A Discussion About Unconditional Love


Q:  What is the message the Akashic Records want us to know about unconditional love?


Akashic Records: Unconditional love is a statement or a fact that is misbelieved in many connotations.  The misbelief has guided many astray from the truth of who they are. What we want you to know and to understand is this is how we want you to move forward in your life.


When you begin to recognize that you are the purest essence of God, the Creator in all that is, and that you have the purest form of love that resides within you, you'll begin to recognize how you must shed belief systems to get down to the core fact of who you are and who you're meant to be.


The guidance we have given you is to hear our words and allow us to say to you that you are love.  You are love.  You are love.  You are love.  Hear us clearly and hear our words. When you speak the words that you are love, you'll begin to recognize how there is a shift in the vibration you create that brings a solitude and an honesty in your presence, in your being.  This is what we want you to understand.


Please hear us and hear our words clearly. Once again, say along with us… I am love. I am love. I am love. I am love. I am love. No matter what you say or what you believe, you are nothing else but the purest form of love. When you tap into the virtue that we have given you, and the connectedness of all that is living and all that surrounds you, you'll begin to recognize that this vibration beats easily within your system.


When you can understand that you can love yourself as the purest form of energy that we have created, you'll begin to gain the understanding of what unconditional love is. It's loving oneself, without fault, without behavior, without misunderstanding. It's the fact of being true to who you are and what you can become.  When you understand that you are the purest essence of love, you'll begin to know that you cannot falter in this pattern. You don't have an option but to go forward in this truth. The only obstacle that has been created is what your mind tells you.


When you talk about loving unconditionally, you talk about loving from the purest form of your heart and from the purest knowing and truth of who you are. When you begin to alter that fact, you begin to misbelieve the truth of who you're meant to be. When you gain the understanding that loving unconditionally is loving yourself unconditionally, then you'll know what we're speaking of.


When we talk about the truth of who you are, are you looking in the mirror and picking yourself apart, or are you standing in the mirror saying, “I am the purest essence of God?”  Which fits you? This is the question we want you to ask, and if you continue asking yourself and you find fault within you, it's time to turn that mirror around and begin looking within and recognizing that you are the purest perfection of what we have created.


What we want you to understand today is there is no fault that resides within you. There is nothing that is imperfect. You are only the perfection of what we have created and this is what God wants you to know. What the creator has given you is a belief system that can see the truth if you choose to do so.


Lisa:  So my understanding is that to love unconditionally, you better learn to love yourself unconditionally. And when you begin to love yourself unconditionally, then you're going to love those around you unconditionally.


Akashic Records:  We want you to understand that you have the ability to move forward in this truth. You just simply need to choose to do so. Is it really important for you to pick apart the imperfections that you have put upon yourself? Is it really that important? And what we want you to know and to understand is that when you really truly look at yourself, what are you finding fault in?  This is the direction we want you to go.


When you begin recognizing what you see is a fault, then you can begin understanding where that belief came from. This is your journey and the path we've created for you. So when you begin to gain the understanding that it's time to let those belief systems go and truly accept who you are, allow yourself to move forward in that truth.  You'll begin to recognize a sense of peace that comes over you that is all encompassing.


Recognize that you can truly love yourself unconditionally.  When you're standing in that truest, purest form in the essence of who you are, how do you radiate that love to others?  You have to understand the truest, purest essence of who you are as a human being to begin with. When you understand, know, and feel that connection with the divine, then you'll begin to recognize that you see others with the same light as you see yourself.


When you see there's an essence the same as yours residing within another human being, you’ll find that your heart feels different.  You will feel a connection with them that is above and beyond what the mind can create. It's an inner knowing of understanding how we are all connected as one, and this is the most important factor. You’ll begin to recognize that human’s behavior is dictated by their belief system and what their mind creates and the stories that they tell.


Understand that you can stand at a distance and recognize that love and that core.  Lisa says… What I'm seeing is that it’s a soul recognition when you see soul to soul.


We're all resonating at the same vibration that is above what our minds can comprehend. It's an inner knowing of understanding how we're all connected. It's not something you can just tell yourself because then it becomes a mind thing. You're saying the words, but you're not truly knowing it inside.


When you can clear your mind and truly get into that purest essence, there is a vibration. It's a universal vibration that resonates within all that will become truly connected and known within all.


Lisa:  I'm hearing that if somebody's abusive to you, uses vulgar language, talks down to you and says that you're less than, you can still see the love residing within them because you know the connectedness is deep within.  But, you don't have to take their words nor accept that behavior.  That's not what we're meant to do. We are not meant to treat each other in that form or fashion.  Instead, you may choose to say, “I honor you and cherish you, but I may not want to be around you.”


Akashic Records: Understand that because somebody's behavior is a certain way, doesn't mean you're meant to tolerate and accept that as normal behavior.  It's not normal behavior and you can separate from that behavior. You don't have to be abused.  You don’t have to say, “but I'm loving unconditionally, so I have to stay in this situation.”


Lisa:  You may have coworkers around you that like to gossip and talk about other people you work with.  It doesn't mean you have to play the game, and it also doesn't mean you have to dislike them. It simply means you honor who they are and choose to stay over here while they stay over there.  And when they walk by you, you can be busy doing something so they don't put you in the situation of having to participate.  But recognize the emotions that come along with that.  Recognize when hate's coming up.


