Silver Members - Opening to Your Truth - Retreat

Are you Ready to Find Happiness and Peace?

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards finding true happiness, inner peace, and universal love? It's time to break free from the limitations that have kept you feeling separate and unfulfilled.

Join us at the two day event, as Lisa, Tom, Virginia, Kelsey, and Tosha, renowned experts in guiding individuals towards self-discovery and healing, come together to offer you their wisdom and insights. Through their collective knowledge and experience, they will empower you to release the beliefs and trauma holding you back, helping you break free from the cycle of separateness.

Discover the love that exists within your heart and throughout the universe. Unearth the truth of who you are by shedding false beliefs and trauma. Embrace the guidance and tools they offer and take the first step towards a life filled with joy, peace, and connection.

Don't let another day go by feeling lost or disconnected. Join us in this journey towards finding the happiness and peace that you deserve.

Dates: April 27th and 28th

Order of Events Saturday:

9:00 - 6:00


·      Meet and Greet

·      Guided Meditation from the Akashic Records

·      Lunch

·      Messages from the Akashic Records

·      Cacao Ceremony (optional)

·      Shamanic Drumming

·      Processes for Transformation

·      Integration Techniques


Order of Events Sunday:

9:00 – 4:00


·      Guided Meditation from the Akashic Records

·      Breathwork

·      Sound Bath

·      Lunch

·      Processes for Transformation

·      Integration Techniques



This Event if for Members Only.

Silver Members: $150

Gold Members: $135

Platinum Members: $120 and will also receive a bonus gift.


Lunch will be provided Saturday and Sunday

Space is Limited to 32 Fabulous Folks!


Each membership level has it's own event. Select the Silver Membership, Gold Membership, or Platinum Membership.

(once you register, you will be registered for both dates. The confirmation might only say April 27th)

Location: 1821 NW12th Ave.

                Newcastle, OK 73065


Event Descriptions:

Tap into the Akashic Records for transformative and empowering insights. Discover meditations on universal love, self-love, and nurturing relationships. Gain profound wisdom to create a life over flowing with love, compassion, and fulfillment. Do not miss the invaluable opportunity to access the wisdom of the Akashic Masters through Lisa's powerful channeling.

Set sail on a profound and transformative journey of inner growth with Virginia, a seasoned facilitator who has guided countless individuals towards self-discovery. Take the first step towards reconnecting with your inner self by participating in a heart-opening cacao ceremony and integrative healing techniques, including breathwork, meticulously crafted to unlock profound wisdom and nurture personal development. With Virginia's gentle guidance, you will have the opportunity to shed layers that hinder your growth and embrace new found clarity, purpose, and love for yourself. Experience the power of this sacred journey, as it holds the promise of lasting change, empowering you to lead an authentic and fulfilling life.


Step into the world of rhythmic vibrations and trance healing with Tom, a seasoned drumming practitioner. Join him on a captivating odyssey that promises an awe-inspiring, life-changing experience. Through the power of drumming, Tom guides you on a journey of spiritual awakening and deep transformation. Explore the potential for relief from physical ailments, emotional wounds, and mental challenges as you immerse yourself in the captivating rhythms he creates.

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience for your mind and body as Tosha and Kelsey create a soothing resonance of singing bowls, chimes, drums and gongs. Enter a serene environment and let the transcendent sounds wash over you, guiding you into a state of calm and deep relaxation, guiding you on a journey for inner harmony and rejuvenation.


Uncover the deepest truths of your soul and unleash your inner potential with the unparalleled wisdom of Lisa Wetsel, a distinguished Level IV Akashic Records Consultant. With a rich tapestry of over two decades of experience working with the Akashic Masters, Lisa has honed her abilities to offer personalized and empowering messages that will illuminate and steer you along your singular spiritual journey. Discover the transformative power of self-awareness and spiritual growth by connecting with Lisa Wetsel and the team of Akashic Masters who work with her today. Visit to take your first step toward a more profound understanding of yourself and your place in the universe.

Virginia Underwood, an experienced mentor, impacts lives through profound teachings, coaching, and spiritual readings. She guides individuals back to their truest selves, advocating for embracing wholeness and facilitating personal journeys. With a Master’s degree in counseling and expertise in Reiki, Spiritual Coaching, Astrology, and Quantum Creation Oracle, Virginia empowers others to unveil their completeness as well as performing duties of Executive Director at Radiant Living Center in OKC. For transformative services, visit

Tom McKeown drums intuitively as he follows the direction given by spiritual guides. You will notice all sessions are different as each person has their own guides and path to follow. The guides direct Tom in the way that is needed, with the sounds of the drum to affect you as you receive the vibration and promote balance and growth.

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Tosha Andres promotes holistic well-being through her expertise in Multi-Style Yoga, Sound Therapy, and Meditation. With insights from the medical realm, she advocates for preventative medicine and empowers others on their paths to vitality and balance.

Experience the transformative power of Kelsey Elledge's holistic offerings. By intertwining Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki, sound healing, and Kundalini yoga, Kelsey aims to empower individuals and restore balance to their lives. Leveraging her expertise in digital customer care and a deep commitment to community well-being, Kelsey provides compassionate and personalized service to each client. For inquiries and bookings, connect with Kelsey on Facebook at "Kelsey Elledge" or on Instagram at "@soulfully_sound."





April 27, 2024

9:00 am


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