2023 In Review And What's Coming In 2024


Akashic Records:  You have all been on a journey the last three years, which has created chaos and discombobulation in who and what you are. You recognize there have been numerous changes that have occurred within you and around you. We want all of you to know you're gracefully moving through this.


Recognize that 2023 raised a ruckus. We created chaos for each of you and all upon the earth so that the change would be created for all of you to see what you needed to move forward.


2024 is going to be a year of implementation. We want you to understand that the energetic current that went through each and every one of you over the last three years is still present. But you're handling the energetic change with more grace and ease than you have in the past, and all are being prepared for what will be needed in the future.


We're asking you to follow our guidance easily and readily. When we give you a notion or help you see what is needed, we ask that you hear us and help us transition what is no longer needed within you as a human being. Please help us help you in a way that makes you more willing to change and not as resistant as you have been in the past.


Recognize that this is your future.  You will find that your lives are changing with grace and ease.  Allow yourself to flow with the knowledge and wisdom we have given you.  When you begin to understand that you can stop fighting the wants of the mind and stand in the truth of what is, you'll recognize that the earth has changed in a magnificent way.


Allow yourself to open your heart and see what truly is, not the illusion created.  We want you to see and understand that the days that lay before you will bring an open heart and clear eyes.  The beauty that is amongst you must be seen.  The veil is being thinned so you can see through to the other side.


There is no logic in your mind of what you think you see, but we know all.  Allow us to help you and guide you if you choose to have a transformational journey. Please hear us.  We ask that you open your ears and listen to us carefully. You are not being tortured or punished. This is just simply the path that you must be on.


You are all in the position to hear our words at this time so that you can move forward to share your gifts with others. If you begin to look at who you are as an individual and can look at one another and see that you're connected with and connected to one another, you'll begin to recognize how you all have gifts. Each and every one of you has the ability to see into the future if you choose to do so.


The most magnificent value of each human being is the ability to sit in calmness and peace.  When a human can feel the mind within the heart's space, you'll begin seeing beauty in all things.  You'll understand that peace abounds once you recognize the beauty within and outside. There is no option or logic to your simple mind to understand and accept what is.  This is a transition that is happening, and it's happening rapidly.


We're asking you to sit tight and hold on clearly, and you'll begin to see with eyes that are no longer clouded with judgment or misbeliefs. We only want you to see what the truth is and that the only truth around you is the truth of love.


We want you to hear us with open ears. Please listen carefully. Anything that pits one against another is at fault. 


Lisa: So I want you to hear that clearly. If one person or one form of information is pitting you against another, then it's false. It doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on. It doesn't matter if you only see blue or you only see black. It doesn't matter. The point is to open up our minds and stop staying in one place of division. I keep seeing boxes. If you buy into anyone telling you what is right or what is wrong, you're putting yourself in a box. These are either forming beliefs or building on beliefs that you have. 


Maybe we can learn to stand away from the words being said but honor the person saying them from the love within them, as we are all one. That's really where we're trying to go. And that's what the Akashic Records' message is about what's coming to us.


Akashic Records:  What we want you to recognize is that you all have the ability to love one another regardless of the understanding that the other may have. And this is the goal for 2024. 2025 will have an even greater impact on those who accomplish this deed in this particular year. 


Lisa: We're all coming to the point of recognition and understanding of how we're all tied together as one.


Akashic Records:  The universe resides within you as you reside within the universe. You are not simply an object blowing across the road like a piece of grass. You are a human being with the thoughts and the components of what the universe is. We're asking you to recognize and understand that as you have the emotions, feelings, and ties to one another, you are all one. You all have recognition of what one another is. And when you begin to understand the feelings of another and their actions, you'll start to recognize how you are gaining the ability to embrace all of that.


Lisa: We will be shifting into this place of understanding every aspect of all the different humans. For example, someone may be homeless. So instead of driving down the street and just being an observer of someone who has a shopping cart full of their belongings and assuming that you know this person and what they're going through, you’re going to know and recognize the emotions. All of us will become aware of everything embedded within every human being. 


Akashic Records:  We want you to know this is a simplistic value that every one of you has. Begin recognizing that every single human upon the earth can either be an angel or they can be a hellion. 


Lisa:  Any one of us can either be a millionaire or a drug addict. Every single one of us can be every single human on the earth, and this is what will shift and change.


Akashic Records:  This is also important in understanding how consciousness is shifting, in the ability to understand everything surrounding you and the direction humans are going. We want you to realize that human nature is becoming more encompassing in understanding what all individuals have within and what's surrounding them. Are you going to choose to stick with and stay on all the negativity with another human being? Or will you be able to see that they are a human with love, a heart, and compassion, the same as you?


