Can We Learn And Grow Only From Hardship And Trauma


Can people only learn and grow from hardship and trauma in their lives?

A:  No.  We are here to tell you this is not the truth.


What you are asking is simply a belief that has been told to you and to others to create the understanding of the objectivity to the struggles or triteness in your life.  We want you to recognize that the truth is within you, and all answers reside within you. There is a time, purpose, and place to experience certain events so the questions can come to the surface. However, we want you to know there is no truth in believing all events are for a purpose, that all trauma is to gain knowledge, and that the knowledge is gained by traumas or experiences that have left a bitter taste in one’s mouth.  


So, it’s not the case we have to go through a bad experience to grow?  Can we grow without having to experience trauma?


A:  Again, yes. That is a belief system.  


Lisa interjects and says, “They wanted you to ask the question again because they want to reiterate that when we as humans go through something traumatic, painful, or stressful, we have to step back, re-evaluate, and look at our lives.  Hopefully, we will change as a result of the situation.  There are obstacles put in our path to see how to get around, and these are lessons.”  


The Akashic Records resume speaking…  But what we want you to know is all the wisdom residing within you is purposeful, and the answers you require are already there. Recognize that sometimes obstacles are put in front of you because of your choices or events that transpire, which may have nothing to do with you. We want you to see the truth that lies within you. You have all the answers you are required to have. The virtue of this belief is simply understanding that sometimes choices and decisions created by the human mind create conflict. There is no meaning or reason for this to have transpired except for your own selfishness.  


Lisa says, “Selfishness, meaning you made the decision from your head and not your heart, and not truly knowing the truth. You may have felt you needed to make a different decision at the time, but because your head said, “Do this,” you chose to make that decision.”


The Akashic Records begin speaking again… There is a falsity and a belief system that all things happen and there is no such thing as a coincidence. This is not true. Many faults lie within human beings that have been created upon their own willingness.


Lisa says, “The thing about it is, it can be a cop-out to say everything happens for a reason. It’s not the truth. We as humans have free-will. We can choose to go a certain direction or participate in certain events or wear certain clothes, and then have something happen because of that choice made purely from the mind. It didn’t have anything to do with your destiny or the truth within you. It’s called free-will. Free-will was given to us humans purposefully so we could have our own experiences. We create our own experiences. This is where they are saying the misnomer is. Everything doesn't happen for a reason.  A lot of things happen because you make the wrong choice.  Where that comes in is knowing when your intuition is speaking to you.


If you decide to go left or right, and you feel pulled from your inside core to go left, but there's a pretty picture to the right, and you want to see that picture, everything inside of you is telling you to go left. But you choose to go to the right and then have a car accident.  That was not purposeful.  The Universe didn't set that up for you. You made a choice and a decision from your head to go right. That was not by coincidence.  It's because you chose to ignore what the Universe was telling you, and now you're going to reap the ramifications from that choice."


The Akashic Records continue speaking… We speak to you and say, choose carefully. Choose carefully in the decisions you make. Allow us to guide you, and the simplicity of life will follow.  


Lisa says, “I can actually say this is true. Your life will be much smoother for those of you who follow your instincts and your gut feeling. There will be less trauma, drama, and chaos. The universe is set up to flow smoothly and in unison, and when you try to swim upstream, everything must go around you. You’ll recognize that’s when the chaos begins.”


The Akashic Records say… Listen carefully to your heart.  Make sure the choices and decisions you make are not completely coming from your head.  There is another form of guidance in your heart to help you choose the direction to go, and your life will be smoother.  Your lives are meant to be smooth and simplistic, not crazy, chaotic, and topsy-turvy.  That is not the direction you are meant to go.  The more simplistic your life, the easier it is, and all the answers will come to you.  You do not have to go through the trauma and the situations to figure out all the answers.


Do we learn lessons more effectively when we follow our heart instead of walking the path of pain and trauma?


A:  Your heart is a simplistic one, and when you feel more comfortable and at peace, you learn the lesson.  If you are going through a chaotic or hurtful situation, you tend to always be in your head when trying to analyze the situation.  That causes more chaos within you.  When you are at peace, and following your heart, you know the answer is right.  You know it feels right.  It is simple, easy, and embedded within you.  That is the answer you need to have.  You did not have to go through the chaos.  It is readily easy once you have listened to your heart and the simplicity. You will learn the lessons easier, faster, and less selfishly than living in your head.