What Happened In 2022? What's Going To Happen In 2023?


Q:  What was the Universal plan in 2022?

Akashic Records: The Universal plan for 2022 was the continuation of the 10-year process that we began.  We actually put into place this particular event or energy shift that took place in 2022, many, many, eons ago.

We want you to understand that if you look back through history, you’ll recognize that approximately 10 to 12 years ago, we started shifting the consciousness of humans to the point of actually causing disruptions in your patterns.  The disruption was to put people’s belief systems into question and to ask why you question “what is.”  Recognize this pattern of beliefs was put into place many, many, many years ago to divide man.

When the Bible was created, stories were created to alleviate those less than the images of what you can see within the written word.  At that time, the human race was put into boxes.  Over centuries, divisions were created between this person over here and that person over there, and this specific sect of individuals here and another sect over there, creating all these divisions and putting people into categories.  

This is why we have created the understanding that this can be no more.  As the universe, we want all humans to understand there is no division and that you are all created as one.  So what we’ve created is “the continental divide.”  We’re using the term “continental divide” because it’s so massive.  It’s a big imprint upon the earth separating one side from the other.


Begin recognizing that we intentionally set conflict in play so you could observe what was happening around you and bring to the surface the soft voices that were hiding, talking, and saying things but were being stomped out.  We raised those voices of the less fortunate to understand they are equal with all.


We created conflict and chaos for you to look at your belief systems and understand why you believe what you believe and ask yourself if you’re willing to shift and change to create all as equal.  Only then will you begin gaining the understanding of what we have put in place.


Recognize how paramount 2019, 2020, and 2021 were, as this is the time we began the upheaval process. We recognized there was a time and place for all to fall to their knees so they could get up again, wipe their eyes clean, and start over.  Lisa says… I’m seeing a child running on a playground. He falls down, gets dirt in his eyes, and wipes that dirt away. He gets back up so he can run again, but when he runs this time, he will do it differently, so he doesn’t fall again. He’s going to pick his feet up differently, watch where he’s running, be more careful, and he’s going to have more of a plan than he did when he fell the first time because he wasn’t really thinking.  Akashic Records say... He was following blindly.


Akashic Records:  We are opening your eyes. We're helping you recognize all that was unseen is now being seen. So when you begin to understand you're seeing things you've never seen before, how did those visions, words, knowledge, or wisdom that were created around you deviate you from the path you were currently on? These changes and belief systems, created far before you were even born, were being put into play. Recognize how these beliefs were shifted and changed within each and every one of you. 


We want you to recognize that the energy that was shifted and changed was a progression.  It came to you in phases and stages that allowed the specific events to happen where you, as the human observers, could recognize what touched you and what moved you in a way that you could break down the barriers of your heart that you may not be completely aware of and that you may be holding onto.


We want you to understand that each of you has barriers or blockages and belief systems you may not have addressed.  What we're asking you to do is to recognize the progression and the patterns that you have all gone through over the last three to four years.  How have you progressed?


How have your views shifted and changed, and what have you let go of that you were holding onto so dearly? We want you to recognize that the events put in front of you were there for those specific reasons.  It allowed you to recognize who and what you truly believe in and who and what you can truly be.  So this is the story and pattern we're giving you now, and we want you to understand that the shift has been great.


If you recognize the energetic forces that transpired in 2022, you'll begin recognizing that the symbols 2-0-2-2 are significant.  It's a strong, energetic pattern that created an energetic force on its own, as it was the year that was to be numbered with specific change.  If you recognize the numeric value of 2022 brings in new life and new energy, you'll start to understand how these numbers and their numeric value have an effect just on their own.


When you say the numbers 2022, how does that affect you?  You'll recognize a slight vibrational change when you say these numbers.  When you begin to recognize they are a deep-seated vibration residing deep within you, you'll understand how these numbers bring fear and anguish to the surface.


You'll recognize it may only be on a slight scale, but you'll begin to know there is something that gives you a twinge in the stomach or a thought that gives you pause when you say that number.  It's a heart-related thing.  Say 2022. If you get quiet and say, "2022" over and over again, you'll begin to recognize something's changing. If you do that for a little while, realize what's happening to you.  What's the change?  It's a meditative practice that you can do in order to release things that need to be released.  If you sit with it and continue saying it, an energetic change will happen within you.


How many times did you write 2022, read it, or see it somewhere?  Recognize how many times you've said that number over the past year and how it makes you feel every time you say it, as there's an energetic response to it.  When you recognize this is consistently shifting, it's taking you into the heart space and bringing up the trauma that's needed for you to let go of.  It's a constant reminder of the baggage you carry, bringing up memories and acting like a catalyst.  You'll have past glimpses of things that have happened and things you need to address in order to let go of them.  This is what's being instigated in the heart space.


