Does The Soul Remember Our Human Experience


Q: After we transition to non-physical, does our soul remember the human experience?


Akashic Records:  The soul remembers everything. Recognize that the soul existing within the human body is the memory of all the bodies it has resided within, plus the experience it’s had outside the human body. All experiences the soul has obtained remain as a memory within that soul. We hold the records of those memories in those lifetimes so the soul can continue on with its journey. We have documentation of what has happened, as we can help assist and guide that soul through its journey.


When the human body expires and is no longer, the soul elevates toa level of existence the human mind cannot conceive of. We want you to understand there is much more to this process than a simple explanation. Recognize how your soul has gained the knowledge and the wisdom that has been created within you. The human soul is the same as the human mind. It’s just in a different form. The soul acts as a guide and gives direction to the human being so it can find and follow the path that is most beneficial for the soul’s growth and destination.


When we give this explanation, it may sound simple, but it's very complicated. We want each of you to understand that every memory of every lifetime that the soul has existed in is within your body. You can gain this understanding and comprehend what we're saying when you become silent and truly listen to what the soul has to say.   If you understand that you can have a relationship with your soul, and your soul will speak to you directly, you'll begin to recognize how memories of past lives and different experiences from different lifetimes can come forward.


So this is what we want you to know... Those memories are not coming from the ethers. Those memories come from what is embedded within you, and that is us. When you can understand this concept, you'll begin to gain the understanding that every bit of wisdom, knowledge, and experience has been created through the numerous lifetimes of your specific soul, and you can access that information if you choose to do so. You just simply need to learn the technique, and this is what we want you to understand.


The human mind is a blockage to all that is. The human mind creates a barrier that, throughout the centuries, has prevented you from connecting to who you truly are. As you become more aware of how your mind can be released, you'll gain an understanding of how your mind can speak…meaning your soul's mind.


So, allow yourself to be freer and more open to the experiences you can recall by simply opening and calming your mind and listening to the words being spoken to you.


Lisa:  I keep hearing, “Quiet the mind, and you'll hear your soul.”  


Akashic Records:  Take notice of those words. Quiet your mind, and your soul will speak. Your soul will guide you. It’ll give you the direction you need and the things you need to know. It’s there for you. You’re constantly being guided not only by your soul but by the universal consciousness as well. This is what we want for you.


Lisa:  It's an essential factor in our lives right now to understand how we can let go of the mind's thoughts and stories and get down to the core of who we are as individuals by developing and having a relationship with our souls. It's critically important for the times we are in.