Find Your Intuition - Class 4

This is a 4 part series of classes focusing on building your intuition. The classes will be guided and structured from the Akashic Records Masters. This series will focus on who the Akashic Record Masters are and how they guide you. The topic will be finding your intuition in a way you did not expect. You will learn how to listen to your guides and the guidance you’re given. You will be provided guidelines, rules, and techniques to build your confidence and knowing. This is for everyone to know. The Akashic Records Masters want all of us to know how to listen to the universal guidance. The 4 part series started on March 16th. Part 4 will conclude the series on May 24th and open to Platinum members only. This class will be by Zoom. If you are interested in attending all 4 classes, you will need to be a Platinum member. You can become a Platinum member by going to . If you are a current member, you can upgrade your membership. Monthly and Annual memberships are available.


May 24, 2022

6:30 pm




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