We want you all to understand that 2022 was clearing the house. It was the clearing of what once was and the recognition of what can be. So when you begin recognizing you have let go of or released many beliefs you’ve had, you’ll recognize what we’re saying as far as the clearing. 


Lisa:  2020 and 2021 were more about putting things in your face. Now it’s in your face, and what will you do with it?  2022 was more about internal matters and stuff it’s okay to let go of. It’s okay not to be this way. I can be different than the way I always was. I can change. I don’t have to hold onto these past hurts or pains. This is more of what 2022 was about. It was the internal “cleaning house" and clearing your space. 


Akashic Records:  When you recognize that clearing your internal space is going to be relevant to what transpires in 2023, you’ll begin understanding that 2023 is an angel connection. 


Lisa:  They’re saying that 2022 was building the foundation for what you’ll become in 2023, which is living the change. It makes sense that we’re building the foundation because we’re cleaning house and building the foundation of who we really are. In clearing all this stuff out, we’re getting down to the foundation and the core of who we are.


I’m seeing a house’s slab, which is the house’s foundation.  The foundation is left if you take everything down around it and clear everything off. So clearing everything away gets you down to the foundation and opens the door for you actually to live as who you’re meant to be.


It’s a new beginning that will put you on the course of figuring out what feels right to you.  You’ll know what feels right to you and what doesn’t feel right.  You’ll know who you are and who you are not.  


Akashic Records:  We all want you to understand that the numerology of 2022 and 2023 is paramount. Recognize how these changes and shifts are not only simple numbers in cards. They’re the truth of the existence. Begin to recognize that it plays out in a universal realm, and it is not only you as an individual it affects but also the currency of all that exists.  Lisa says… What I’m seeing is the energy surrounding the entire earth.  

So, the answer to the question “What was the universal plan for 2022” was to clean out and clear the internal “house,” which brought you to your foundation, so you’re ready to move forward into the future.  


Q:  What was the result of the universal plan for 2022?

Akashic Records:  Recognize how significant it is to allow each and every one of you to let go of a belief system that you held strongly and never questioned and that you just lived in as is. Recognize how you've shed and let go of those patterns. Is it leaving you feeling a little more empty but a lot more peaceful?


We want you to recognize that the result of 2022 is simply that. As you can all look at one another, you'll begin to realize how common this theme is. If you start having simple conversations with friends with whom you are acquainted, you'll begin to recognize that this story is universal. It's everywhere.


Q:  How will the plan for 2022 affect 2023?

Lisa:  They’re laughing and saying, “Don’t think you’re already done because you’re not!”


Akashic Records:  As we continue to move forward and you continue to move forward, you’ll gain a better understanding of who you truly are, who you’re meant to be, and who you really want to be.


Your thought patterns will gain a different existence than what they were even two years ago. You’ll recognize how much your belief systems have changed and how you’ve gone with the flow. You followed that flow to get you to the point of being able to look behind you and recognize how far you’ve come.  Lisa says… I’m seeing a low river, with rocks on the sides and the water flowing down, and you’re a leaf.  As the leaf travels down, weaves between the rocks, and then flows down the river, you’ll recognize the leaf smoothly flows with the water down the river. But when you look up and see where the leaf came from, you think, “Oh my gosh, did you see what that leaf just navigated through? It was a mess! It went through many obstacles to get to where it is.” 


I see the water flowing down the river and going through turbulent rapids.  But then it gets to the lake or the pond where it's smooth and the leaf can float easily and simply and be calm.  That's where we're headed.


Recognize this is who you are and where you've come from.  You've come from the top of the river, floated down simply and gracefully, and settled in the calm of the storm.  We're headed to that calm.


Akashic Records:  When you begin to recognize that each one of you will continue to let go of the past and let go of those past beliefs as it's a continual letting go process, you'll begin to recognize that you can navigate the storm much easier and much more quickly than what you did before this event.


As you allow yourself to continue growing and moving forward, you will find yourself sitting in the middle of the storm.  Lisa says…  I'm seeing a beach, a recliner, and a person sitting back drinking margaritas with storm clouds everywhere. As the storm clouds are all around, regardless of what's going on around you, you'll be able to stay calm in that place within you. This is where we want you to go and what we want. 


Akashic Records:  That’s the state of Nirvana. We want you to recognize you have been transitioning to this state at a very fast, rapid rate to get to that point of peace where you can stay calm and still within any storm that surrounds you. You’ll begin to recognize that as chaos flows freely around you, you are that simple stone in the middle of the storm that will never move.


Lisa:  They’re saying this will be more towards the end of 2023. We’re still going through that clearing process, which will work its way into 2023 initially, but the real shift that most of us will recognize will be more around June or July. Suddenly, you’re going to realize that things don’t ruffle your feathers, and something that bothered you in the past doesn’t bother you anymore. At that point, you’ll begin moving forward because you’re going to recognize a place within you and your heart space that is always calm and that your mind is the storm. 


