signals or the information. Mind control is the biggest obstacle for receiving intuitive information. It serves as a blockage between the signals and the reception. This is why it is so important for an individual to understand why they need to let go or separate from what the minds creates. What we want you to understand is the more you focus on your senses and allow your mind to be removed from the information received, the more accurate the information is interpreted. Focus on your senses and recognize when the control of the mind is overpowering. When you focus on listening to your senses, you begin to understand a different way of living. Imagine being in a dark room and you have to find your way to the door. In a dark room you will learn to feel your way. You recognize that you are touching different objects, and you're moving towards something that gives you directions to move towards the door. It might be a sound, a breeze, a light, or maneuvering around obstacles. You find you are relying on your senses to find the door.  If the light were on, you would see the door, and you would simply walk that way without noticing anything around you. This is when the mind is in control. So, when we speak of developing your intuition, you can understand how developing your senses are much more important than previously believed.

How do we discern from the mind and intuition?

To discern the difference between the mind and intuition, you simply have to feel. When you recognize there is a voice or there is a knowing that is coming from within your body, do you recognize that this is not your mind? When the mind becomes involved, you can recognize that the words are being formed in the mind’s eye. As you become more familiar with your senses and how you receive the information, you'll begin to easily recognize when there is a difference between the mind’s thoughts or creations, and the truth of your senses. This again takes practice and understanding of what is happening around you to develop the knowing of what is in your mind and what is not.

How do we learn how to trust our intuition?

You learn to trust your intuition by living it. When you begin to recognize that you can make choices and decisions from that knowing, you will begin to see how things and events unfold flawlessly.  As you take chances on following your intuition, you will be accustomed to trusting it.

How do we get out of our heads?

You get out of your head by practicing. You take chances listening to the information that's being provided to you, and you develop the ability to trust it or take a chance on it. As you practice making choices and decisions from what we call intuition, it will become easier to let the thoughts or creations of the mind go.  Recognizing when the mind creates the obstacles is significant. This is why we want you to get out of your head and listen to the guidance you are given.

What does “find your heart” mean and why is it important?

When we use the term "find your heart", we are referring to finding the space that exists between the heart and the soul connection. When you begin to have the ability to tune into the heart-space, all of the answers will be yours. This is where the true existence of everything resides. This is the connection to the universe that is the antenna or the receiver we speak of. The heart-space in each individual is the Control Center of the human existence.  If the human heart-space cannot be found, it cannot command the human in the direction it needs to go. This serves as a blockage for our communication to get to the human. The more open the heart-space is, the more open to receiving our information the human is. When we suggest to the human find their heart-space, feel their heartbeat, break down the barriers around the heart, this is because we need them to feel the impulses we provide. You are missing out on our communication if the heart is so guarded or blocked it cannot be felt and the receptors are not working correctly.

Why do we need to let go of our beliefs and history?

Your belief system serves as blockages. The beliefs come from what you have been told or taught, the experiences you’ve had, and the form of protection you have created. When you begin to recognize the experiences you have had have been informative and purposeful, you can allow the misunderstanding to be released. This is of the utmost importance because the beliefs that have been taught serve as barriers to connect to the truth of what is. When these blockages are created, the vibrational frequency or resonance can't flow freely through the human body. This disconnects the communication that we need in order to control your situations. This is when the human body begins to live by what the mind believes and not the truth of what is. There are many misinterpretations about situations or experiences that have a negative effect on the human body. When an individual begins to understand how this affects them and how they can let it go, then they'll begin to move forward in the light we give them. The problem with the human is they feel they have to protect themselves from events that transpire around them, and they form opinions of what is. There are very few times that the individual has interpreted the information correctly as they have a created negative resistance to what really is. Once a human has let go of the stories they have created, they begin to see with different eyes. When an individual can recognize their eyes are now seeing clearer and their heart is more open, it is much easier to receive the truth of what is and the peace, flow, and congruency of their life and who they're meant to be. We ask all to let go of beliefs and begin to understand they can start over at any time they choose. This is a gift that we give all. Everyone has the ability to start anew life.

What happens when we step away from our beliefs?

You become free. If every individual would take one moment to truly let their mind go and actually live in that very moment with no judgment, accusations, or ideas, they will begin to recognize how the feeling of that freedom is comforting. It is the true existence that you're meant to live in. Allow your mind to let go of everything and truly stand in the moment and you'll begin to recognize what we speak of. The challenge for the human is to erase the mind of those past events and thought patterns. It's reprogramming human nature and what humans have created themselves to be. It is breaking that pattern of being in their environment and what others have created. We challenge you to truly recognize what you have created within your own life and allow yourself to be free one moment at a time. When you begin to recognize this is possible, you'll begin to see how easy it is and how you can do so with ease.

How do we let go of our belief system?

You let go by recognizing what you're holding onto. When you begin to recognize what the belief systems are that you have, you can recognize what you need to let go of. When you begin to recognize what stories that you have evaluated out of certain events, you'll begin to recognize that the truth that you hold is not necessarily true of the event that was had. We ask you to recognize the different belief systems, thought patterns, and understanding that you have created within your own mind. Recognize and analyze how things like judgment, superiority, victimhood, and inferiority were only created due to another human’s influence. When you begin to recognize how humans influence one another, you'll begin to recognize that you are speaking to another being and not your spiritual truth. If you want to become spiritual, you must recognize that you are a spiritual being. And as you become more in tune with your intuitive nature, you will recognize that the vibrational flow that goes from us to you is congruent, and it raises your consciousness. You'll begin to recognize how easy it is to shed these misbeliefs.

How do we live by intuition guiding us?

You live by intuition guiding you by trusting it. When you begin to recognize that we speak the truth, and you are truly connected to the universal consciousness, you'll begin to recognize how easy it is to flow with the guidance you're given. When we provide information, we guide you in a way that you are meant to flow. This creates the congruency of all events that are to exist around you.  Your life becomes easier and less self-motivated. It becomes purposeful in a way that you recognize you are controlling your heart-space as we are controlling you. Our guidance is given to you in a way that is meant to create peace and understanding. You will find that love grows in a consistent manner as you begin to see the light that surrounds you and others. This creates the understanding of universal knowledge and how everything is in congruency with one another. It creates unconditional love, which is the form of peace we wish for all to live.

When do we listen to our minds and when don't we?

You listen to your minds when it is necessary, like when you're driving down the road, or doing a math problem, or analyzing a situation that requires thought and processing. You recognize what the difference is, and you know how to use your mind in a way that is constructive to the human process. You don't use your mind when it forms a judgment, follows a belief system that isn't true, or creates chaos. As you move down your path, you'll begin to recognize how easy it is to discern when to use your mind and when not to. It will become easier and easier for you as you go through this process.

How do we learn to trust our intuition?

You trust your intuition when you know it feels right. When you begin to recognize how your mind feels when you're creating a thought or an action and then you begin to recognize how it feels when you are receiving a message, you will begin to recognize how easy it is to learn to trust what we speak to you. As you live what we speak to you, you'll begin to recognize you are much more comfortable and it feels like home. This is how you will trust your intuition. You will begin to recognize that we have your growth, support, and love in our hands. We guide you to become the spiritual beings we wish for as you stand in the light of all creation in a free-flowing way.