The human mind is shifting in a direction that it is holding on to, grasping and comprehending the truest, purest human nature in a way that it's never done before. This is where the path and the trend are heading in front of you. 2026 will be a significant year where the majority of eyes existing upon the earth will see as clearly as we speak.


Lisa:  So the more you can shed, and the more false beliefs you can let go of, the clearer your mind is because your mind's not judging things and analyzing situations. You become more neutral. It's almost like you're here and existing, but not judging what somebody's action is. You're just neutral. The only way I can describe it is you have yet to invest in what anybody else is doing. As a neutral party, when you look at the individuals around you, you will see that we all have the same components. 


I will also recognize that I have the same traits as others. What makes me different from others? I may have one characteristic that's not as prevalent as the other person, but we all have those same characteristics. We all have those same behaviors. We just use them differently. So when we become more neutral, we'll all start looking at each other the same. We all have the same emotions. We all have the same love. We all have the same hate. We're all equal in that sense. How are we going to do that and exist with one another? One day at a time! It's understanding how to connect with another human being in the purest essence of who you are so you can resonate with the purest essence of who they are.


Q:  What happened on the human level in 2023?


Akashic Records:  Life changes. What we want you to understand is that each and every one of you had a specific event that changed or shifted the emotions that lie within you. Within the year 2023, if each one of you recognized there was a significant event that happened, you would see that your consciousness shifted in one way or another. That’s the most significant thing that happened on a human level.


Q:  What were the most significant events that happened in 2023?


Akashic Records:  The most significant events that happened were the same events that occurred on the human level. There's a consciousness that's shifting and becoming more relevant to the human mind to recognize when hurt and evil have been perpetrated in someone's life.


Understand how you as an individual have shifted and changed your consciousness. You'll recognize that you see things slightly differently than you did a year ago, and you have more love and compassion in your heart in a way that you didn't before. 


Lisa:  A lot of times, you may only recognize when things shift or when your thinking changes a little bit once you're put in a situation where your thinking is tested. Once tested, you'll recognize that you didn't handle the situation the same way you had in the past and that it was more peaceful.


Akashic Records:  We want you to see that your hearts are growing. The more disbeliefs that are shed, the more you'll begin to recognize your heart is growing and your mind is becoming more congruent with the balance of your heart.


The year 2023 was the kicker that put all of this in play. Soon, you'll begin to recognize what is ahead of you in 2024, 2025, and 2026. 


Lisa: They're saying that 2026 is the year it will all be implemented. We'll be able to shift enough by then so that we'll be living it.


Q:  What happened in 2023 on the universal level and what was accomplished?


Akashic Records:  On the universal level of consciousness in the 2023-time sequence, the earth’s vibration has risen. We want you to recognize that the energetic pattern lying closest to the top of the earth has shifted to a higher level of consciousness and the significance of that shift. This particular vibration, which is of the earthly level, created a ripple effect that created chaos throughout the universe. It was adjusting and upgrading the frequency that had been at the lower level to a higher level.  


Lisa: Here’s what they’re showing me. The energetic pattern they’re talking about is circling the earth. I’m seeing the earth and the energetic layers around it. Let’s say, for example, there are 30 layers of energy, with 30 being the highest level. At that highest level, the frequency is vibrating as fast as possible. As you go down the different levels, the frequency starts slowing down and getting slower and slower until it gets to the earthly plane. Everything in all the different levels is vibrating exactly as they have been for centuries. Then, when this increased frequency hit the earth, it created a ripple effect that upgraded every single layer of energy. Hence, everything within the universe increased its vibrational rate. That’s the best definition of the fifth dimension that I’ve had! 


Akashic Records:  We want you to know about that because this is causing a permanent change that will be occurring for centuries to come. You need to recognize that this is a permanent state and will not be shifting or changing. It is precisely as planned and exactly as it’s meant to be. This is why it’s been so hard on the human realm to understand how to adjust to this frequency, as you have all felt your body vibrating at different times within the past three months. Recognize that every one of you has had a moment when you could feel the vibration of the inner being or the cells within the body. At that time, the earth’s vibration increased to a level you could actually feel.


Q:  Did humans follow the path that was intended for 2023?


Akashic Records:  Yes, they all did. And whether you understand what is happening or not, we all have a plan that has been put in place, and it's being followed correctly.


When you begin looking at how others are suffering, it changes your perspective and the individuals suffering through it. When you recognize that harm is a degradation to the human body, you'll realize how your elevation of consciousness can rise and lift when, once again, you can put yourself in that place and actually feel and understand the emotions of those individuals. When you put yourself into that place and recognize once again that you are all one and suffering the same as that individual who is suffering, you'll begin to realize the whole interconnection of all that is.


Everything that transpires around the earth is connected to each and every human being. The more in tune an individual is with who they truly are, the more they can pick up on and feel what is traveling around the earth and feel the human connectedness to all that is.