Q:  How did the energy system change in 2022?

Akashic Records:  It revved up. The vibrational frequency of the earth and the universe around it are vibrating at a higher rate than it has ever existed in since the creation of time. We have ramped up and revved up everything residing within you as human beings, and we’ve pushed you to the breaking point. You’ve had moments of feeling so uncomfortable within your body that you wanted to jump out.


When you recognize this shift occurring within you to raise your vibrational rate as a human being, you’ll realize what is happening universally. As it allows the frequency to flow through your body, your body forms and adjusts to what is.


When you begin to recognize there are physical changes or manifestations occurring in every one of you, you’ll start recognizing how the DNA is shifting to a higher level, in a higher frequency. All of your cells are vibrating at a higher level than they ever have before. You’re going to find there may be moments that you’ve gotten sick before you’ve gotten better.  


Lisa:  I'm seeing achy joints, getting stiff, digestive problems, headaches, and ears ringing. Things are changing physically within us as our bodies are getting upgraded. 


The other thing that's happened in 2022 is the upgrade in the cellular motion of what exists within every one of us. Imagine that all of a sudden, every cell within us, all our blood flow, and all the organs and parts moving around within us start vibrating much faster. As the body has to start working with that higher vibration, the organs and everything else has to adjust to what's happening to us. These are the physical manifestations of what is occurring. So recognize that if you look back at the pattern, you have all felt worse before you got better, and there have been different phases of this happening. They're saying this has been happening for the past 24 months, which is all part of the upgrade.   


Akashic Records:  Recognize that as the human body’s upgraded, you’ll find there’ll be less disease, less trauma, and fewer emotional events. You’ll find that you as humans begin to rationalize in a way you never have before. You won’t react as unconsciously as you have before.


Lisa:  I’m seeing a spider drop down in front of you, and you scream and immediately react. There’s going to be a calmness that your mind isn’t automatically reacting to. It will be more like, “Oh, that’s just a spider. I’ll put you in a jar and move you instead of freaking out.” There will be a shift in our way of processing information and how we react to things. It’s going to be a calmer, more rational reaction. Your new response to situations will allow them to unfold before reacting to what’s happening. 


Watch yourself and your reactions over the next year to things that you normally would have reacted to and see if your mind is becoming calmer and not so reactive. They’re saying this is a key component of who you are as a human being.  


Akashic Records:  You have been taught to believe that you are to react in a certain way at certain events. When you begin to recognize those are all falsities, that those reactions were embedded or trained into you, you'll begin to see that the common human being is of sight that is no longer of the mind or of the eyes. It's the senses. 


Lisa: This is where we're changing. We will be more in tune with our senses than we are with our mind. 


Akashic Records:  As you recognize that your senses are taking control, you'll be more in tune when your heart reacts. You'll be more intuitive. You'll be more sensitive to your environment and feel energy easier. This is what's coming, and this is what's transitioning. As each and every one of you is shifting to this higher vibrational consciousness, you'll begin recognizing that your mind is no longer dictating your behavior. It is your heart, and the heart's notion of who you should become that will create the environment you surround yourself with. 


Lisa:  This is the shift into the Fifth Dimension. This is who Fifth Dimensional beings are becoming, and this is what that Fifth Dimension will do for us.  


Akashic Records:  Yes, it is! Welcome to what we have created. It's the Fifth Dimensional understanding and the equivalent of who you can become, which is coherent with who we are, meaning that we're vibrating on the same level.


Q:  How did this plan affect each one of us as humans?

Akashic Records:  It’s the vibrational rate. When you recognize how letting go of the past, and the belief systems have helped raise the vibrational rate that you exist within, you’ll recognize how this is changing humans and human behavior.


Lisa:  It’s not even the fact that we’re letting go of belief systems. The vibration within us that’s rising to take us where we need to be and shedding those belief systems is just part of raising the vibration.  It’s a by product.  


Q:  What can we expect in 2023?

Akashic Records:  Happiness. There will be much more happiness. Humans will find their footing and recognize what truly makes them happy. It’s going to be a transformative time where humans begin identifying and recognizing who they really are and how they can live contently in the truth of who they are. It’s the recognition of being a spiritual being.


Lisa:  We tend to live in the image of what our parents taught us we’re supposed to act like. And others expect us to act and behave in a certain way, so we try to live in their image too. We’re always living in somebody else’s image. We’re never living in the truth of who we are. The result of letting go of these beliefs that we must be what that person expects us to be, it all goes away. And it will be the understanding with each of us of what makes us happy. This is who I am. I’m going to own it. I’m not worried about what other people think of me, and I’m not worried about their judgment. We’re all just going to be who we are, which creates happiness because it helps us to be more at peace.