Akashic Records:  Recognize that hate is an unvalued object. It no longer serves a purpose in this lifetime. And what we want you to know is that hate is actually being disseminated. Hate at this time is being ramped up to a peak expectation, so that it will fall rapidly.  Lisa says… It’s hitting a crescendo and then all of a sudden, it’s going to start going down again, and it will be dissipated.  It has to reach a breaking point.  What is the final breaking point? When will humans have enough?  


Akashic Records: This is the purpose of this lifetime and what’s been created for this generation.  Once again, we want you to understand that all is purposeful.  When you begin to look at the history of life and how you began, you’ll begin to recognize that every individual reading this conversation has been put in a position to hate.  Did you choose to hate or did you choose to walk forward?  This decision is up to you.  But what you’ll recognize is either you’re involved with a form of hate or you’re an observer of this hate.  Which do you choose to do? Did you choose to stand away?


Lisa:  They’re showing me Jewish people because they were turned against.  You have the haters and you have those that are being hated.  But are those people that are being hated, turning around the hate onto the haters?  So if a specific group is hating me, am I going to turn around and hate them because they hate me? Or am I going to turn around and be able to see that connectedness once again and see that they are still just like me, but they've just been trained to believe a certain way.


When you see that the haters hate the “hatees”, the “hatees” should recognize that if they turn that back around, they become haters as well!  This creates the cycle of hate. At some point, you have to recognize where this cycle needs to be broken.  Are you going to choose to break this cycle?  This is where we have to find the unconditional love residing within us so we can see the other person has the belief system that's created hate.


You know, there are a whole lot of things that have to go along with hate.  You have to have a whole lifestyle that you must live, which deviates you from the path of love and joy to one of control.


Akashic Records:  Hate is an evil concept created by the darkness of the world. And what we are hereto do is to alleviate this darkness. We want you all to live in light, and this is what we're creating. So as we bring you all to this breaking point where you can see nothing but darkness, you will see light at the end of the tunnel.  And this is where we are standing waiting for you.


When you choose to pick your path and to see that you are the light standing at the end of the tunnel, everything surrounding you and within you is that light, and it can disseminate the hate within you and all around you if you choose to let it.


Everything is a perception. Everything around us is how we perceive it.  So if you begin to love yourself, recognize you've made no mistakes, know you're not at fault and that you’re the purest essence of everything that is, then how does your vision start changing?  How does your belief system start changing when you start changing how you feel about yourself?  When you understand who you are and what this universe has truly created for us and where we're headed, then you start seeing everything around you differently. And this is the goal. This is the goal and the objective of what's being had at this time.


Lisa: If we can start changing our perceptions of ourselves and understanding who we are and who we're meant to be, and then we start seeing those around us with that same love and light, it becomes contagious and it will grow more and more and more.


But where's the best place to start?  We’ve got to start with ourselves. We have to start with our own selves because we are not going to convince anyone else to love us.  All we can do is learn to love ourselves and stand in the purest essence of who we are.  


When you understand this concept of unconditional love, can you teach other people to do this?  And when another person figures out who they are and can see the light within themselves, then they teach another person, and they teach another person and they teach another, etc... The Akashic Records are laughing and saying, it may only sound like it's one person at a time, but this is happening and transitioning on a grand scale.


Q:  What is the meaning of unconditional love?


Lisa:  They're laughing and saying, “Loving unconditionally.” What you recognize that we’ve said in many words, and what we're saying to you is, we love you unconditionally because we know who each and every one of you are. We know your purpose. We know the explanation of where you're going and where you've come from. We've watched you through numerous lifetimes in order to get to the point where you are today. Your soul is your driver. The soul is taking you down your path, and it's giving you the guidance that is needed to create the end result.


And as you begin to listen to what we're saying to you, you'll recognize that this is not the first journey for any one of you. You are all old souls, and you've been here through numerous lifetimes.  In order to get where we're taking you, you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Again, when we talk about Buddha or Jesus, it is the simple explanation of becoming enlightened. Do you think that either one of them did not love themselves? Recognize that for a minute.  Recognize that when you begin to gain the understanding that you are Buddha and you are Jesus, and you are the enlightened ones, you'll understand how you can truly accept this path. Once again, it is the course of enlightenment that is simply self-love.


Q:  Do we have to love everyone unconditionally?  


Akashic Records: Yes! Yes!  As we've said many times, when you begin to hear our words, you'll begin to understand how you can do this easily and with grace. When you understand that the truest, purest form of love resides within you, you'll begin to see this connection within all.


Q:  What are the boundaries of unconditional love?


Akashic Records: There are no boundaries. When you begin to recognize that you can love unconditionally, you can love anything, everything, everyone, and anyone, and when you begin to recognize that there is the truest, purest essence of who we are within all of you, you will love unconditionally and there will be no boundaries. You'll begin to recognize how human behavior dictates your behavior.


When you begin to understand and when you see that your behavior is being reflective of another's behavior, then you'll begin to recognize how you need to walk away from that situation.


Q:  How do we stand in unconditional love?


Akashic Records: Find your heart.