Is it important or relevant to understand the suffering of others? Absolutely, it is to realize that your mind can be so clouded that you seclude yourself from what the truth is of another's existence. 


Lisa:  Remember that we are all one with every bit of suffering others are going through. Suppose I choose to live in a bubble. In that case, I'm doing myself a disservice by blocking off the feelings I would have if I were in that situation by living in my own little bubble.


Akashic Records:  The atrocities that have been seen and witnessed create an opportunity for the human mind to digest and observe all of the individuals who are suffering through life as well as those having joy.


Q:  What was the most common obstacle each human went through in 2023?


Heartache. Breaking of the heart and recognizing that this can happen on many different levels. It is not just of that relationship value. It's of life value. Every individual upon the earth has had some form of heartbreak throughout this year, and what we want you to recognize is that this was intentionally created to see how it would be resolved.


We gave each individual a specific task for them to be tested to see if they could work through that specific situation. This test was different for every individual as they had their own journey to go on.


Q:  What is the impact on the present moment from the events of 2023?


Akashic Records:  Growth. It's a simple answer, and that's all it is.  It is simply growth.


Q: What is the goal the universe wants to achieve in 2024?


Akashic Records:  Love. Love and less hatred and anger. Wouldn't it be a utopia if you could all see yourselves as the love and balance we have created? Recognize that the true utopia is understanding the balance of all that is. It's the balance of your emotions and the balance of the water, grass, trees, and nature. It's everything that's in balance, not just humans. You're apart of the whole big picture.


When you truly understand that what we're creating in the long run is the human utopia, this is where we're going. But it starts with you, the individual, who can create their own place of happiness and contentment within themselves. This is the test for you. We want you to understand so you can have the vision that this is true and possible. This is the first step in moving into more coherence and understanding in 2024. 


Lisa:  This can be a reality. When I say that, know that this utopia is what's within you. It's not what is happening in the world around you, or what's happening to your next-door neighbor or the person in the car next to you. It's all within you. It's your own private utopia. So if everyone's in their own personal utopia, then that utopia has a stronger and stronger and stronger power. Because if we're all together, think about how powerful the energy resonating between us is. 


Akashic Records:  We want you to understand what's coming and happening in the world around you. Recognize that, at this time, this is a true reality, and you can find the peace that resides within you if you choose to do so. 


Lisa:  Again, the Akashic Records are saying 2024 is really going to change our vision. It will help us see things differently, that there is another way, and that we don't have to keep living the way we have been for centuries.


Q:  What are the patterns we as humans can expect in 2024?


Akashic Records:  Tests. What you're going to find is there is going to be more extreme behavior that brings up the hate and the anger so that the human being can understand how to tap that down and tap into the heart and the resistance of what is created by the "bulliness".


Lisa:  By "bulliness," they are referencing somebody who pushes their beliefs on you as if their belief is the only way things are supposed to be. We just need to be aware and stay in that neutral place.


Q:  What will most individuals have to transition through to accomplish what is meant for them in 2024?


Akashic Records:  Hatred and anger. The biggest obstacle humans have, which will be put in their faces the most in 2024, is the hatred and the anger that resides within them or surrounds them.


Recognize that many different obstacles can create hatred and anger. It can be a situation that has been done to you as a child or as an adult, or it can be an observation. It can be on many different levels, but what the human's experience is on this level in 2024 is the recognition of the anger and the hatred that rises within you as a human being so that you can learn to subside those specific emotions and become more in balance with who you are.


Lisa:  So, the understanding is some situations will arise that will make us test ourselves. It's going to put us in the place of having those emotions. When you're feeling these emotions coming up or looking at the situation that created those feelings, you need to be able to recognize what's happening and let it go. You may feel that way because of something that happened to you as a child that's carrying on to this present time. Just remember that if something is stirring up those emotions today, it occurred in the past and is playing out today. It may take some work for you to go back and recognize where it began and then deal with that original situation. That's how this works in order for you to let go of whatever that is. 


Q:  What obstacles will be a theme for humans in 2024?


Akashic Records:  Triggers. We want to recognize that those of you who have situations or instances that need to be released or let go of will once again find yourself reacting to a specific event that needs to be addressed.


Lisa:  They're laughing and saying, but recognize that there will be reprieves along the way so that you can have fun in 2024 as well!


Q: What is meant for the outcome of 2024?


Akashic Records:  Peace. More peace. You recognize that the more you shed and let go of specific beliefs alienating you from others, the more you can realize you're in turmoil or chaos. What you all need to know that the future will hold for each and everyone of you is the ability to let that chaos go and stand in peace.  


Q: How can we as humans move forward with grace and ease in 2024? 


Akashic Records:  By releasing and letting go of what you thought once was and allowing the new to come in.